Oct 08, 2021

October Bonus Episode!

We decided to rewatch Night of the Demons since it terrified Dalia as a kid and we were curious if it held up. This was so much fun! Revisiting a classic and enjoying practical effects is always right up our alley. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Check your private feed for the episode!Thank you for your support and we appreciate each of you. Alma & Dalia

Oct 03, 2021

Same plus more

Hey, everyone! We hope that you're having a great start to the Halloween season. We're having a great time. We've kicked off our 31 Days of Halloween. Each day a new spooky tale for you to listen to as you drift off to a nightmarish sleep. Okay, that was a bit much. To listen to those, just be sure you're subscribed to our podcast (your fav platform). https://www.nightmaremoviepodcast.comWe're busy at work creating a ton of content for you all. We're really excited... more

Sep 25, 2021

New Bonus episode!

Check it out, people! We have this month's bonus episode and it's a fun one. We wanted to watch a creature feature and it was Dalia's turn to pick. We have Kristen Stewart and some underwater (eh eh) monsters showing off their sexy, sexy form. Okay, that's weird. But we did enjoy talking about this movie, including having a few choice words for the writers. Either way, it's a fun one so check it out!If you need the link to your super secret private RSS feed, reply to... more

Sep 15, 2021

Season 2 is done but we are not

We ended Season 2 with the South Korean movie "The Wailing" but y'all...we're not done. We have lots of fun stuff coming up. And yes, we said fun. You know that's Dalia's favorite word.We have 31 Days of Halloween. Yes, every day in October we are giving our listeners a creepy, spooky story plus a movie recommendation because you know us, we have to inject our opinion in there somewhere.This month we also have your bonus episode, BMC members, and we are again going... more

Aug 25, 2021

New bonus episode!

We have a new bonus episode out for you all today! Our lovely sister, Daisy, joined us as we discussed Creepshow in all its 1982 glory. We laugh, make fun of each other, relive childhood trauma, and best of all we discuss the worst ways to die in this lovely anthology. Check out our Creepshow bonus through your private RSS feed! -Alma & Dalia

Aug 06, 2021

New membership perk!

We are so excited to share a new perk for all of our BMC members! We plan on inviting you to share your personal stories with horror — your first horror movie or perhaps your best movie experience. We want to hear it!In the next week we will be putting together a system that makes it easy for you to share. We have been wanting to do this for awhile but recently Alma made the obvious decision…save it for our BMC members! Stay tuned for more information and updates!Alma &... more


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Season 2 is done but we are not
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