Season 2 is here!
Season 2 is finally here! Episode 1 is a fun crossover collab we did with Sade of Afro Horror. We w

Jun 11

Bonus Episode - ALIENS

So you've heard the story. We recorded this episode with our sister, Daisy, originally but when it came time to edit we realized the audio issue. We ended up re-recording with just us (no Daisy) and that's what you find on Spotify, Apple, etc. But we loved having our sister on the podcast with us so we had to share. We're sorry about the audio, this is not how future bonus episodes will be. But we want you to have fun with our sister, Daisy, just as we did. Enjoy!FREE BONUS... more

May 21

2nd Tier - Urban Legend Enthusiast

We created a second tier! We are so excited to have this second tier to offer. We got to talking and we thought let's do it! For our 2nd tier, we offer:Support me on a monthly basisUnlock exclusive posts and messagesShout out for new membersAccess to member-only polls and votingEarly access to merch10% off in our merch store (merch coming very soon)1 bonus episode each month1 interactive livestream each monthThank you to everyone in whatever way you decide to support us. We appreciate all... more

May 19

Last episode of the season
Today is Thursday so that means last episode of the season. We are off for the next month but we hav

May 13

"We Are Horror" Podcast Network

We are so excited to share that we are now a part of the new podcast network from "We Are Horror". Tyler Liston and Ryan Larson have been so wonderful and welcoming to us while we grow our podcast and we're ecstatic that we get the opportunity to be a part of something new and inclusive. What does this mean for our podcast? We will continue to recap, discuss, and laugh our way through our episodes with extras for all to enjoy. During our one month hiatus between... more

May 07

Season 1 Wrap Up

Our season 1 is coming to an end soon. We have 3 more episodes before our month long break. That will be 18 episodes that we have recorded. And a couple of those we had to record twice! Don't worry, though, we will not be completely gone from your ears or eyes. We have some extras planned for everyone during that break. We'll be sharing some extra audio on our website plus a bonus episode for our BMC members. We are very grateful to you all, our listeners. We are so happy that someone... more

Apr 28

Monday, January 25
Episodes 1-3 out now!
New membership offer
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Season 1 Wrap Up