Good! Perhaps I could help you. As soon as I learned We would be joining Above all, I had a long time to prepare for the tech bunch ahead. One of the key things I had to get onboarded quickly was code in Golang.

Consequently, I started seeking good lessons around the web, which may help get me found up with a language and its paradigms. Some were great, others were rather bad. And the bad part is, it isn't clear at first view.

Actually, the most endorsed courses on Golang Training are some of the most pointless ones. So learning Go can be quite frustrating as a result of the lack of good courses out there.

In this posting, I will share what good, bad, and unappealing courses I've stumbled upon in the difficult ride of learning Go.

For anyone who is just getting started with programming, I actually think Golang is not your best option for it at the moment. Partly, because some of it is paradigms are the reaction to accumulated information from programming 'languages' preceding Go.

A person would be incapable to understand they have the philosophy and design choices if one hasn't seen e.g. how Java/Python/C++ work.

Additionally, probably the bigger problem is that there aren't any good "Introduction to Programming" courses in Golang that I understand. The emphasis is on good.

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