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Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting my page :D I created this page to showcase my work, my processes, and connect with more of the world through art.  There is such a cathartic quality to creating art, and I hope by sharing my own practice, others will be inspired to develop their own, too!

Presently, I find myself indulging in painting, drawing, writing, and even some embroidery. 

These tools are mediums and muses for me, and allow me to grasp a better understanding of myself, others, my dreams, the world we live in, and all around the human experience.

I am so grateful to spend my time and energy on art. I hope what you see here leaves you with warmth, curiosity, and/or inspiration.

If any of my work evokes anything meaningful within you, please consider supporting by buying me a coffee and even pursuing your own art practice. :-)

With love,


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