Hello hello!

I'm happy to be back on BMAC because that means I've caught some extra time, but today that extra time is coming in the form of sleep sacrifice. Sometimes, I guess we just need a solid late night to make our life feel in order, no? I know losing sleep only induces more chaos, but atleast I feel like I'm in control of the chaos. Which makes it better... right.... ahhhh....

Well, I'm knee-deep in adjusting to the turbulence of life and working on my first ever commission! That being said, most of the turbulence I speak of is actually just in my inner environment due to anxiety and deep-rooted imposter syndrome. But I will persevere, precisely because I must.

In the meantime, though, and to keep this page from becoming completely stale, here are some experimental raw flower studies done with goauche and watercolor on paper. I am enjoying the themes of "watery" and "femininity" lately.