What's up everyone! What's a better way than to start the new year with a tarot reading to start guiding us all in the right direction.

Here's what the spread will be asking this evening:

  1. What must I let go of to move on?

  2. What does the darkness reveal?

  3. What shadows must I embrace?

  4. What area of my life needs light?

  5. As the light grows, where should my focus be?

Each number on the card corresponds with the five questions above. (Ex. guidance to question #4 will be shown with the card marked with 4. So you just have to match the questions to the picture).


You must let go of your insecurities, especially the ones you have involving your job. Others around you may seem wise and experienced, but it's important to remember they once too felt the insecurities you're experiencing. Do not be intimidated or lose hope. Mastery takes time, and you're on the right track. This can also go over to your personal life as well. Don't let your insecurities stand in the way of your greatness-- keep in mind that personal growth takes time as well.


Through these dark times, you're going to arise from a deep slumber. After a long winter, movement and effort are difficult-- but the bear knows it's time to awaken and move toward dawning light. You are on the cusp of new directions and personal transformation. The initial weeks and months of this transformation may seem very difficult and full of obstacles, but you have no choice but to keep moving forward. Winter wanes, the warmth of spring emerges, and your transformation will begin.

3. BUTTERFLY (reversed)

You have to embrace that with going through a transformation, you might feel really out of whack right now. You might be extremely fragile and frustrated. Air is the element of the heart, so part of this transformation I've been talking about might involve relationships (romantic or friendship) or perhaps even your career if it's something you truly love. Transition is accompanied by some amount of discomfort, and you need to embrace that. Please be extra patient and kind to yourself right now.


Your inner essence needs some light. Empaths in particular can relate to the Lizard, as he is an expert in the realm of sensory perception. Although this is an amazing gift, it can easily wear you down. This card is an indication to pull back from the bright lights and to return to the inner artist. Take some time to yourself to relax and recharge, maybe try your hand at a creative project as a way to refuel that magical essence of yours.


Your focus needs to be on not running away from your past. The phoenix represents the transformation of our past. It doesn't mean running from it, denying it, or "burning bridges" with rage. The Phoenix employs an advanced technique described in yoga as the burning of impurities through practice and dedication (tapas). So take a stand and decide to live consciously instead of being driven by the unconscious mind and its long list of fears and aversions. This is a sign that the fire of transformation is upon your wings.