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Hello, my name is Niklas Peterson.

I'm a product designer who also enjoy coding stuff on my spare time. 

Right now I'm learning and coding bots and apps for Discord that helps admins & moderators to run their servers a little easier!

If you enjoy using any of my apps and feel like you want to support me and my work feel free to donate or become a sponsor.

Some of my Products: - Discord Timestamp app:
A little app that helps you to easily generate & format timestamps for Discord.

Titls - iOS Widget:
Titls is a small iOS app that lets you create titles and then use widgets to organize your iOS home screens.)

iOS iMessage Sticker app template:
A little template to get you up and running creating your stickers in seconds.

Different services:

Discord Bots:

- NFT Sales bot

- Custom commands

- Other NFT related commands such as: getting floor price, amount of collectors, show specific NFT

Twitter bots:

- Tweet NFT Mints

- Tweet NFT Sales

- Retweet tweets with specific hashtags

Niklas Peterson

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