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The thing with business is that it needs us to like the people we're working with if we don't want to end up despising our clients and then our business!

And that starts with your language - if you put the grown-up-business-talk hat on like many of us have been told to do, you're going to have all manner of people in your inbox - oo-er!

Humanising your words and filling them with that goorjussness that is you lets people see the person behind the delivery - and when people are buying YOU first (not what you help with) - they can choose for themselves whether you're their kinda person far more quickly when you share yourself in a way they take notice.

To some people you'll be sugar - to others you'll be unbearable - wouldn't it be bloody marvellous if the filters that were dotted into your language let them pre-qualify for themselves whether you're their next compulsion or repulsion!?

Sweary or not sweary? Tepid or too-much? How you show up makes a MASSIVE difference and I'm here to help you see what you're not saying!

If you're asking yourself why your clients are all hard work or why your mojo has completely buggered off - it's because your language is misfiring somewhere.

Fancy a tweak??

It's time to have some fun with who you are sweet cheeks!