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I strongly believe in the idea that knitting should be a hobby available to all ages, sizes, and genders - no matter from which part of the world you come from. That's why all the tutorials on my blog are available for free, as well as many of my patterns. With each of my humble additions to the knitting community, I strive to create resources that go beyond the ordinary. I want you to understand how knitting works so you can express your own personality, preferences, and creativity.

So far, the feedback has been overwhelming. In fact, a lot of knitters expressed their wish to support me financially. Maybe you are one of them. Running this website, answering all comments, shooting new videos has become a full-time job. Yet most knitters will know that this hobby isn't exactly the place where the big money is at.

Every contribution counts and will enable me to continue creating new tutorials, patterns, and videos.

Thank you for (continuing) to support my work.

Norman |

PS: Please note that I started a Patreon account in the meantime. Consider supporting me there as you will get awesome benefits like special knitting tutorials, patterns, and behind-the-scene impressions:
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