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Hey you - Nina here.

I help empower people struggling with diverse narratives to own their truth without oppressing themselves, and without oppressing others.

> I will get you STOKED about your own individual culture, and how it relates to others.

> I will offer you tools that shed LIGHT on the darkness surrounding misunderstood, misrepresented, and outright rejected identities (again - within yourself and others).

> I will support your Empowerment journey, as you move forward toward celebrating ALL OF YOU and - in case it's not obvious at this point - OTHERS in celebrating themselves too!

In both reels and on the podcast, we help transform hard conversations into TEACHABLE moments! Your support makes a huge difference to empower me to offer all the antioppression goodies I can about trauma, identity, and Empowerment - I can't wait to hear what you're hoping I'll cover next!

Whether you just listen, buy me a tea (coffee gets me jittery haha), or become a monthly member - thank you for being YoU, Empowered Human!