If you are having depression on someone who can't love or like you back that only means God give him/her to you to discover a part of you. God reveals what kind of person we are when we are in love or we like someone. Mostly people cross paths for a reason in a season for us to know our inner self. Its not always easy to feel rejected/neglected by someone we admire the most. God actually uses all those people in your life for a purpose not just to insult you, give you a heart break or anything that makes you feel bad. this people were given to us for a lesson we need to learn in every situation. creating a life of happiness is not complete without the teaching of God. in an every day basis God calls us for a season of breakthrough to cultivate our being. our faith is tested to rejuvenate and mold our beings. so liking a person is normal but it also gives you a lesson whether it is an infatuation or admiration you have to discover why does God let you admire this person. always ask yourself what you need to know and what lesson this person wants to give to you. we cross each others paths to give each other a lesson that molds as, for to become a masterpiece of God you need pain to slowly change you and God will make most of who you are in whatever he wants you to do. learning from those people we often have feelings for are often meant a lesson of self realization and self confidence. God created us for a beautiful life ahead of us we must not take it as a heartache earn but a lesson to learn. let every piece of your broken heart be a piece of growing faith towards the heaven's mission.

You are always beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of God. let him lead your way and trust him.