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Hey 👋! I'm Nathan (njosefbeck) and I'm a fullstack JavaScript Engineer. I also teach Spanish & Japanese!

On my own time I create and maintain a variety of web projects:

  • Terrace House Social - Helping Terrace House cast members gain followers by making it easy to find their public social media accounts.
  • Picture Book Challenge - Helping Japanese learners by providing them with an easy way to access and track reading through the extensive free EhonNavi children's book library.
  • GatsbyStripe Plugins - Making it easy to connect Stripe accounts to Gatsby sites, for enabling e-commerce sites and dashboards.

I love the work that I do, and have plans to continue to help others through the web projects I take on. Any donations are much appreciated, to make this work a reality! ❤️

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Love the work you do. Thanks for making reading in Japanese easier. 

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it. I'm glad you find the resources helpful <3.

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Keep up the good work!