There are a few aspects that define 'self'.

Which are these for you?
Your past? Language? Family? Body? Mind? Culture? Friends? Documents?

There won't be an answer here if you are looking for one, you should figure out what this 'self' is for you. However, you can follow me on this thought process.

I have been putting aside the family part of 'self'. It would be the first thing to cross out if I need to choose just 3 definitions of me. Never had a feeling of missing home till being 21.5 years old. Never wished to wake up and fly there, to the city where happiness was a mysterious word instead of a normal, present state of life.

In 4 days I am going to see my mom after 1.5 years of being apart physically and 7+ years mentally. It is official: I miss my family. At the moment, fully enjoying the excitement to hug my sweet mother and wipe tears off of my face.

There is no way to check if she will listen to me or she will hear what I am going to say, but c'mon, let's fight this fear; let's confront the space where we are vulnerable and embrace this feeling fully.

This post is a reminder to reflect on your identity, what and who are YOU.
A reminder to stop denying or letting yourself down and just listen, listen closely to your feelings