My next book (likely a novella, I'll know when editing hits) will be a fantasy story! The book will serve as an introduction to my fantasy series (tentatively titled Tales from Esstaria). The "prequel" book won't be required reading to understand the series and its characters, but it will make the experience of the series richer.

King Aldin Mauv's worst nightmare has become a horrifying reality: Arleth, a demented witch, has returned from banishment to claim his soul. The only hope to save him and his family lies with The Coven; those who Arleth once called family.

As Arleth's reign of terror rages, The Coven must track her down and stop her--or King Mauv, his family, and all in the Kingdom of Elroot will die.

The book should release near the end of the year/beginning early next year! As a thank you for supporting, I have posted a sample for Supporters and a longer sample for Members!

Supporter Sample (Prologue + Chapter 1)

Member Sample (Prologue + Chapters 1-4)