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Thanks for getting me up to speed so quickly! The density of information and practicality of organization is unbelievable. I feel like I understand both why SpaCy is useful, and how to pull its most useful functions.

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I am stunned by your tutorials - I've had to learn coding & machine learning from scratch for a PhD (and my educational background is the humanities) so I'm thrilled that a) I can use it on my REAL data (not the usual toy sets or twenty-bloody-newsgroups), and b) it works straight out of the box. I can't begin to tell you how rare that is. Thank you!

Thank you, Sarah, for your kind words and your donation! Indeed, providing code that actually works is the main purpose of the blog. Good luck with your PhD :D

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Thanks a lot for getting me up to speed

Thank you for your kindness :D Good luck

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Thank you, kind stranger! Glad you found my blog helpful. Have a great day! Bogdan.