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I write Meaningful Digressions to explore how to live a meaningful life in the 21st century.

I made this page so you can support my Meaningful Digressions, where I address questions like:

  1. How have people traditionally received their meaning, and how has technology/social media altered this dynamic?
  2. How do you balance living the life society deems appropriate versus the one you want to live?
  3. Why do we care about planning for the future at the expense of living today?

As you can tell, this stuff is deep. Yet, I hope that by struggling through these questions together, we can chart a path towards finding our meaning.

See below for my best Meaningful Digressions:

  1. Don't follow your passion, follow your meaning
  2. I'm doing great!
  3. How going the extra mile will help you find meaning
  4. Why you should reflect on your life
  5. The Sun is Always Shining

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