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I interview coders without Computer Science degrees and share their advice to give inspiration to myself and other people learning to code. 

I have also launched a jobs board where all the positions are open to developers without degrees and I've recently started a community as well.

In April 2020 I launched Bootcamp Index so coders can find the best coding bootcamp to study at. 

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Great idea! 

Thank you!!

Peter Elbaum
Peter Elbaum bought 3 coffees.

I love what you're doing and really look forward to the interviews. Keep it up!

Thanks so much!

BMC Crew
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Hope you like the app! 🎁

Thank you!!

Emma Tuovinen bought a coffee.

I really appreciate the work you put in and the new job board is an amazing addition 💪 I visit your page often and read the stories to keep myself motivated (I’m a bootcamper/career changer myself and struggle a lot with having confidence that I got this). Thank you!

Thanks a lot, Emma! That's really great of you 👊

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