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Pete Codes

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I'm making No CS Degree which features inspiring interviews with self-taught and bootcamp developers. I also have made a job board for devs without degrees and a community group.

I interview coders without Computer Science degrees to give inspiration to myself and other people learning to code. I do the interviews, run the website and do the social media all by myself. There are no investors and bosses pulling the strings. I do this full-time and so I work on this every day. If you enjoy the content, why not support me?

I have also launched a jobs board where all the positions are open to developers without degrees and I've recently started a community as well.

I'm a self taught developer so I am working to solve my own problem as well as many others. 

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Great idea! 

Thank you!!

"Having a project is the only thing that creates the necessity to push past any skill gap you have, and seek out the answers you need with the necessary motivation." FreebirdRides CTO Adam Duro gives his advice for learning code and getting hired! 💰
Peter Elbaum
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I love what you're doing and really look forward to the interviews. Keep it up!

Thanks so much!

I just launched a Slack community group for developers without CS degrees! To sign up simply subscribe to the blog:
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Hope you like the app! 🎁

Thank you!!

I sent out job alerts to 1,155 developers who are looking for jobs that don't require a CS degree.