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Pronouns: he/they/she

Hello thank you for checking out my page, I hope you enjoy my work and what I have to offer so far in my career.

A bit about me: my name is Robyn and I’m passionate about being creative and having an outlet for it. My digital drawings mostly consist of human characters drawn in my own developing style. Sometimes they are fantasy based and other times more average. My traditional paintings are more of an emotional expressive journey, my therapist once told me that I needed to better understand emotions so this is my way of doing so. Finally my creative writing venture, it’s where my mind has always been, lost in a fantasy somewhere. So now I am trying to utilise that and learn how to tell the stories I have always had swimming round in my noggin. 

I am a university student currently studying arts and humanities, with a focus on creative writing and I’m just starting my third year part time. I also have a chronic health condition (fibromyalgia) that gives me grief on a daily basis so sometimes my acrylic paintings reflect this. I would like to one day make some paintings to raise awareness for the severity of this condition and help fund research into it.

I have a strong love for nature, food, tea, coffee, fantasy based worlds/stories, alternative fashion, Japanese and South Korean culture, a lot of music stuff from the 70s 80s and 90s. I dislike negative people and those who find a problem for every solution. To be able to keep going despite my struggles is very important to me, especially as a queer trans disabled person. I feel the need to shine bright and work on my passions. If you’d like to come along and see what I can create that would be amazing and I would be grateful for the support. It’s always nice to have people to share with.

Thank you for checking out my page, I do hope you stick around and enjoy my work

blessed be,

The nocturnal nymph