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what is this?

- it is a nah!

what is nah?

- nah is a typical turkish cultural hand gesture which expresses misbelieve, distrust, challenge, opposition or disobedience.
- nah is not fuck you. it's something even your grandmother can do to you under the table during christmas dinner. it's funny when it's used as a joke.
- for example, you've just bought a ferrari. and a close friend of you asked you to borrow it for a party night. so you can just say "for sure, let me give you the keys". then put your hand in your pocket presenting that you are giving him the keys of ferrari. and of course you don't want to give your new car, then you make a nah in your pocket with your hand and show it fastly to your friend.
- that's it, "no bro, you can nah have my car!"

and is a social network where you can make virtual nahs, socialize with that and just have fun. our aim is keep the nah culture alive, spread it to world and have lots of fun.