From Emma

Oct 16, 2021

Hello. My name is Emma. I don't know how to fix my mom. My mom doesn't pay good attention. I have to watch everything. I have to protect her every minute. I don't think she can smell or see very good. This morning when she was making her hot drink. When she makes her hot drink she won't watch or pet or walk or look. From behind the good smelling trees it came so yellow big. It got big and big. Mom didn't see the giant yellow big. It was bad. Biggest enemy. How could she not see? I yelled loud as I could. I told it to leave. I hissed and growled. I looked at my mom and yelled at her to look and beware. She made her noise shshshshsh. I yelled loud to scare the monster. I jumped and spun. I was fierce and brave and scary. My mom put me in the car. I am trying to get out to help her but she just sits and laps up the hot drink. This is gonna be bad.

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