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your 'living in London in Berlin' was really helpful (even though I'm an ex Londoner and already know Berlin really well) so thank you!

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Hey Nomad And In Love, your article on "Apartments in Berlin" is concise, comprehensive and systematic. It provided me with all the nuances that I needed to find an apartment in Berlin. Great to see such a holistic article, it definitely saved me a lot of time. 

Hi Qi. Thanks for the coffee! We hope that you found your dream apartment and have settled well into your new life in Berlin. Don't forget to checkout the Moving to Germany Essential Services we put together for just for you. You'll find these useful when you arrive. You can find them here:

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I'm considering moving to Berlin and found your expat guides really useful! Thank you and I'm looking forward to more tips on renting a flat in Berlin. I heard it's quite hard.

Hi Jana. Thanks for the cuppa. We really appreciate it! It's no secret that finding an apartment in Berlin is challenging. But our guides will simply the process and even reduce the amount of time it will take for you to find your dream apartment. If you'd like to read more of our guides about Berlin, you can find them here:

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Great article on Berlin Bike Sharing. I went with Swapfiets because they offered the best deal. Your expat articles are really helpful. Keep them coming. Oh and thanks for sharing your Swapfiets Discount Code. It came in really handy. 😁

You're absolutely welcome. Glad to hear our article was helpful. Feel free to share our Swapfiets Discount Code 'WING SEE60863' with your colleagues, friends and family. Everyone wins if everyone saves! And thanks for the cuppa. ☕🤗