Weekly update for Bitcoin. This week it feels horrible. Sell off continues. In last week video I predicted continuation of the sell off because we are in late business cycle and btc is risk asset so I was right. My first target is still 12000. The problem that we still not in recession and we already have a huge correction. Also in stocks market. This is a sign that we may fall even lower then 12000 at the time when recession comes. But probably we get a good pull back from this level before we get lower. Don’t need to panic. Whatever price we see next few months or years that equal or below 12000 it is hold and buy. I think this is a dark time for all risky assets like crypto for this and next year, but it is a possibility for all who miss the opportunity of last years grow to finally get at the train. There would be really low prices and lots of bad news about crypto. Not all currency and companies will survive this. We need to stand strong. This all will repay in next cycle of grow. Probably in 2024