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Editor, photographer, videographer, marketer all self-taught from sheer passion. Using all my willpower on Noms and spreading Vancouver's food scene.

When I went to Toronto and Montreal for the first time back in October 2017, I was stunned by how knowledgeable locals were of their food scene. They knew the history, the people behind the food, and about ingredients. Vancouver was behind. While on the plane back home I decided to start Noms Magazine as a side project to help Vancouverites learn more about the food scene here. After a year, it has taken off and a big part of my life. 

But with zero funding and basically being a one-man team (writing, filming, editing, design, etc) it is tough. All the costs of has been put up front by me alone for the past year. 

If you like what Noms Magazine stands for and is creating, I would appreciate the support!