Chapter 17 - Special Class and Technique ...

Chapter 17 - Special Class and Techniques

May 08, 2022

“A Special Class?” Nie Li sat in front of Tatsuya in the Alchemy Association after coming to him with the New Pill Recipe. He said his teacher, who doesn’t want to appear in public, asked of him.

“Yes,” Tatsuya sat on his side of the desk, looking at the name of members on his list, “Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao, Shen Yue, Xiao Xue, Xiao Ning’er, Ye Ziyun. Jun thinks these seven people have potential and should be paid special attention to, more resources and training.”

“Resources?” Nie Li thought for a moment, thinking about others. He didn’t need any resources; although the few things he got the time to see were impressive, none were helpful. He had the cultivation technique, and now he had the money. Still, he could stay close to Ziyun.

“Custom Cultivation Techniques, Level 5 Demon Spirit or Titled Demon Spirit.”

“Titled?” Nie Li wanted to hear more benefits, “Weren’t Level 5 and Titled the same?”

Tatsuya shook his head, “No. They are different, but that is for later. You’ll study that in your new class.”

“Oh,” Nie Li was lost in thought as he nodded before asking, “Why even tell me?”

Tatsuya observed him, “I won’t ask what changed or how it happened. I have most of those parts figured out, so I am doing you this courtesy. So you can adjust your plans.”

Nie Li watched him in shock, hiding it right after, thinking if he heard it right. There was no way someone could figure out what happened to him, let alone for most parts.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding, maybe he meant something else by that, so he had to make sure, “You mean about my Teacher finding me?”

Tatsuya let out a passing smile, “Let’s go with that. As for the Contract for these Pills, Director Yang Xin’s Office is adjacent to mine. I have already informed her, so all you have to do is sign the papers.”

Nie Li wasn’t done talking, but he was stunned to think straight. He started running the gears inside his mind, trying to figure out the situation, when the room’s sliding door opened, and two young girls wearing maid costumes, with short skirts, stockings, and black heels bowed, “Mr. Nie Li. This way.”

While one of the two maids with brown hair and eyes, sharing the features and a few more genetic markers, asked him to follow her, the other one walked up to Tatsuya, pouring tea for him.

Nie Li glanced at the girl pouring tea, the taller of the two, but the other had a curvy figure, and both of them reminded him of someone. Once he stepped out and the door closed, he asked the maid in front of him, “What is your name?”

The girl in front of him blinked, looking over her shoulder with a cute grin, “Du Shi, Mr. Nie Li.”

“Du…Du Ze is?”

“My little brother, of course,” Du Shi grinned, stopping in front of the room, sliding the door open, bowing, “Director Yang Xin. Mr. Nie Li is here.”

“Yes, please send him in.”

Du Shi gestured towards Nie Li, politely asking him to enter and closing the door once he did. She hastily returned to Tatsuya’s room, watching him drink tea her sister made.

“Lord Tatsuya,” Du Shi stepped in, closing the door after her, “Is there any other order?”

Tatsuya’s eyes met with the little sister’s, “No. But don’t you have to attend to the store?”

Du Hui stood behind him, much more disciplined than her little sister, with her hair tied back in a low ponytail and her bangs curved to the side, “We have already trained our replacements. So we can serve Masters and Mistress.”

Tatsuya took a sip of the tea, glancing towards the side, “Being a maid. That’s a waste of your talents.”

Du Hui didn’t flinch or react, “Lord…our talents were given by you. It’s only right we use all of them to serve you.”

Tatsuya nodded, returning to work, but mainly he was waiting for Yang Xin to make a deal. Once he ‘saw’ Nie Li leave, it didn’t take long before Yang Xin entered his office, “Tatsuya? Did you see these recipes?”

“I did.”

“Hm,” Yang Xin glanced towards Du Hui, who was standing, and Du Shi, who was lying on the floor, before she put the recipes in front of him, “Aren’t they similar to a few pills we have?”

“They are, but their material is quite common and would make the product cheaper.”

“Do we even need that? With the Inscriptions that we are using to create particular environments to grow what we need and enhance the properties, quality, and chances of how many pills would be created. Scrapping all that and using this won’t profit us so much.”

“I know.”

Yang Xin raised her eyebrows, “What is this about?”

Tatsuya stood up, and Yang Xin could swear that she didn’t even blink, and yet it seemed like she did since he was standing on this side of the table. He put his hand around her waist, kissing her lips before she could say anything, and Yang Xin melted in his arms. She put her hands on his shoulder, whispering between the kiss, “You can’t change the topic like this.”

Tatsuya turned her over, putting her against the table, planting a kiss on her cheek, “It’s not about the product.”

“That boy,” Yang Xin stroked his back, raising her chin, enjoying his kiss all over her neck, “He did seem…different. Should I?”

Tatsuya gently kissed her lips, cupping her cheek, “Jun is handling it. So, make sure you run this by him.”

“Mm,” Yang Xin sat up on the table, holding him by the tie, “I’ll do this, but I need something extra.”

Tatsuya ran his hand over her robe, kissing her chest, cleavage, and breasts while his hand moved down her pants. He leaned back, raising her legs, ignoring the squeal that left her mouth. Her legs were held together by her pants, raised above his head. He buried his face between her legs.

“Mmm~~!!! Ohhh~!!! Yesss~!!! Mm~! Mm~~! Mmmmm~~!!!! Mmmmm~Mmmmmmpphhh~~!!! Yesssssssssssss~~! Ahhh~! Tatsuya~~!!”

Yang Xin lowered her legs, her heels touching his back as he ate her out, sucking her puffed, wet lips between her legs. His tongue spread her out, licking the side of her walls, exploring her insides, and hitting the right places.

His fingers sunk into her ass, thighs, her flesh, stroking her legs as she enjoyed his tongue and lips. He lapped his tongue, moving up to lick her clit, stroking it, pulling her close when she tried to get away.

Yang Xin turned to the side, grabbing the side of the table, letting out a throaty moan, “Tatsuya~!! Tatsuya~~!!!!!!!!! I am~~!!! I am~~~!! Tatsuyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tatsuya drank down as much of her juices as he could before pushing her body legs to the side, standing up with his face covered in her juices.

Du Shi stepped near him, wiping his face with a wet cloth while Du Hui wiped Yang Xin’s thighs, waiting for her to come out of her daze, helping her stand up and get dressed.

Yang Xin fell forward in Tatsuya’s arms, who hugged her, “Tatsuya…I have a meeting…but once that’s done…I’ll make sure to take care of you.”

Tatsuya kissed her head, “You don’t have to hurry. Visit me tonight at home?”

Yang Xin wrapped her hands around his neck, watching him with a smile, kissing his cheek, “Gladly. Then…you?”

Du Hui bowed, “We’d take care of Lord Tatsuya and make sure he’s comfortable.”

“Mm, thank you two,” Yang Xin smiled, taking the bunch of papers with the recipes in a hurry and leaving the room.

Tatsuya leaned against the bench, looking towards the door, when he felt something. He looked down, seeing Du Shi, the cute girl licking the shaft, stroking his dick, and he smiled, patting her head, “Thank you.”

“Anytime, Master,” Du Shi opened her mouth, expertly taking his cock in her mouth, having taken it numerous times before.

Du Hui leaned in his arm, putting it around her, placing the other arm on her modest breasts, “Lord….”

Tatsuya rested his hand on Du Shi’s head, kneading Du Hui’s ass, nibbling on her ear, “You two spoil me too much.”

The following day, Miyuki stood in front and center of the classroom, running her eyes over the students. Nie Li, Lu Piao, Du Ze, Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, Wei Nan, Xiao Ning’er, Xiao Xue, Ye Ziyun, and Shen Yue.

“Good, everyone is here,” Miyuki smiled at them; six of the boys, Nie Li and his friends were sitting together on her left and their right. Xiao Xue, Xiao Ning’er, and Ye Ziyun were sitting in the center, while Shen Yue was on the right.

Her eyes went towards Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, and Zhang Ming since the three of them were special admission. Nie Li vouched for them, taking their responsibility, and even agreed to share his resources with them.

From where she stood, there was no way Jun didn’t know about them, but if he didn’t include them, then it was to draw Nie Li out and watch for his reaction.

“Now, this class would be different from the others. This will be practical, and you have to show progress daily. And soon, we will start chipping away on the parts that you don’t show progress in and work on your strengths. Understand? Now any questions?”

Lu Piao hastily raised his hand, making Miyuki nod as he stood up. Even though his eyes have been scanning her body for a while now, over the tight white office shirt, a bit transparent enough to show her bra and the tight tube skirt around her ass.

“Nijiaoshi, why were we selected?”

He asked when he got a berating look from Xiao Xue, but he was curious why they were selected.

Miyuki shrugged, “I don’t know. You’d have to ask Jun Onii-sama since he’s the one who selected you.”

“Even Nijiaoshi doesn’t know?” It wasn’t just them who was curious; even Ning’er was curious.

Miyuki shook her head, curving the corner of her mouth, “No, but that doesn’t matter. Since Jun Onii-sama selected you, he must have seen something others did not.”

Ning’er exchanged a glance with Ziyun, holding back her laugh, but Ning’er puffed her cheek. That was the last reason why she wanted to be selected.

Miyuki sat up on the table, crossing her legs, placing her palms on the front of the table, gripping it, “From today onwards, your training will start, and it will be grueling, but the rewards you get in return will also be good. To start with, every one of you will be granted a Soul Force Cultivation Technique custom-made for you.”

As she was talking, a young man with black hair and piercing dark blue eyes, wearing a suit, had an intimidating aura around him.

Miyuki jumped down from the table, greeting him respectfully, “Onii-sama, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and visiting.”

Tatsuya patted her head, smiling, “You don’t have to be so formal.”

Miyuki sweetly smiled, taking a step back to stand behind him as Tatsuya stood in front of the class.

Tatsuya took out a notepad, “Let’s start with Du Ze. Come forward.”

“Yes,” Du Ze hastily came to the front of the classroom. Unlike many others, there was much he owed to Tatsuya since he was the one who saved his sisters from a life of misery.

Tatsuya looked up, activating his Elemental Sight, watching Du Ze. The Elemental Sight is connected to the Universe’s Highest Information Dimension. That meant it changed with the change in Universe, and it did in this one. Here, the Elemental Sight could not only see through Physical Information but also the Soul. The Quantity and Quality depended on how much Processing Power he put in it, and at Hundred Percent? It could see too much.

But still, alone, he couldn’t see which of the possibilities was the best, but that is where Jun came in, setting them each at the part of Best Possible Possibility, and before it changed, he could see what this one had to offer, and create a Cultivation Technique.

Each Cultivation Technique was like creating an Operating System, Windows for the Computers. It was so complicated that even he couldn’t create one like it was nothing, but this world had numerous ruins, and they had numerous Cultivation Techniques. He couldn’t create one from scratch, but much like how Jun could create Spirits from existing ones, he could create Cultivation Techniques.

Especially with the help of Elemental Sight, which already showed all the data, and the gaps between it, creating a road of their own, each was complicated, but once he knew which one to walk, it was easy to complete.

As long as he chose to walk one part, it would create a change in Fate, and Jun could tell him that, allowing him to compare it with other parts and choose the best one.

Once he was done with Du Ze, he asked him to go back and sit down while continuing with the others. Most of them were easy, but he could hide from Nie Li, and now he was sure it wasn’t Nie Li that was trying to hide but something else entirely.

He knew Nie Li didn’t need a Cultivation Technique and probably had one of his own, so he wasn’t worried about not seeing one.

“You’ll have them by the end of the week,” Tatsuya nodded towards them, walking back out the way he came.

Miyuki gave them Soul Crystals to practice, and they started practicing, closing their eyes, losing themselves in deep meditation.

Miyuki watched them with a smile when she noticed someone else enter the room. She didn’t whisper but mouthed his name to ensure no one was disturbed, ‘Jun Onii-sama?’

Jun smiled at her, watching the other students before he stopped beside her. He put his palm on the table, leaned forward, and kissed her lips, causing a shock to run through Miyuki’s body.

She pushed him away, but he held the palm that touched his chest and kept kissing her without worrying anyone seeing them. She finally got out of his grip, frowning in disapproval, crossing her arms.

Jun looked towards others, leaning against the table, putting his arm around Miyuki, whispering in her ear, and she shook her head with a blush, shaking her head.

She thought he would push for it, but he agreed, shrugging, giving up on convincing her. He put his arm around her waist, hugging her as they watched the other’s cultivate.

There was a reason why they were here, and that wasn’t to just watch them but to train their powers.

It was a complicated experiment, but one they came up with together. It mainly was Miyuki’s idea since she experimented and came years ago. It wasn’t until recently that they thought about it again.

“Shall we start?”

Miyuki breathed in, nodding, “Yes.”

Jun gently pulled her in front of him, with her back to his chest, his palms on her waist, and gears appeared all around them. It was different for Jun, it was data, pure data, but for Miyuki, they were just gears.

Still, it was a try to use their powers in unison, allowing Miyuki to see the gears, and to begin with, they targeted Xiao Xue since, among most students here, she was the most loyal to them, knew what this was about.

Jun showed her Xiao Xue’s gear, as it grew in size in one month with the increase in her cultivation.

Miyuki felt a connection to the site she was seeing, using Jun’s power to form contact and then using her own to overlap the gear of the present with the one of the future and making that the new reality.

None of them knew what would happen to it. Will the future become the present? How will it bring a change to Xiao Xue; that was the question. But there was a reason why they had never used it before; it was because of the drawbacks it might bring to Miyuki. It wasn’t until recently that they thought they were strong enough to deal with the consequence.

And so he didn’t have to worry about anyone’s gaze; Tatsuya was in the room behind them, ready to use Regrowth on Miyuki to change the causality without changing the effect of her actions. Hence, creating a perfect cycle, paradox, where something happened and didn’t happen simultaneously.

The moment Miyuki set the gear, changing the reality, there was a visible change, but unexpectedly, or expectedly it was not only in Xiao Xue but also in Miyuki.

As Xiao Xue’s Soul Force burst out, visible enough, forceful enough that it caused others to open their eyes and look at her, Miyuki dwindled. Miyuki already possessed a more massive Soul Force than those at the same level as her before merging with a Dragon God Spirit.

Her Soul Force was massively enhanced, and the difference between her levels and Xiao Xue’s was huge, and yet, Miyuki lost more than half of her Soul Force, nearly losing her balance because of the sudden loss.

She realized that Tatsuya was ready to change it, but she raised her palm to the side to stop him. She thought of the feeling in the past, when she was full of Soul Energy, trying to replace this reality with that dream, but she couldn’t get a good grasp on that.

She let out a breath, shaking her head, putting her hand down, and Tatsuya changed the causality with Regrowth, and her Soul Force was back to what it was before.

“Amazing…” Miyuki muttered. Even after all these years, she hadn’t forgotten the drawbacks of Regrowth, and she knew it didn’t restore energy, and yet, that had somehow changed.

She didn’t know before how he did that or what changed, but now, seeing the situation between her and Xiao Xue, the transference of energy, she understood a bit. Still, it needed a final confrontation.

She noticed a gaze, looking up at Nie Li, who, unlike the others, was watching her rather than Xiao Xue, who achieved the Silver Rank.

Xiao Xue basked in the euphoria brought by the increase in power, Soul Force, and the excitement of finally being able to merge with a Demon Spirit.

She opened her eyes, jumping on her feet, “Awesome! I thought it would take me a weak before I could achieve Silver Rank!”

Jun raised his eyebrows, narrowing his eyes since the time he chose, one month later, she should have achieved Gold Rank, but if he were to assume that she judged right, then rather than getting the result one month later, they got one week, and, “Tug of War….”

“Hm?” Miyuki raised her head, tilting it to ask him, and Jun patted her head, glancing towards Xiao Xue, surrounded by others. He nodded to her with a smile before leaving the room. He went to the next room, finding Tatsuya sitting on the first chair, lost in thought.

“I think it’s pushback from Fate. What does Nii-san think?”

Tatsuya raised his eyes, “I think, Friction would be a more appropriate term.”

“Friction,” Jun let out a smile, “So are you trying to say that changing Reality causes a Friction to appear in Fate? Hm, now that I say it. It does make sense. Changing Reality would mean changing the future or the past, which would mean changing the Fate. But your Regrowth changes the Effect by modifying the Cause, which becomes the new Reality. I see…we are not following the proper process, are we?”

Tatsuya let out a smile, relaxing, “Let’s not get too greedy, shall we? This would work. Moreover…”

The smile disappeared from his lips, “I don’t want to know what happens when we cause enough friction that a flame appears.”

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