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Chapter 18 - Adopted Father

May 08, 2022

Tatsuya entered the courtyard in the City Lord Mansion, much larger than any other, and his adopted father was sitting in the living room, reading the paper.

“Father, you called?”

“Oh, Tatsuya, you are here! Come, sit,” Ye Zong gestured with his hand, smiling, folding the paper.

The paper was something new to Glory City and had become a new source of entertainment, but not everyone knew how to read it. Since they needed to learn how to read and write to learn Inscription, the Inscripsionist Association was handling the responsibility of making sure everyone was taught how to read and write.

Since everyone had to work, they offered night classes to begin with. And taught them the first level of Inscriptions to show them the benefits, causing many of them to return.

Tatsuya took a seat in front of Ye Zong, asking, “Is it urgent? What do you want to talk about?”

“That…” Ye Zong was about to speak when his wife appeared in the corner of his eyes. She walked over with a smile and hugged Tatsuya’s head. “Oh, come on. You don’t have to talk about work when you came here, right?”

Tatsuya placed his palm on Xue Ru’s, smiling, “No. Not really, mother.”

“Good; you want something to eat?” Xue Ru bent forward, her breasts pressed against his head as she asked.

“No. I plan on having lunch with Jun and Miyuki,” Tatsuya breathed out, “Which is why I am in a hurry.”

“Fine, fine,” Ye Zong sighed, “I heard you three made a new class? Special one? Is there something wrong with Genius Class? It serves the same purpose, right?”

“Are you asking if the rumors have any truth to them? That we are planning to train our force?”

“Well, not really,” Ye Zong sighed, seeing his wife’s disapproving look, “But it would be good to have an answer to give others asking that question.”

“Hm,” Tatsuya followed Xue Ru as she sat down on the three-seater couch, watching him curiously, “It’s not exactly a private force or anything like that. If I had to give it a name.”

“Experiment? Isn’t Ziyun and Ning’er in that too? Is it safe?” Ye Zong worriedly sat up.

“It’s nothing dangerous. It’s an experiment to see….” Tatsuya lightly smiled, with a glint in his eyes, “How strong could a human because if they are provided with the best resources possible.”

“Best Resources,” Ye Zong furrowed his brows, “If you were going to invest so much, you should have talked to me. What criteria did you use to select the other eight? Isn’t one of them the boy from Sacred Family? How is he a viable candidate?”


Sacred Family Territory,

The Territory of Sacred Family had grown much in the past five years. There were many reasons for the way they got the business of other families, and some of these ways could be said to be underhanded.

They even arranged marriage with Winged Dragon Family’s girl, which would allow them to swallow that business. But it wasn’t enough to grant them so much prosperity. It was Shen Xiu and the advantages she got from her expeditions.

She even found another Settlement with Gold fighters, who were under her supervision and became a part of Sacred Family’s Territory. After being appropriately trained, three of them reached Black Gold. If the Family weren’t scared of the Hero of Glory City, they would have already attacked the Wind Snow Family.

Still, with the introduction of the people of Heavenly Fate Plateau, the territory had grown more prosperous. Especially under Shen Xiu’s care, who was much fairer than the authoritarian family.

Now, Shen Yue was walking on the streets, wearing a hooded cloak so that no one would recognize him. This might be Sacred Family’s Territory, but the members of the Family weren’t famous. Instead, they were pretty hated since these Elders didn’t realize that the times were changing, the powerless citizens weren’t powerless anymore, and the news of every one of their crimes spread.

There was but one safe heaven for him in this place, and the only reason he even returned here was to visit this place. It was a large restaurant, but unlike others that catered to the rich, this one ensured that the food was affordable, which was why it was always busy.

He stepped inside, looking towards the numerous chairs and tables with tens of people sitting inside, talking, bright, warm lights coming from Soul Stones. He sat down on the corner one, taking the menu, but his eyes couldn’t stay focused.

His heart was pulsing, waiting until her scent entered his nose.

“You are here. I thought you weren’t going to come today since you were here at your usual time. Still, I saved your seat.”

“Oh, thanks,” Shen Yue stoically said, turning his eyes upwards to see the girl with soft blonde hair, blue eyes, and a kind some on her lips. The girl he had a crush on for a long time, ever since he first saw her, Yun Ling.

Yun Ling held a notepad in her arms, kindly smiling at him, “The usual?”

Shen Yue parted his lips, closing them, nodding, “Yes, the usual.”

City Lord Mansion,

“You don’t have to worry about that boy. Jun made sure that he stepped towards the best possible path for him,” Tatsuya turned his sight back from a distance, “And so are the others.”

“You have been planning this for a long while, huh,” Ye Zong leaned back, letting out a long breath.

“Quite the opposite. We thought of this years ago but didn’t plan to apply it in this decade. But some of the recent changes forced our hand.”

“What changes?”

Tatsuya didn’t want to answer that since he planned on keeping Nie Li’s privacy. Moreover, not everyone would understand this phenomenon, “Only Jun knows that. He isn’t telling me too.”

“That kid,” Ye Zong crossed his leg, leaning back on the couch, “He has to always act mysterious. Well, fine, but what should I tell the others?”

Tatsuya stood up, “I haven’t prepared an excuse, but you can say anything you like.”

Ye Zong scratched his head, watching Tatsuya leave without saying anything. When the door closed, he rubbed his eyes, “Those kids, they are such a trouble.”

Xue Ru chuckled, sitting down on her husband’s lap, putting her arm around his neck, resting her forehead on his, “You worry too much.”

“Ru’er,” Ye Zong mellowed down as her lips touched his; he put his palm on her back. Ever since the scare five years ago, he spent much of his time at home, near his wife and daughter, and even started managing work from here.

Since then, there have been times when his wife couldn’t keep her hands off him and times when he couldn’t leave her be.

Ye Zong leaned his head back, letting out a breath as his wife lowered her body, without wearing anything under her dress, having freed his dick and taking it in her. He could feel her walls wrap themselves around him, dragging against his cocks skin.

Ye Zong swayed his hips, resting his palms on her waist, watching her face as she made a sensual face.

Xue Ru held her hair in place, resting her palm on his chest, slowly raising her body, lowering it, “Zong….”

Ye Zong shook her body, enjoying the feel of her wet inner walls wrapped around his cock. It started slow and loving, but that didn’t last long. Watching her peering into her eyes made him want her more and more until he raised his body, putting her down on the couch, swinging his hips faster.

“Oh, Zong~~!!!!” Xue Ru moaned, squirming under him, tightly clutching the couch.

Ye Zong held her down, feeling their flesh slap against each other, watching her face twist in pleasure as moans left their mouths. They felt the vibrations through their bodies every time they met each other, her flesh slapped against his, and their skin started to get covered in sweat.

Xue Ru arched her back; her moans turned to screams and then howling as the tidal wave of orgasm ran through her body; her husband kept plowing even though she was sensitive. She closed her eyes, feeling her head ring as he emptied the load inside her.

Ye Zong gasped for breath, and so did she, hugging each other before she snuggled into his arms, “Zong…isn’t Ziyun in the special class too?”

“Yes? So what?”

Xue Ru sat next to him as he sat up, her eyes lost in thought, “Well…Ziyun is of that age…and those two…do you think they will make a move? I am sure Jun would.”

She had just completed the sentence when the support that allowed her to lean on disappeared, causing her to nearly fall. She plopped on the couch, watching Ye Zong getting dressed, “Zong?”

Ye Zong glared in the distance, “I will go talk to Jun and see what is happening! What is there even a need for this special class? Ziyun should be in the genius class.”

Xue Ru chuckled, watching the overprotective father getting dressed, ready to run over to save his daughter from the evil clutches of her sons. She turned on her back, covering her body with her clothes,

“Ziyun…” Xue Ru gazed at the roof, resting her wrist on her forehead. She sat up before going inside the bath to get the shower. This was new to her, to most of them, and it was still taking time to build the pipes and networks, but since she was the one who benefited the most, she loved it.

Once she was done, she dressed, wore perfume, dried her hair through her Soul Force, and tied them. She stepped out of the house, letting out a breath, smiling at herself. Once she was ready, she made way to her daughter’s courtyard, finding her inside her room, cultivating.

She didn’t even have to knock when her daughter, on the other side of the door, felt her presence, opening the door to allow her to enter.

“Mother,” Ziyun’s face was covered in a bright grin, showing the happiness she felt seeing her mother.

“Ziyun,” Xue Ru lovingly caressed her cheek, stroking her daughter’s soft and silky hair and pulling her in a gentle hug, “You have been busy.”

Ziyun snuggled in her mother’s arms, apologizing, “Mother…sorry for not being able to visit you.”

Xue Ru kissed her head, “Mind if I come in and talk?”

Ziyun shook her head, pulling her in, “Sorry!”

Xue Ru followed her daughter, who had an excited grin on her lips, sitting down on the bed. She stroked her cheek, kissing her head, “Say, are you enjoying your classes?”

“I am,” Ziyun held Xue Ru’s palm, smiling as she spoke, “Ziyun and I are in the same class, and Big Sister Miyuki and Big Brother Jun are teaching us. Yesterday, Big Brother Tatsuya visited us. He will give us a customized technique….as usual…he’s amazing.”

Xue Ru watched the look of envy that her daughter tried her best to hide. It was true that a girl couldn’t succeed as the City Lord, which is why Ye Zong decided to adopt Ye Han, but later, Lord Ye Mo decided to adopt the three siblings.

Since Ziyun had barely reached the age, she couldn’t keep up with Ye Han, let alone the other three. But since she wanted to win her father’s approval so badly, she was envious of her siblings. While she loved them too, that filled her with the feeling of guilt.

“Tatsuya is amazing, isn’t he?”

Ziyun gripped the bedsheet, pressing her lips into a bitter smile, “He is….”

Xue Ru kissed Ziyun’s head again, stroking her back, smiling, “So is my daughter. I believe in you, Ziyun…so don’t stop trying, ok?”

Ziyun wanted to look up, but she didn’t want to show her tears. She bit her lip, intaking a shuddering breath, nodding as her mother hugged her, “I will try my best….”

Xue Ru lovingly held her daughter, remembering she came here for some other reason entirely. She whispered under her breath, “Maybe later.”

Yotsuba’s Courtyard,

Ye Zong entered the courtyard, shouting the name of the person he wanted to see, “Jun! Where are you!”

He looked around the courtyard, slamming the door open, only to hear the voice behind him, “I am right here, you know?”

Ye Zong nearly jumped out of his skin but didn’t show his reaction on his face. He looked over his shoulder, seeing the boy with medium-length rust-colored hair and deep red eyes visible in the water sitting at the pool’s edge. His legs were submerged in it, and he was right there. And yet, when he looked before, he could be sure that there was no one there.

It was the same as those objects kept on the table, one with the world. Even if you saw them, your eyes would keep moving without registering their existence.

But that didn’t matter, since the boy in front of him was his son after all, “Boy! What is with this new class? What are you planning?”

“I am watering a seed,” Jun dazedly watched his reflection in the water when he saw the palm hold his collar, pulling his legs out of the water, forcing him to stand.

“Stop acting cryptic and tell me! Brat, did you lay a hand on Ziyun?!”

Jun snapped out of his thought labyrinth with a smile on his lips.


Ye Zong furrowed his brows for a moment, realizing whose voice it was, and he let go of Jun’s collar, turning his eyes towards the gate that he slammed opened and the girl standing there with a confused expression on her face.

“Miyuki,” Ye Zong patted Jun’s shoulder, making his stand beside him, clutching his shoulder to make sure he didn’t say anything, but the next moment he realized that the shoulder he had been clutching had disappeared.

He blinked, glancing towards the side, jerkily turning his head to look at Miyuki, who was nodding, hearing as the boy whispered in her ear, shooting a look at him.

“You brat!”

Miyuki chuckled, placing her curled finger in front of her mouth, “Father, come in. You could have just asked me. I promised to take care of Ziyun, didn’t I?”

“Well,” Ye Zong scratched his head, sighing, walking inside the brightly lit house. He walked over and sat down at the dining table, “Preparing dinner?”

“Right, it’s my turn today,” Miyuki said as Jun took off the apron from her body, took the spatula, and went to the kitchen. She chuckled, “But now that father is here…Jun Onii-sama will cook.”

Ye Zong narrowed his eyes, maliciously looking towards the kitchen, only for Miyuki to sit on his thighs, making him mellow down and look away.

Miyuki leaned on him, putting his palm on her waist, with a slight blush on her face and neck, “Father, don’t worry about Ziyun.”


Miyuki bit her lip when Jun pulled her away, holding her from behind, “You know what? No need to do what I said. I don’t think he deserves the special treatment anymore.”

Miyuki bit her lip, feeling his palm run over her body, his finger forcing its way into her mouth, and she too couldn’t stop herself from licking it. Many things had changed in the past five years, and the one thing that changed the most was the level of control Jun had over her body and desires.

So many times, his orders broke all limits so many times, and she couldn’t reject them, even if it were to sleep with their father and mother, which happened more than once.

“You brat! Stop using Miyuki as a shield! Don’t think I won’t beat you up!”

Jun peered down in Miyuki’s eyes, pulling his finger out of her mouth, wet from her saliva, brushing it over her cheek, “Ziyun’s mouth was so amazing…she was trying so hard to be good, even though it was clumsy.”

Miyuki blinked, stunned, knowing that it wasn’t going to end well, and just like she thought, Ye Zong’s fist passed by her to hit Jun, but Jun effortlessly stepped back, “Oh, the food. I completely forgot about that.”

“YOU!! Come back here this instant and take your beating!!”

Ye Zong wanted to go in, but Miyuki held him back, “Father, he’s provoking you as usual. Ignore him.”

“Miyuki, stop protecting him! You two have spoiled him completely!”

Jun silently laughed, cooking, shooting a look at Ye Zong, provoking him even more.

Alchemy Association,

“You are smiling so happily? Did something happen?”

“Hm,” Tatsuya opened his eyes, looking at the woman on whose thighs he was resting his head, the Director of the Association, “The house, it’s noisy.”

“Hm,” Yang Xin stroked his head, “Are you sure you don’t want to go home early?”

Tatsuya closed his eyes, “Later, when I am done with the meeting.”

“Speak of the devil; she’s here,” Yang Xin raised her eyes as Tatsuya sat beside her. They watched the kind, smiling woman enter the room, bowing towards them.


“Tatsuya,” Xue Yin bowed towards them, “You asked for me?”

“Yes, have a seat.” Tatsuya gestured for her to sit in front of him, and she did as ordered.

“Aunt, there is something I want to build, but I’d need your help.”

“Tatsuya,” Xue Yin smiled at him, “You know you don’t have to ask. I’d do what you say, whatever you need.” 

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