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Chapter 2 - First Class and Jun

Apr 13, 2022

Holy Orchid Institute,

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Jun waved his hand at Chen Linjian, sitting on the second bench, sitting down on the first bench.

“Tatsuya and Miyuki didn’t come with you?”

“They were running a little late,” Jun blinked with curiosity, “It’s rare for them to be late.”

“I think it’s the first time, right?”

“Wait, don’t you live in the same house? How don’t you know?” Huyan Lanruo hastily ran over, sitting down beside him, asking him with curious eyes.

Jun shrugged, “I have recently started exercising, so I left home early and alone.”

Last week, he fell asleep, and when he woke up, he felt stuffed. It was like in sleep. He ate so much that there wasn’t any place for anything else. He couldn’t figure out what happened or why, but he had to start exercising since then.

The good thing was that his body was growing stronger at an insane pace ever since that happened.

“You? Exercising? Did the hell freeze over?”

Jun moved his eyes away from big breasted pink hair, pink-eyed girl to the black-haired one. She had her tied up into two buns, “I believe it did. Or I wouldn’t have started exercising.”

“Haha,” Hong Mey, from the Hong Family of the North, sat down beside Chen Linjian, “Tatsuya and Miyuki?”

Jun shrugged, “Who knows what they are busy with….”

Yotsuba House,

“Onii-sama…” Miyuki buried her face in Tatsuya’s chest, hugging him tightly as he hugged her back.

Tatsuya ran his fingers through her hair, kissing her head, caressing her lower back, “Miyuki….”

Miyuki breathed in his scent, clutching his clothes, whispering, “Onii-sama…recently…I have had more and more dreams….”


“About…” Miyuki felt her cheeks burn up, thinking about telling him. If it was weak before then, she was sure she wouldn’t have the guts to say this. But for the past week, she felt it more and more; the dreams she had and her wondering thoughts made her want this more and more.

She wasn’t the only one, Tatsuya was also so, and not only him, everywhere in this world or dimensions, it was the same. Greed, lust, and dreams were everywhere, making it hard to hold back what you felt.

Miyuki raised his chin, teary-eyed, looking at the young boy with piercing eyes. She pulled him close, locking her lips with his, enjoying the bliss. Her brother accepted her, caressing her hair, and soon, he kissed her back. She held onto him, feeling her knees go weak, kissing him even more fervently.

She didn’t know how long since she slowly got lost, but when she parted her lips to breathe, a string of silver saliva connected their lips, “Onii-sama…I….”

Tatsuya took heavy breaths, caressing her cheek, “Let’s go…we have a class to attend.”

“Yes, Onii-sama…” Miyuki disappointedly looked down, wanting this to continue a lot longer, but Tatsuya raised her chin and gave her another.

It took a short while to reach the classroom, only to see Yang Xin nod at them, allowing them to sit. They moved towards their seat, only to see Huyan Lanruo sitting there.

She shifted until her shoulder was touching Jun’s, making a place for them to sit.

Miyuki’s footsteps paused for a moment before she hastily sat down, hearing the lecture with them, but there was a sense of irritation that wouldn’t go away.

“Alright, which one of you can tell me the dangers of Demon Spirits.”

Jun’s lips curved into a smile, having thought of a joke, but his smile brought him unwanted attention, “Since Jun finds it so funny, he will tell us about the risks of a Demon Spirits.”

Jun was caught off guard, “Oh, that. I was just….”

He pressed his lips, trying to hide his grin, “Well, I was just thinking about the risks of how they go boom if they don’t have enough physical strength.”

“And you find that funny?”

“Don’t you? A child dreams of being a demon spiritualist, and even if they are lucky enough to have the talent, they still have to have enough talent. Even if that is so, they would have to be careful about the demon spirit they choose, but even if they are lucky enough to get the higher-order demon spirit, it might make them boom. The end.”

“For a common person to become a Demon Spiritualist, it’s so hopeless that it’s funny. To me.”

Yang Xin furrowed her brows, looking around the few commoners they had in the class, and a sense of hopelessness on their faces, “I am a commoner….”

“So am I,” Jun’s eyes met with hers, “Grandfather from the street might pick me up, but it doesn’t change that my aptitude is that of a commoner.”

Miyuki and Tatsuya exchanged a glance, holding themselves back, doing their best not to correct him. A commoner would be the last word to describe the boy that could stay alive in the void between worlds.

“Then you know the best it’s not hopeless.”

Jun shrugged, “For every one of you or me, how many fail their dreams? How many…just die…or get a demon spirit that destroys their future?”

“Hey, Jun.”

Jun shrugged, “Well, I’ll shut up. It’s not like I can change anything…since I can’t do anything, I should accept how things have been, right?”

Yang Xin pressed her lips, glancing at him with a sour expression, continuing her class. Once it was over, she wanted to stop Jun, to talk to him, only to find he had disappeared.

Outside Holy Orchid Institute,

“Did you have to say all those things?”

“Not really,” Jun sighed, “It wasn’t like I was angry at anyone, but I think I was just angry at myself…or maybe at the world for being so cruel. That’s why I like staying at home…since coming out always makes me feel things could be better.”

“Then why not work to make things better yourself,” Tatsuya patted his back, walking with him, “You can do it, right?”

“I?” Jun glanced towards him and Miyuki but didn’t say anything, but that look was enough to tell them everything.

It wasn’t like Jun gave them that look on purpose, but it was one thought that troubled them much in the last world. It haunted Tatsuya, that was for sure, wondering, what if others got to know? If Jun did anything, that would put their family in the spotlight, and their little secret might come to light.

“Don’t worry about it,” Miyuki leaned forward, smiling at him, “I would hate it if you used us as the excuse not to do anything. I look forward to it.”

It wasn’t like she didn’t think to do better, to make this place more livable, or spread the knowledge they had. But Tatsuya was against that. He wanted to wait till they had enough power to protect themselves, mainly her and Jun, before making a move.

Still, it made her wonder, Jun, who didn’t remember anything, would change what and how. It tickled her curiosity.

“Not really,” Jun scratched his cheek, “I don’t even know if I can do anything to help. I’ll think about it.”

“Jun! Miyuki! Tatsuya!”

“Huyan Lanruo?” Miyuki looked over her shoulder to see the girl with the enormous boobs in the class running over. It barely took a moment before wrapping her hands around Jun’s arm, squeezing it between her breasts, grinning, “What are your plans? Are you three just planning to go home?”

“What else do you plan to do you want to do?” Miyuki asked, glancing toward Jun’s hand.

“Hmm,” Huyan Lanruo tilted her head, “Want to buy new clothes? Or maybe check out a few new weapons armors that have been released? Jun, what do you want to do?”

“Mm? Let’s see. I do crave….something,” He let out a smile, waving towards Miyuki and Tatsuya without asking, “I’ll see you at home, guys.”

“Ok, take your time,” Tatsuya let out a knowing smile, watching them leave.

“Jealous?” He asked Miyuki, who was making a sore expression.

“Not jealous!” Miyuki protested, “It’s more like….Jun is still young…and Lanruo…well. I thought he’d be with someone better? She’s not good enough.”

“Right, right,” Tatsuya patted her head, feeling she was like a mother hen protecting her eggs.

By the time they reached home, Miyuki was fuming, so he closed the door and made her stop. He turned her to face him, cupping her cheeks between his palm and retaking her lips.

“Onii-sama…” Miyuki put her palms on his wrists, watching her big eyes before she raised her body to taste his lips. Standing near the front door, they made out before moving to the couch.

Tatsuya put her down on the couch, caressing her cheeks and neck, gently kissing her lips. She kissed him, ruining her hands over his body, tracing every inch of him. It was so good; it made her forget about everything, the dream she had seen for years.

Maybe it was because she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close to feel more. She had to hold back, even though she wanted more.

For hours, the two of them shared an embrace, kissing each other. She knew how he tasted, his neck, lips, tongue, ear, cheeks, or forehead. And it was what she wanted all the more.

When Tatsuya moved away, her eyes were hazy, kissing her. He sat down, leaving her in between; she wanted to continue, only for the door to open.

“I am home.”

“Welcome home,” Tatsuya crossed his legs, looking at Jun’s messy clothes, “You had fun?”

“You could say that,” Jun sat down beside Miyuki, looking at her dazed look, before pulling her to the side, “You ok, girl?”

“Mm?” Miyuki slowly blinked, realizing that her head was on Jun’s lap, and she lay down to rest, “Yes….”

She heard the two of them talk, and thoughts kept crossing her mind thinking about something else.

In her fantasy, Jun wasn’t just caressing her head; his hands were roaming over her body, his lips were hers, and she was nestling in his body. It was something unimaginable to her, a man other than her Onii-sama touching her, yet he was. All the while, her Onii-sama was watching her as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world, massaging the sole of her feet, brushing his palm over her shin.

One’s palms were all over her upper body, while the other sat near, touching her thighs and knees, and there was this warm feeling between her legs filled her with embarrassment.


“Yes?” Miyuki hastily sat up, with a flushed face, looking at Jun, who called her.

“You look so flustered,” Jun cupped her cheek to check her temperature, but Miyuki abruptly pulled away.

“No, I am fine…I …I’ll see you tomorrow,” She rushed out of the room, running back into hers before jumping onto the bed. Her eyes became dull, and she felt she should feel loathing for herself or other emotions, but for some reason, she felt non.

She buried her blushing, burning face inside the pillow, moaning in frustration, closing her eyes, but even her dreams didn’t let her sleep. When she woke up, she was still hungry.

But she wasn’t the only one; Tatsuya was standing at the table in the other room, thinking about what had changed in the past week. He didn’t know about anything else, but he knew it was something sexual.

The thoughts that weren’t there before, the thoughts that people usually controlled, had changed, coming to the surface, and it wasn’t aimed at one but unbiased. His Elemental Sight allowed him to see much of what was around him and what was going on in the City. He noticed this change in Huyan Lanruo and Miyuki.

And these two were the ones that were close to him; many others were already affected. The more control you had over yourself, the worse you were after this change. Moreover, even though he knew all of it, he didn’t think there was anything he could do to stop this change.

“Why did this suddenly happen?” Tatsuya thought about it but couldn’t seem to figure it out. But more than that, his mind kept going back to what Jun talked about. It was true that Glory City was backward, and for years he did a lot of research.

Inscriptions were like a programming language, and it was easy for him to make many. Creating a Cultivation Technique was like creating software, and humans were the hardware. His Elemental Sight allowed him to read the Humans and create a Cultivation Technique that was the best for them.

Let alone the Inscriptions, if he wanted, he could push the level of Glory City by hundreds of years or even a millennium, but they didn’t have the power to protect what they created or even protect Miyuki and Jun from the enemies of the City. From what he read, even the Demon Beasts seem to be a Race with intelligence.

He leaned back on the chair, closing his eyes, “Need to adjust to the changes.”

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