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Chapter 20 - Student Council President and Time

Apr 09, 2022

Three Days Later,

The clubhouse was empty for most parts of the three days. It wasn’t until recently that Sona Sitri came to meet Rias and waited for her return. For three days, no one seemed to know where they went, not even the Two Devil Kings, one of which was her sister and the other was Rias’s big brother.

The good thing was that the teleportation point was this, so she knew she would be the first to greet them when they returned.

She waited for a few hours, with Tsubaki beside her, but the two were still working since not everyone knew that the world was about to end. Although there was hope, that hope had gone to train right now.

“Hey, do you hear something?”

Tsubaki raised her ears, “Yes, I think I do hear footsteps…?”

 Sona sharpened her ears, blinking, hearing the voices coming from the corridors.

“Ahh, so damn tired!”

“I missed this place; this feels so nostalgic…even though only three days have passed since we were last here.”

“That place was so hellish…I can’t believe I survived fighting those monsters. Those guys were everywhere…I was so sure I would die by one of those beams!”

“Now, now, Issei-kun. You shouldn’t complain so much when you became that strong after fighting those creatures.”

“I guess I shouldn’t….”

“Wait, I feel a presence in the main room…is that Sona?” The familiar voice just said when the footsteps hastened, and Rias was the first to peek in, smiling brightly, “Sona! You are here!”

“Yes, I am,” Sona felt her breath stop, looking at Rias, wondering what had changed about her best friend. She was still the same, dressed well as she should be, and her body hadn’t changed much, but there was something different. It was the aura around her; it seemed sharper, trained, nobler. Rather than a newbie devil, she felt like she was talking to a veteran, and it made Rias look even more beautiful, that certain wildness and danger hidden under this visage.

Sona hugged Rias back, and her eyes traveled towards Kiba, who was being hugged by Tsubaki, making her let out a smile. Still, it didn’t take long before she noticed something different about Issei, Koneko, Asia, Xenovia, Akeno, and Gasper; they were all different from what they were three days ago and vastly so. Let alone the boy, the new one that she didn’t know, but just seeing him caused her face to flush, and a warm feeling appeared between her legs.

She breathed out, “You seem well. I thought you would be more tired.”

“Tired?” Rias pulled away, shaking her head, “More like, I missed you. Even though it has only been three days, much more time has passed.”

“Oh, I’d love to hear about that. Want to take a bath together?”

“Let’s do that,” Rias grinningly smiled, “How about this, guys. Go home, and I will see you at night? And Kiba?”

Tsubaki pulled away, blushing, and Kiba looked away, scratching his cheek, “Yes, President?”

“Go take Tsubaki somewhere nice and have fun,” Rias chuckled, “I am sure Sona wouldn’t mind.”

“No, she deserves a break too. And even we are fed up hearing her worry about Kiba so much. She never stays quiet….” Sona deviously smiled, giving Tsubaki permission.

Tsubaki looked even further down, trying to erase her existence, making others chuckle.

“Fufufu, then see you at home, Rias,” Akeno took Decimo’s hand, pulling him away to take him home as fast as she could.

Rias parted her lips, “Wait, Decimo, why don’t you stay? Sona has never met you before.”

Akeno’s footsteps stopped, seeing Decimo’s eyes turn towards Rias, and she puffed her cheeks, “Rias, that’s not fair!”

Rias narrowed her eyes, smiling, “I just want to introduce Decimo to Sona; how is that not fair.”

Decimo leaned forward, whispering in Akeno’s ear, and her face visibly turned red, “Well, fine! I’ll go home and wash up!”

“Then we will see you later,” Xenovia and Asia bowed, taking Gasper’s hand, so he doesn’t get lost, walking away.

Before they came here, everyone had decided about how they would let others have some time so they could adjust to having Decimo back in their lives. This is why they didn’t try and act like lovers, no matter how much they wanted. Well, everyone but flirty Akeno.

Issie, Koneko, and others happily walked away, and then Kiba took Tsubaki on a date until Rias, Sona, and Decimo were the only ones left.

The three started walking, with Decimo walking a few steps behind them; simultaneously, Sona told Rias what had happened in three days. Even though they were just three days, things had massively changed.

Once the news spread, the most significant change was that many Khaos Brigade members started asking for Ophis and wanted her reassurance that she would save them. Few who knew the truth, or few who found out, and the many who felt hopeless started withdrawing and returning to their Mythologies.

Many myths closed their gates and hid in their dimension, while many others made alliances to come to a solution. Indra, Odin, Three Sides, Yokai’s, Vali’s Team, and others came forward for the alliance. Even Loki, who wanted Ragnarök, disappeared.

All of it mainly depended on Ajuka if he could come up with a solution for the problem, and there was talk about helping even Vali get stronger. Still, Vali didn’t want to swallow his pride and take Ophis’s power, even if that meant the world’s end.

“Vali…that is so troublesome. Wait, does that mean they will use Ophis’s ring to make Issei stronger too?” Rias put her toe inside the hot spring before submerging herself.

“Yes, don’t tell me you mind that too?”

“No, not really,” Rias let out a relaxed breath, seeing Sona sit in the hot spring beside her, “This has become so hectic nowadays.”

“Well, the world is ending, so it makes sense.”

“On that note, you never told me you had a boyfriend. Let alone now he is your servant. What is going on? Isn’t that a bit sudden?”

Rias chuckled, much to Sona’s surprise, watching Rias rest her head at the boundary of the hot spring, “Is that why you asked Decimo not to follow? Well, did you know he was a student here?”

“No, he wasn’t,” Sona’s frown became more profound.

“Well, he was; there must be written records. The only reason you don’t remember is because of his Sacred Gear. He has his circumstances, but you know him, but he used his Sacred Gear to make you forget. So, he could live in peace.”

“I don’t believe it. Are you sure this guy hasn’t brainwashed you? We don’t even know what his Sacred Gear is.”

“You want to know his Sacred Gear? How about a live demonstration,” Rias waved her hand back, pointing her finger, and a magic circle appeared, which only lasted for a nanosecond. Decimo was standing there the next instant, with a towel around his waist.

“You need something?”

“Yes, Sona wants to see your Sacred Gear.”

“I see,” Decimo hesitated, “Very well.”

He stepped inside the hot spring, and Sona took a step back, only to see him sit down in front of her, facing her, “Do you want to see my Sacred Gear?”

Sona narrowed her eyes, “If you try to brainwash me, my sister would know. I made preparations.”

“Brainwash?” Decimo cupped her cheek with his left palm, which turned into a claw, turning his whole left arm metallic, black, cold even. But to Sona, it was so warm, it made her heartbeat seem like it was beating for the first time, making her feel that she had reached the goal of her life, warming her body up, “I guess you can say it is kind of brainwashing. But then again, I don’t need it.”

His left arm turned back into his human palm, making Sona weakly open her eyes, gazing into his dichromatic eyes, his lips, watching him as he took her. She barely had any strength in her arms, but the moment he kissed her, her body melted into his arms. It was a familiar feeling; it was something that her body longer for. Even though she forgot, her body still remembered those lips, those arms surrounding her.

She patted his upper arm, trying her best to show him that she wanted him to get away, but the more he kissed her, the more she opened her mouth for him, letting out her tongue. She couldn’t help but feel the hot rod against her stomach. Even though she was in the hot spring, she could feel her private part inside the water drool for him.

She spread her legs out, wrapping around his waist, and he gave her what his body seemed to desire so desperately. Her vagina opened up on her own, adjusting to his cock, taking it in as if she had taken it many times before. A sense of calm and satisfaction swept over her, calming her irritated self down.

The worry, the tension, and pressure seemed to leave her; the only thing that mattered was being this man, right here and now.

“I believe you,” Sona rested her head on his chest, gazing at Rias’s smiling face as she watched them, “I want to keep believing….”

Decimo caressed her hair, grabbing them, “I’ll remind you of our times together….”

Sona sucked in a cold breath, feeling him pull back slowly, dragging against her inner walls, and she felt a sense of emptiness, only for him to fill it in with a single thrust, hitting the end of the cave. Her body spasmed, and her voice came out of her own; her eyes blanked out for a moment.

Decimo held her hair, curling his fingers around her neck, thrusting in and out of her, watching her face warp in pleasure with every thrust, pulling her closer to plug her mouth with his. It didn’t take long before her body started trembling, climaxing, but he kept pounding her pussy.

She arched her back, sticking out her tongue; her moans had now turned into howls, but rather than him, she was the one shaking her ass, wanting more of this, only for him to pull away.

She was distraught, but he turned her over, putting her over the boundary of the hot spring, raising her on his feet before he went in to explore. He grabbed her ass, smacking it, causing a current through her body, “Ahhh!!! Yess!! More~! Spank me more!!”

Rias chuckled, stroking Decimo’s arm, pulling closer, “I didn’t believe when you said she gets wild and dirty in the bed. To think Sona would lose herself like this.”

Decimo put one arm around her, gently kissing Rias, using his other hand’s thumb to push in Sona’s asshole. They heard a strange, surprised, sharp voice, only to see Sona climax again.

“And she loves it in her ass,” Decimo cupped Rias’s ass, seeing her blushing face, “Want to try?”

“Yes,” Rias kissed him lovingly, placing her fingers on Decimo’s lips, watching him lick them; it flipped all her switch. She sucked in a hot breath, kissing his upper arms, muscles, and shoulder, pushing her finger inside Sona’s asshole, playing with it.

She enjoyed Sona’s moans as much as Decimo’s attention, putting another finger inside and kissing his lips as he fucked her best friend. Once the two of them started assaulting her, she couldn’t stop moaning no matter what she did. Her voice turned hoarse, her hips and waist felt like they would break, and her pussy was aching.

Decimo bent forward, grunting, releasing the massive load inside her, filling her with his cum. He slowly pulled out, sitting beside her, with his back resting at the boundary wall of the hot spring, “That was good….”

“Decimo…I want it too…I want it so bad….” Rias nibbled on his shoulder, begging him with her big eyes.

“Let’s go home first,” Decimo picked her up in his arms, kissing her forehead as he walked past Sona, still lying on the floor, blank of her surroundings.

Soul Society, Nine Years Later,

“You seem happy.”

Jay sat up on the porch outside his office, being the Vice-Captain of the Third Division, “Didn’t you go on a mission?”

“Yes, but it’s over. I even picked Nawaki up and a few others who wanted to join the Soul Society,” Tsunade sat beside him, hugging his arm, “One life alone gets so hectic. I don’t know how you do this.”

Jay rested his head on hers, “Well, I am just built that way.”

Tsunade twisted her arm up, patting his other cheek, kissing the one near her lips, “I know, it was rhetorical.”

“They noticed.”

“Is that why everything is on high alert?”

“Yes, the merge should start, in three, two….”

Jay opened his scarlet eyes, gazing at the sky, observing the ripple passing through the sky, earth, and “One.”

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