Chapter 22 - Found and Lost

Chapter 22 - Found and Lost

Apr 10, 2022

Soul Society, Third Division

"Welcome to my Division!" Jay clapped his hand, grinning, looking at the two people who stood in front of him.

One of them was Momo, while the other was Izuru Kira, but both of them were nervous. They had been in Shinigami Academy the first year that Jay started there with them, Rukia, Renji, and Tsunade. Later that year, Jay passed out, Rukia got adopted by Hisana, and Jay and Tsunade went into different divisions. But right now, they weren’t nervous because of Jay, but the man wearing the captain’s haori was standing behind him.

His smile didn't falter hearing Jay's words, "This is not your division. It's still mine."

"You forgot to add yet in the first sentence," Jay kept smiling, lightly speaking.

Momo and Kira's eyes twitched, feeling the struggle between Captain and Vice-Captain.

Rukia, who had become the 3rd seat, sighed, "Forget about them. This is usual; you’ll get used to it. Come with me, and I'll show you the way."

Momo blinked, looking at Rukia, the 3rd seat, and Toshiro Hitsugaya, the 4th seat. Toshiro was her little brother, more like one who lived next door, and he possessed immense talent. Jay picked him up after becoming a Shinigami and then put him into Shinigami Academy. Toshiro skipped most of the years and became a Shinigami under Jay. She would go with them rather than stay with her new Captain and Vice-Captain any day. They hastily left with Rukia and Toshiro, leaving Jay and Gin behind.

Gin didn't leave; he raised his chin, gazing at the blue sky, "This is the first time I have seen you being so straightforward in front of others."

"Hmm," Jay lightly smiled, "Captain you know...Tsunade said something strange to me."

"What?" Gin's aura converged, with his killing intent collecting into his palms and fingers. He knew the boy in front of him chose him for one reason only. He was suspicious that there was a traitor in Soul Society, and the Hollow that nearly killed his Last Divisions Vice-Captain and Third Seat was manufactured.

He was even able to figure out that they were being supported by one of the Great Noble Families, and there were only Five of Those as they were the True Rulers of Soul Society.

One of them targeted the other, the ones who were down for luck, the Shiba family. He had them figure it out, but he wasn’t sure who the leader was.

Jay got on his feet, putting his hand on the hilt of his Zanpakuto. Even though his Zanpakuto was broken, he kept an Asauchi with him to use, "She said...that Unohana has a death wish. She is willing to die...for the sake of making Kenpachi break through his limits. Do you understand what that means?"

Gin put his hand on the hilt of his Zanpakuto, opening his slitted eyes, "Oh, what?"

Jay jerked his head back, with a glow in his scarlet eyes that trailed in the air, with a menacing grin, carrying the immense spiritual pressure, "I found you!!"

Gin's spiritual pressure burst forth, and his Zanpakuto clashed against Jay's, breaking and crushing the area in their surroundings.

Rukia, Toshiro, Momo, and Kira, who just walked off a minute ago, got blown away, rolling on the ground. They stopped, looking back at purple reiatsu colliding against scarlet reiatsu.

"W-what is going on?" Kira confusedly asked when Toshiro and Rukia exchanged a look, "It's Captain Gin and Vice-Captain Jay. They always fought before, but never like this…we should get back."

First Division Barracks,

Captain Commander opened his eyes, looking towards the Barracks of Division Three, "So it has started."

Chojiro Sasakibe, his Vice-Captain, standing behind him, acknowledged, "Yes."

Yamamoto glanced toward Chojiro, "What is it? It's never like you to hold back."

"I was just wondering. Vice-Captain Jay might not know about Captain Unohana's past, so he doubted her. But...Captain, you know...I know that Captain Unohana could never be the traitor. So for years, the only traitor has been Aizen. Why wait till now?"

"Aizen...he's not alone in this. Tsunayashiro Family...or someone in that Family has likely been helping him. But more than that...I still haven't been able to figure out what his Zanpakuto's abilities are, his abilities are."

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes, "Far more dangerous than you can, or I can imagine. Moreover, he is deviously smart. Jay thinks that pressuring Aizen to come out would drown every possibility of war, which means Central 46 or the majority of Five Great Noble Families agreeing to accept demands.  Have you ever wondered why?"

Decades Ago, The Ninja Universe, and Their Universe collided against each other. Even now, they were merging, so there was a time difference between the two Universes.

Still, their first point of contact was that Universes Pure World and this one’s Soul Society. The Afterlives of the Two Universes and the Souls sleeping in that Universe awakened here.

That is where the problem emerged. That Universe had the strong ones of that Universe, like Hamura, Hagoromo, Nagata, Uchiha Itachi, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, and many others. Two of them, Hagoromo and Hamura, could be compared to the members of Zero Division, and then there was Hashirama, who was more potent than most of the captains here.

The good thing was that they were tired of warring and wanted peace, which the Soul Society didn’t want to interfere, but the conditions in Rukongai weren’t excellent. So the Ninjas started changing those circumstances, which Tsunayashiro Family protested.

This was the first and foremost reason for war; the Ninjas challenged the Five Great Noble Families Authority.

To solve this issue and avoid war, that side suggested that since Two Afterlife had merged, the Ruling Side should expand, and the Five or Four More Great Noble Families should be added to that list.

The Uchiha’s, The Senju’s, The Uzumaki, The Hyuga, and The Otsutsuki’s. It wasn’t a wrong suggestion, but it needed more than half of the Current Noble Families to agree. And Shiba Clan was one of the supporters who thought this was right. This was probably why Aizen targeted them a decade ago and why Jay was after the perpetrator.

Chojiro was a bit surprised, getting lost in thought, wondering for a moment, "No...betrayal of a Captain. Even three might shake Gotei 13 a bit, but not to the point where it forces Central 46 or Great Noble Families to make such a decision."

"That boy might seem young, but he's no fool. He understands this better than anyone else. Then...the question is why?"

"Oh, and why do you think that is, old man?"

Chojiro looked up, hearing the coughing sound, seeing Shunsui Kyoraku and Juushiro Ukitake stand in the middle of the room.

Yamamoto wasn't surprised by their appearance, having known it since the moment they moved from their Divisions. He narrowed his eyes, "For years, I have been keeping an eye on Aizen, Tosen, and Gin. But never...did I feel them leave. Even when Jay was standing in front of me, reporting to me that Gin left."

Ukitake and Shunsui exchanged a look, "You think that Jay is lying?"

"I am not stupid enough to be fooled this easily. I doubted Jay, too, at first. And so I went to meet the three of them when he said they had left. Nothing felt different from their spiritual energy, and there was nothing unusual about their voice, the way they spoke, acted."

"So he was lying?" Kyoraku frowned, even though he said that something felt wrong.

"No. It was at that moment that I believed. Jay wasn't lying," Yamamoto frowned, "I can be sure of one thing...Aizen's Zanpakuto's ability isn't water manipulation. Mayuri thinks that Aizen's ability has something to do with illusion...An illusion that is so flawless that it dominates all our senses.'s unbreakable. Mayuri hasn't been successful till now. Even if he views it through a camera, he only sees what Aizen wants him to see, and not just him."

Ukitake and Kyoraku's faces sank before Ukitake softly asked, "Commander believes that we are under it as well?"

"Mayuri couldn't find a way to break it, but he figured there must be a trigger for his ability to activate. Some way through which Aizen could put others under his ability. He did some research and noticed just one strange behavior...something that other Captains don't do, but Aizen regularly does. He shows the release of his Shikai to as many Shinigami's as possible...even going to the Academy to show the future recruits. Have you seen it?"

Kyoraku nearly lost control of his spiritual energy, saying, "I have."

Ukitake nodded, "I don't think there are many that haven't."

"Jay, Tsunade, Naori, and Rukia Kuchiki, there are the only four people in the whole Soul Society that haven't. Even the recruit with potential Captain-level talent like Hitsugaya has seen it. Or any other talent that has been recruited in the past five years."

"Oye, oye, that's not funny, old man," Kyoraku held his hat, with a sharp glint in his eyes, "Isn't that troublesome."

"It's not just troublesome but also hazardous," Yamamoto said, with a stern look, "That boy realized Aizen's ability long ago. Gotei 13, as it is now, Soul Society would sustain a high number of casualties by fighting against Aizen and Aizen alone. Let alone...being able to put so many Captains under his ability...his spiritual energy must be monstrous."

Ukitake coughed, smiling, "Hoho, the boy, pushes the right buttons. This might be why Kuchiki Family needs to side with Shiba and Shiohin. This just might change the structure of Soul Society."

Yamamoto closed his eyes, "Not yet. That boy might be as devious as Aizen, but they underestimate Soul Society. Zero Division will interfere in this battle. Aizen will not succeed in leaving Soul Society, and the structure of Soul Society will not change. Not yet."

"Zero Division will?!" The three others in the room shouted out in surprise when a Monks laughter started echoing in the room.

Division Five,

"Hahahaha, Yes! I, Ichibie...will take care of Aizen, myself."

Aizen was sitting in his room, writing the last letter of his calligraphy before he sat up, "So it has begun."

He walked out of the room when his officer came, "Captain! A fight has broken out between Vice-Captain Jay and Captain Gin!"

Aizen nodded, adjusting his glasses, "I understand. Please stay here."

He just took a step forward when two more spiritual pressures burst. One of them was Tosen's, while the other was of Kenpachi Zaraki, "Hmm, it seems that there is an all-out battle."

Ninth Division,

Tosen was lying on the ground, bloodied and bruised, with Kenpachi sitting on the destroyed rocks, "Heh, this was more boring than I thought."

Yachiru giggled, clapping her hands, "Because Ken-chan has become strong."

Kenpachi put his Zanpakuto on his shoulder, looking towards the Third Division, grinning, "Heh, that kid promised me a battle. With that much spiritual might be fun."

"It might be more fun if we could fight."

Kenpachi widened his eyes, turning his eyes towards Aizen, who picked up fainted Tosen, "But right now, I have different arrangements."

Kenpachi grinned, laughing, "Hahahahahaha!!! You look strong!!"

Kenpachi slashed his sword towards Aizen when Aizen disappeared, leaving behind his voice, "Next time."

Third Division,

Jay blocked the mile-long and heavy sword, dragging his body through the courtyard and throwing him out. He stopped in the air when the scarlet karma mark started spreading on his forehead.

After nearly half a decade, he used the power of the first fragment to conquer some of his karma. He could easily divide karma into three levels. And the first level only gave him a few of Kaguya's basic abilities.

For one, it expanded his sight to a much greater level, letting him see most of Seireitei. But it was useless since Decimo's powers allowed him to see much more. The other benefits worked like a Shikai. He increased his life force, strength, speed, durability, and especially his healing powers.

Jay blitzed towards Gin, appearing right below him, about to smash the pommel in his stomach when a hand appeared, effortlessly stopping the pommel.

Jay looked up, seeing Aizen carrying Tosen on his shoulder, not even paying attention to him, "Now, now, Gin. You are not even trying, losing to your Vice-Captain?"

Gin got on his feet, wiping the sweat from his face, smirking, "I was playing around. Is it alright for you to come out?"

Aizen nodded, "It's about time for us to leave."

Jay's eyes twitched, "Can you not ignore me?"

"Oh, right. You were here," Aizen turned his attention towards Jay, talking to Gin, "Are you going to finish the job?"

Jay let go of his Zanpakuto, taking a step back when Gin raised his Shikai, "Bye, bye, my dear Vice-Captain."

His Shikai's blade expanded, moving towards Jay at high speed when wood rose from the ground, defending him against the strike.

Jay breathed relief, "If you didn't come to save me, I would have died, wife."

Tsunade appeared beside him, with green karma spreading on her forehead, "I'd never let you die."

Aizen looked towards her, but he had little interest in them. Everything in this Universe was made from Reishi and Kishi, but they didn’t have Souls made of Reishi from another. This is why when they came here, they had their powers, but their bodies were not enough to handle that power, creating a burden on them.

They might be strong and much more enhanced with those Karma Marks at their peak. One carried the Ten Tail Beast in her, while the other carried that woman Kaguya. But as they were right now, they were of little consequence.

The only one was, "You must be the Monk, Ichibie Hyosube. It's an honor that the leader of Zero Division came all the way here."

Ichibie rubbed his beard, chuckling, with a cold glint in his eyes, "You know about me. It seems someone has been running their mouth."

Although he said that, he knew there was a curse on his name. Those who were unworthy of speaking it would lose their voice.

Aizen removed the glasses and swept his hair up, putting Tosen down on the floor. A slight smile was on Aizen's face, "Zero Division, Genryusai Yamamoto, Shunsui, Ukitake, that's quite a force you have right there. Still, you think you can stop me from leaving?"

Ichibie took the brush from his back when Aizen raised his Zanpakuto, "Kyokya-"

"Oh, no, you don't! Boy!"

Ichibie just moved when he felt a sword coming toward him, "No, you will not hurt my friend!"

He raised his head, looking at the massive sword coming down at him with a colossal warrior, making Yamamoto frown, "That's...Sajin."


Jay had his eyes closed, with Tsunade covering them in a wooden cocoon, having dealt with sight-based power before.

When they removed it, Sajin had stopped, with Shunsui, Ukitake, and Yamamoto acting like they had been stabbed from behind.

Ichibie calmly watched the scene, "I see, that is a fearsome power. Then I will not hold back."

"Blacken," Ichibie said as the brush turned into a glaive, which he swung towards Aizen, covering his body and Zanpakuto into black.

With that, everyone in the Soul Society was freed from the hypnosis of Kyoka Suigetsu.

Ichibie looked down at Aizen, "My Zanpakuto-"

"Is called Ichimonji," Aizen lightly said, lifting his head.

"Even sealed, it had a few dangerous powers, but it gives you the command over everything black when released. Anything touched by this black ink will lose its name and powers. I know it is the power to control all that is black."

Ichibie furrowed his brows for the first time, especially after seeing Aizen so calm.

"The only reason why I stayed in Soul Society for so long was to get the Hogyoku that Kisuke Urahara hid and use Soul Society's resources for my research. But it has been quite some time since I stopped needing to stay at the Soul Society."

Aizen turned his eyes towards Jay, smiling, "I stayed because I found your jumping around more amusing, so I didn't do anything to stop you. For a while now, I have started feeling that Soul Society is too small...our universe has changed...and I want to go out and see."

Jay took Tsunade's hand, shamelessly moving to hide behind Captain Commander, Shunsui, and Ukitake, whispering, "I don't know what he's talking about. I have never seen this guy before."

Tsunade smacked his head, making him change the statement, "I mean...I know who he is, but that is all. Nothing more. I just defended myself when my snake-like Captain tried to kill me."

Shunsui let out a sigh, smiling, while Ukitake chuckled, coughing, "Don't worry, Vice-Captain. We understand."

Ichibie relaxed for a moment, ready to sweep the glaive, "It's over for you, Aizen. Surrender, and I'll give you an easy death."

Aizen breathed out, looking towards the distance, towards the New Universe, and further at the Cluster of Universes near it, "It's time to leave.”

Ichibie felt something was wrong when the color black was being stripped away and disappeared as if it didn’t exist. Even the Black on Aizen dissipated, restoring his power and name. A cavity opened behind Aizen, Tosen, and Gin, with dichromatic scarlet and green eyes shining inside the darkness. Inhuman, Draconic Eyes.

From the darkness came out a Hogyoku, falling in Aizen’s palm.

Aizen raised Hogyoku in the air, admiring it. He took out one of his own from his pockets, "Long before Urahara even reached a conclusion and created a Hogyoku. I had made one of my own. But it was incomplete...but then Urahara made one of his own. I researched it and concluded that he was incomplete, just like mine. So I sought after it, wanting to merge the two. But Urahara was smart; he hid it away, yet nothing could be hidden from that Hollow’s power. With this...I will become the God that will sit on the empty throne at the top.”

Aizen narrowed his eyes, gazing at Jay and Tsunade, “You might have succeeded in killing the so-called Goddess of your world, but this time, it would be different.”

Jay trembled, hiding behind Tsunade, "Wife, save me."

Although he was trembling, a smile was in his eyes, peering into Aizen, accepting his challenge.

"Aizen!" Ichibie growled when Yamamoto put his hand on the Zanpakuto, ready to stop him even if it meant sacrificing anything.

A white claw came out of the darkness, and the distance between Seireitei and Hueco Mundo disappeared as if it never existed.

Gin raised Tosen, walking behind Aizen when Hueco Mundo disappeared, leaving Aizen's voice, "Till the day of judgment."

Hueco Mundo,


Aizen raised his eyes, watching a humanoid dragon, pitch white, taller than three meters, with a dragon head and dichromatic scarlet and green eyes. In the middle of nowhere, he was sitting on a throne on the white sand, “Decimo. You have changed.”

The Dragon, the Hollow with the hole at the center of his chest, said, “We made a deal. I will protect you and help you. In return, you will use the power of Hogyoku on me.”

“Power of Hogyoku? Do you still need it? Aren’t you enjoying yourself in the New World?”

“That is just an experiment. To see if it’s possible to gain feelings. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like this one. I highly doubt Hogyoku would allow me to gain feelings, but it never hurts to try.”

The Humanoid Dragon raised his body, which morphed into a human form with platinum hair and black roots, “My powers will hide Hueco Mundo, even from the Zero Squad. The only time my power will disappear is when the World Merge and Timelines Synchronize. Do not die, Aizen.”

Aizen let out a smile, walking past him, “I don’t plan to.”

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