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Chapter 4 - Dream and Unreal

Apr 13, 2022

“You are not being aggressive enough….”

“I don’t mind….”

“Aghhhhhh~~~!!!!!!” Miyuki screamed in the pillow, rolling over, turning on her stomach. She gently stood up to look at herself in the mirror. She rested her forehead on it, reminding herself of what she was thinking of doing.

She closed her eyes, burying the thought deep inside, “Don’t be stupid, Miyuki.”

She walked back to the bed, lying down to rest, but the whole night, the desires came out, becoming her dreams, showing her what could be. She fell asleep and slowly woke up in the morning. She woke up on time, dragging her body to the bathroom, getting the gift her big brother had arranged for her.

The moment she opened the door, those legs entered her sight, and she knew what it was. She knew she should close her eyes and turn away, but she couldn’t pull her eyes. They went up the legs to the thighs and passed that for a moment. They watched the abs, those muscles lines, and the arms and chest. She squirmed, seeing the shoulder blades, those lips, and deep red eyes, and that voice, “Miyuki?”

He turned around, taking the towel, wrapping it around his waist, before walking away, “I was so sure I locked the door. Sorry about that. This never happens!”

He closed the door, hiding on the other side, but everything he said was enough for her to know what was going on. Her big brother wasn’t kidding; he meant what he said.

She was about to turn around when an arm wrapped around her waist, her head touched the chest, and his palm cupped her breasts, “Mmm~!”

“I was serious about what I said,” Tatsuya nibbled on her ear, whispering, and she moaned, knowing he was on the other side of the door.

Miyuki closed her eyes, resting her palm on his, making him squeeze her boob, rubbing herself over him, “Onii-sama…how can you…say that…?”

Tatsuya took off her bra, freeing her breasts before he pushed her a few steps forward until both of them were in front of the mirror, “See your face….”

“Mm?” Miyuki raised her eyes, seeing his stand behind her, but after looking into his eyes, they landed on her face, a bit haggard and much sleepless, “This is just one night…and there will be many more to come. It’s better to accept that the world has changed, and it will force its inhabitants to change with it. It’s like a plague, spreading faster and faster, and you need to accept it if you want to survive. I am not worried about others, but I know your willpower…which is why I am worried. You might not survive this?”

“And you…what about you, Onii-sama? You have emotions now….”

Tatsuya raised her chin, kissing her nose, “Probably…but I still wonder…if I ever felt them.”

“Onii-sama…” Miyuki turned around, pushing him back, “Go out. I’ll be out soon, ok?”

“Ok,” Tatsuya kissed her forehead, leaving the bathroom, stopping in Miyuki’s. He stood there, wondering about the answer to the same question that Miyuki asked.

He wasn’t sure how he wanted to deal with this change, but there weren’t many options. He planned to accept it, for now, and see where it goes from there.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Tatsuya raised his head, seeing the pretty young boy with rust-colored hair, and deep red eyes, looking inside, “What?”

“Can you not do something like that again?”

Tatsuya let out a smile, walking forward, “I won’t have to.”

“What? What is that supposed to mean?” Jun turned to look at his back, watching him walk away.

“I have to go early, wait for Miyuki and come with her.”

“Wait, I have to meet Huyan Lanruo early!”

“I’ll take care of that, so come with Miyuki,” Tatsuya took his bag and books, leaving the house.

Jun watched him, scratching his head, “It’s starting to feel like I am missing something.”

He walked around the living room, waiting for Miyuki to come out before calming himself down on the couch.

“Tatsuya Onii-sama?”

“He went early, said he had something. Are you ready to leave?” Jun looked up at Miyuki, only to find her wearing a shorter skirt than average.

“Oh,” Miyuki dazedly nodded, not even looking at Jun, but after a bit of hesitation, she walked up and sat down on his lap, “Jun Onii-chan…?”

“Miyuki?” When Miyuki caressed his cheek, Jun was confused, and soon, her lips met with his. The first was a small kiss, but she couldn’t help but feel thrilled about the next. She did it; she shared the kiss repeatedly, cupping his neck and rubbing herself over him.

She swayed her hips and felt him beneath; she put his hands over her body, straddling him. Her lips locked with his, her fingers stroking his jaw, and she was more than passionate before she knew it. She was kissing the boy that she accepted as her brother, even a bit like her son, and now, he had all grown up, and she was all over him.

All the while, her big brother, her lover, was watching as she kissed another, and she enjoyed this because of it. The thrill of knowing he was watching made her feel pleasure like never before.

He kissed her back, stroking her bare thighs, moving inside her skirt, and soon he was licking her tongue. He moved his head forward, kissed her neck’s nape, and stroked her back.

“Mm… Jun Onii-chan…”

Jun pushed her down on the couch, cupping her cheek, pulling away, “We shouldn’t be doing this….”

“Right…” Miyuki pulled him near, taking in his intoxicating scent, curling her fingers around his neck, “If he minded, he wouldn’t have left you alone with me…not after that morning…view…show me again…how much you have grown.”

Jun hesitated, but Miyuki pulled on his t-shirt, taking it off him, sighting it. She was entranced, caressing his chest, “You have grown so much….”

Miyuki leaned further in, licking his chest, putting her fingers on top of his nipples, enjoying his flesh. She kissed him, moving further down, kissing the side of his waist, stroking his thigh. She kissed above his groin, licking his abs, “Do you like it…?”

“Mm,” Jun moaned, resting her palm on her head, “Yes…I do…”

“Good…me too….” Miyuki pulled his palm down, licking his fingers between them, sucking on it, “Can I have you…for today morning?”

Jun let out a smile, looking to the side, “Can I reject?”


Holy Orchid Institute,

Tatsuya watched the show through his elemental sight, and he wasn’t surprised that he didn’t mind. He wondered if he would have minded in his past life or if the world hadn’t changed, but there was something else he wanted to experiment with.

He entered the classroom to find her practicing, jumping away in surprise from his presence.

“Tatsuya…? How are you here? Where is Jun?”

“He told me what you have been doing.”

“Why? That’s private!”

Tatsuya put down his bag, glancing at her, “I think it’s better if you practice your charm technique on different people.”

“Really?” Huyan Lanruo was uncomfortable, taking a step back, “I don’t mind…but I don’t want to do it…not when we are alone.”

Tatsuya was about to move towards her, but hearing her words, he stopped, “Hm, that might be better.”

And so, after the awkward day, came the other, and this time he wasn’t alone to reach first.

“So that is what you have been doing alone with Lanruo,” Miyuki sighed in relief, looking at fuming Huyan Lanruo.

Jun shrugged, leaning against the table, looking away. Since yesterday, he hadn’t been able to meet Tatsuya’s gaze. He had no idea how Miyuki could do it.

“Now, I hope that makes you more comfortable. So how me, your charming power.”

Lanruo sneaked, glancing towards Jun, who didn’t mind and leaned forward. She closed her eyes, opening them with much more confidence before she raised his hand, placing them on her waist. She raised her body on her toes, her lips about to meet his, when a sakura petal appeared in her eyes, “How is this?”

“To work on most…it’s good enough,” Tatsuya leaned forward, kissing her lips, wrapping his hands around her back, shocking everyone.

Huyan Lanruo widened her eyes, placing her palm on his shoulder, trying to push him away. She sneaked a few glances toward Jun, becoming even more ashamed. But it didn’t take long before she started to enjoy it. He let go of her, allowing her to step back, before leaning against the table, crossing his hands, “Now try it on, Jun.”

Lanruo gasped for breath, biting her lips, running her eyes across both of them when Miyuki sat up on the table, pursing her lips, “No, try it on me.”

“Hm?” Even Tatsuya had to say that this turn of events caught him by surprise, but he didn’t say anything to stop it.

“I don’t think it works on girls?”

“Still, you should try it.”

“Fine, if you say so?” Huyan Lanruo wasn’t serious, but she did look into Miyuki’s eyes to use her charm. It didn’t work, and she was about to pull back, only for Miyuki to cup her cheeks and their lips to meet.

She widened her eyes in surprise, about to push her away, but it felt so good that she couldn’t do that. Miyuki slowly moved away, looking at Tatsuya, touching her lip, “I enjoyed that more than I thought.”

“Me too…” She awkwardly touched her lips, looking at Miyuki before facing Jun. She breathed in, using her charm again, but he didn’t kiss her. She waited for him, but he didn’t move, so she took them for herself.

She slowly moved away, going back to Miyuki and finally to Tatsuya again, who had been observing her. With his sight and the elemental one. Once she was done enjoying her kiss with Miyuki, he kissed her, but this time he started to get rid of her clothes.

Lanruo pulled away, “What are you doing?”

Tatsuya glanced towards Jun, who stood behind her, holding her hands behind her back, kissing her neck, “Hey, Nii-san is trying to create a cultivation technique. But for that, he needs to make sure that he sees the flow of energy properly.”

Miyuki rolled her eyes at the blatant lie, but Jun was a lot more obedient towards him since yesterday's act, and she had to say she could do nothing.

Tatsuya stripped Huyan Lanruo nearly bare, leaving but one panty before running his hand over her body.

Miyuki crossed her legs, feeling the warm feeling in between, in Lanruo’s place; that’s where she wanted to be. Held by another, touched by the other, it was the same as her dream.

Lanruo stood in the empty classroom, it neared the time when others started to fill in, and yet, she was standing here naked. He finally let go of her, allowing her to dress, and then they sat down, waiting for the rest.

Hours went by, from the first class to the last, until they were left in the room again. They sat together on one bench, and Lanruo ended up making out with one for them. It wasn’t until he enjoyed her for a few minutes and she was naked that he passed her on Miyuki.

Miyuki stood up, and the two exchanged a kiss before she took her dress in front of her brothers, letting them watch. When Miyuki sat up, she turned around to lean against the table, caressing her hair.

Miyuki made her spread her legs, pushing out her ass when the other couldn’t wait. He kissed her back and put his hand on her ass while his fingers went deeper inside her crack.

The finger traced the edges of her panties, and she moaned crazily, hanging onto Miyuki. Only for Tatsuya to get rid of it and show everything she had to offer. She felt what she never imagined, the pair of lips on hers, between her legs.

“That’s…” Lanruo started moaning, only to see Tatsuya move up and sit up beside Miyuki. He put his hand around her back and kissed his sister. She wanted to raise her body, but he kept his hand on her head while the one who sat behind her put his tongue inside her.

While kissing Tatsuya fervently, Miyuki put her thumb on Lanruo’s lips and hugged him, whispering, “I wanted mine to be his first….”

She pulled Tatsuya closer by his collar, sucking on his lips, “All your firsts….they belong to me.”

Tatsuya smiled, nibbling on her ear, placing her hand on his groin, wrapping her fingers around his hard dick, “Is that so? Because I planned to make, Lanruo does something.”

“So soon?” Miyuki nibbled on his lip, caressing Lanruo’s chin and lips, enjoying the force behind her moans. She buckled her knees, kissing Lanruo’s lips, opening the buttons of Tatsuya’s pants. She pulled it all down when a hard cock hit her face.

She caressed it, taking in his smell, parting her lips to take over a nibble, pulling on the thin skin, parting her lips cutely to try and put it through her lips. She barely got down to the rim but had to pull back again. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this.

Lanruo watched the dick with wide eyes beside her, watching Miyuki clumsily take it in. All the while enjoying the long tongue inside her, exploring her inside, finding a weak point. She had long forgotten why they were here or what was going on, but she watched Miyuki gasping for breath, trying to take more.

Once Miyuki pulled away, she parted her lips, following her lead to take it in, enjoying the hot, throbbing cock, covered in Miyuki’s saliva. Before she knew it, the two started taking turns, seeing who could take more of it. But she couldn’t keep it up for long since she couldn’t keep it up more, feeling his tongue choose the best part to explore.

She gasped for breath, moaning even more loudly, gasping, “Yess~!!! Right there~~!!! Right there~~!!!”

She arched her back, feeling the fingers enter inside, spreading her out to drag the tongue against her walls, cupping her ass. She bent forward, sucking on Tatsuya’s balls as Miyuki bobbed her head.

Tatsuya grabbed their hair, holding their heads as they serviced his cock, before he started pushing deep in. He held Miyuki’s head, not letting her raise it, and after a few seconds, he let her go. She gasped for breath, watching Lanruo have the same treatment, and soon both of them got used to the new rhythm.

“Where do you want it?”

“Huh?” Miyuki nibbled on the tip of cock, wondering where did she want all that cum, “Over me….”

“Well,” Tatsuya forced his way inside her mouth, slowly using it until he was ready. He pulled out, emptying his load on her, covering her face and breasts with his cum.

Miyuki raised her hands, licking the warm cum off her fingers, feeling it cover her, “It’s so…good…being covered in Onii-sama’s cum….”

She turned to face Lanruo, wrapping her hands around her head, whispering, “Lick it.”


Lanruo moved forward, sitting down on her knees, licking the cum off Miyuki’s cheeks.

“Really? You couldn’t let me enjoy it?” Jun licked his lips, wiping her juices off his face.

Miyuki moaned, cupping Lanruo’s head as she sucked on her breasts, “It’s your fault…you were taking too much time to make her cum….”

“Sorry for not being perfect the first time I did it,” Jun suckled, taking a deep breath, lying down on the chair, hearing their moans. He closed his eyes, still unsure what was going on. He wondered if he stopped and asked what was going on, then would he wake up from this dream? He didn’t want to.

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