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Chapter 7 - Gremory and Their Maid

Apr 09, 2022

Even though the battle was over, Rias and members of her peerage were standing in the club room. It seemed that they were waiting for someone.

Shortly, a magic circle appeared in the room, and five people appeared in the room.

Decimo recognized Grayfia, Riser, and Ravel, but not the other two. Grayfia took a step forward, introducing, "this is Lord Phenex, and My Master, The Demon King, Sir Sirzechs."

Rias bowed politely, "Big Brother, Uncle Phenex."

Lord Phenex waved his hand, "Oh girl, you don't have to bow."

Si Sirzechs laughed, "Congratulation on winning the rating game."

Rias smiled, "Thank you, brother."

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes, glancing towards Decimo, "Although Rating games are to show off King's strategy and command over the servants. But then, I guess having a strong servant is part of King's power."

Rias embarrassedly glanced toward Decimo, "Yeah..." She said in a tiny voice.

Lord Phenex's eyes turned serious, "Well, you don't have to worry about the marriage. But we came to talk to him."

Decimo pointed at himself, "Talk to me?"

Lord Phenex nodded, "It's about the bet between you and my son."

Decimo rubbed his chin, "Oh, yeah. About him letting me borrow his servants for a week or two."

Riser's face was flushed red with shame after hearing that. Decimo glanced at him with a smile in his eyes.

"Ah, about that. That was just a joke; you don't have to worry about it." Decimo waved his hand with a smile, reassuring Riser's father.

Lord Phenex raised his eyebrows, "Is there something else you might want? Land, Money, anything?"

Decimo glanced toward Rias, "Do you want anything?"

Rias shook her head with certainty, "No."

But then she got a look from Grayfia, making her hesitate, knowing what 

Lord Phenex bowed slightly, "Thank you for your generosity." 

He took Riser and Ravel, teleporting away, slightly ashamed that he had to make this deal. 

Sirzechs smiled, “Although there is much I want to talk about. But for now, I will let you enjoy your victory."

He and Grayfia teleported away while waving their hands.

Once they left, Decimo suddenly felt everyone in the room looking at him. He looked over at Rias, Issei, Kiba, Koneko, Akeno, and Asia and blinked, "What?"

Akeno smiled, "Ara-ara, that was very unlike you. Letting go so easily, did you get intimidated by Sir Lucifer?"

Decimo stroked Asia's head, making her smile, "Maybe, Asia's kindness touched me? And I showed mercy?"

Rias watched him with skeptical eyes, "Why don't I believe it."

Decimo shrugged, "How about we rest tonight?"

Rias stretched her body, "Well, I need the rest."

Late in the night,

Decimo opened his eyes, "Crown Clown."

A white cowl appeared, covering his whole body. Decimo raised his left hand; the black claw bounced against the air. A cavity opened in the air in which Decimo stepped in, and the cavity closed behind him.

In the underworld, above the Phenex household, a black cavity opened. And a man wearing a white cowl and silver mask walked out.

In the nothingness of the underworld, he disappeared as if he was never there.

Shortly, Decimo appeared in a large room with a large bed at its center.

He walked over, standing beside the bed.

He snapped his fingers, and the camera and lights appeared around the room.

Decimo leaned in, kissing the back of Yubelluna's neck, making her squirm in the bed.

"Lord Riser..." She moaned in a low voice.

Decimo nibbled on her ear, "Not really."

Hearing the different voice in her ear, Yubelluna tried to get up. But Decimo turned her body around; his white-gloved hand held her jaws.

"Although I did agree that Riser doesn't have to deliver the items himself. But that didn't mean I wouldn't take them myself."

Yubelluna bit her lips, "I will never betray Lord Riser."

Decimo chuckled, his thumb rubbed against her cheek, "Ahhhwhat are you~ Doing!"

"Crown Cowl is something that purifies fallen things, dark things. But when used minutely, it's like a drug, the most pleasurable thing that the creatures of nothingness could feel." His white-gloved fingers dragged against her neck, moving towards her cleavage.

She arched her back, moaning loudly, "Ahhh!! No!!!!"

Decimo enjoyed taking her clothes off and touching every part of her body. Every but her private bits. A string of white light appeared wherever he touched her but soon submerged inside her.

Her body squirmed more, the white threads submerged in her, her moans got louder, her begging more desperate, "Please!! Stop!! I can't, please!!!! No more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Her body shivered while she had the biggest climax of her life. Decimo turned her over, even while she was sensitive. Decimo put his cock inside her pussy, squeezing her asscheek, feeling his fingers sink in her ass, "You have a great ass."

"Ahhhh~~Ahhhh~ Eh~~Ugh~~Um~~~Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!"

Decimo leaned in; his black claws ran across her skin. He raised her body; the claw touched her clit, playing with it.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She climaxed again with her eyes rolling; her tongue stretched out of her mouth.

Her defiant look said, "I belong to Lord Riser..."

Decimo ran over the black claw all over her back, "We'll see how long you last..." His eyes curled into a smile seeing the lust deep in her eyes.

And so, a few hours later,

Decimo was lying on the bed with his hands crossed behind his head. His eyes stared up with an intrigued look.

Yubelluna's hands were on his chest, supporting her body as she moved her hips.

"Ahhh!!! Ahhh!!!! Decimo-sama!!! Decimo-sama's cock's amazing!!!!"

Decimo narrowed his eyes, his black claws brushing against her face, "Don't stop until you break."

Yubelluna widened her eyes, "Lord!! No!!!" Even though she said that her body couldn't reject it. Her body was like a marionette, being controlled, moving on its own.

She climaxed, her body lost its strength, and her mind became numb, "Decimo-sama~Decimo-sama~Decimo-sama." Her body fell on Decimo's, but her mouth sprouted his name.

When Decimo climbed back into his room, someone was already sitting on his bed.

"Akeno...what are you doing here?" Decimo asked with a smile on his face.

Akeno raised her hand, "I want to see whom you went to see last night."

Decimo shook his head, "It seems that it didn't slip by you."

Akeno curled her lips, "Of course, you and being merciful. No way that is happening."

Decimo threw the camera towards Akeno, who caught it, "Mmm, send a private disk to Riser, and that little girl Ravel, send her too."

Akeno chuckled, "Aren't you worried they'd go running to their parents?"

Decimo narrowed his eyes with a slight chill in them, "No way, Riser has too much pride to do something that stupid."

Akeno took the camera, "Tell Rias about it."

Decimo glanced towards the door, "I will."

After a while,

Rias was wearing glasses on her face in the clubroom, "I didn't know you had weak eyesight."

Rias glanced up, "It's not for the eyesight; I just like wearing it."

Decimo walked behind her, putting his hand on her shoulders. His fingers moved, massaging her shoulder, "They are quite tense."

Rias raised her chin, moaning, "I guess...I haven't had a good rest."

"You won the rating game; what are you reading now?"

Rias hesitated before looking up, "About Sacred Gears, seeing if anyone possessed two Sacred Gears simultaneously. You know that would invite a lot of unwanted attention."

Decimo narrowed his eyes, "They are not two Sacred Gears; they are two Sacred Gears fused into one."

Rias curled her lips, "That sounds even more absurd."

Decimo took out a video camera, playing the video, "Here, I made something. I hope you don't mind."

Rias closed her eyes before watching the video, "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you did?"

"Ah, Yeah, I did exactly that."

Rias stood up, her magic energy out of control, "Decimo! You are out of control! Why did you have to do that?!"

Decimo glanced at Rias, "I agree; I should have told you."

Rias clenched her fist, "It's not about telling me!! You know think kind of thing can crack the alliance between Phenex house and Gremory house?!"

Decimo stroked her head, "Don't worry about it; nothing like that would happen."

Rias frowned even more, "Can you be serious?"

Decimo sighed, looking at her with solemn eyes, "I am telling you, nothing would go wrong."

Rias was taken aback, seeing his eyes. She rolled her hair between her finger, "I see if you are so sure."

Decimo walked around the sofa, putting his hand on her chin, and kissing her lips, "Mmm."

He stared into her eyes, kissing her passionately; his hands moved all over her body.

His hand slid on her thigh, reaching inside her skirt. He squeezed her ass. He leaned down, kissing her neck, making Rias wrap her hand around his head.

"Oh, Yeah...that feels great!!!" She raised her legs, wrapping around Decimo's waist.

Decimo held her ass, picking her up, kissing her madly. Decimo moved until Rias's back hit the wall. Decimo kept kissing her, grinding his body against Rias's.

He opened the button of the shirt, opening her bra. He softly kissed her neck, moving down, sucking on her nipples. He licked her nipples, causing Rias to tightly wrap her legs around him.

"Ahhh...Ehhh...Ummm...Ahhh....Ah...." She closed her eyes, moving her hips, grinding her body against his. She held her other breast, "This one too."

Decimo smiled, moving to her other breasts, sucking on her nipple, licking it, rotating his tongue around it.

Suddenly, magic appeared beneath the two of them.

The two disappeared from the room, appearing in Rias's room.

Decimo threw her on the bed, climbing after her, caressing her cheeks. He broke into her with a single thrust. Rias hissed, wrapping her body tightly around his.

Decimo took a deep breath, staying still, "It feels so good inside you."

Rias adjusted her body, hugging him tightly, "Um...stay like that."

He stayed for a while before he started moving again.

"Mmm...umm...ahh...yeah...Decimo...Decimo...Decimo..." She whispered his name under her breath as he slowly thrust inside her.

Decimo held her body, thrusting harder and harder; Rias's body shook, and her boobs moved up and down.

Decimo stared at her face, seeing the change on her face every time he thrust inside her.

"Too deep!!!!" Rias arched her back, moaning loudly, "Ahhhh!!!!! Cumming!!! Decimo!!! I am cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Decimo kissed her lips, "Me too!!" 

He came inside her, filling her with his hot cum.

After a while,

Decimo was lying beside Rias, stroking her head. Slowly, he closed his eyes, falling asleep.

The next morning,

Decimo opened his eyes, staring at the roof, "Mmm..." He sat up, holding his head.

Already awake and watching him, Rias blinked, "What happened?"

Decimo glanced at her with emotionless eyes, "Last night, I had a few emotions. Like being a little possessive of you...but suddenly, they are all gone."

Rias held his hand, "Well, that's progress, isn't it."

Decimo sighed, gazing at the roof, "True, that's some progress."


Rias was sitting in the clubroom with Decimo's head on her lap, watching him read another light novel that he picked up.

"You are always reading a there a reason behind it?" Rias asked in a soft voice, caressing his hair.

Decimo glanced up at her, "It's because there are so many emotions in the novels, something that I like...I remember what emotions feel like, but slowly those memories would fade away, and I will become emotionless. These novels... keep reminding me of the feelings. Other than that, Sex is one thing that heightens my senses. It gives me this false sense that I am feeling something."

Just as they were talking, the door opened.

"Good morning."

Rias glanced up, "Kiba, Koneko, Akeno...Good morning."

Akeno had a broad smile as she sat near Decimo's waist, pushing her ass; her hand caressed Decimo's chest, "Mm, Rias is hogging Decimo again."

Kiba and Koneko sat down on the sofa chairs. Kiba smiled, "So, what is on the agenda today?"

Rias glanced towards the door, "Let others come, and then I'll brief you."

Shortly, Asia and Issei entered the room, "Good morning!"

Asia bowed politely, " Good morning."

Rias took a deep breath, "Well, now that everyone is here, I should inform you."

Akeno's eyes turned serious, "What is it?" 

Usually, Rias would tell her in advance if something happened.

"We have a banquet to attend to in the Underworld."

Issei blinked twice before shouting out, "Hahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Why?! I thought your marriage was canceled!"

Rias nodded while looking towards him, "True, my Father is throwing the party because I won against a fully grown devil."

Decimo turned on his side, wrapping his hand around Akeno's waist, "Mm...Underworld - that would be a fun place to be."

In the evening,

Decimo looked towards the sky, seeing the moon come up. He heard from Rias that for the sake of Reincarnated Devils, The Four Satans produced this phenomenon. Before this, the sky of the Underworld was black.

Decimo stood in front of the massive castle, whistling, "This is where your family lives?"

Rias smiled, "Yes, this is the Gremory household."

Decimo walked behind Rias, entering the Gremory Household.

The moment they entered the main hall, there was a loud buzz. Everyone in the room turned towards them, watching them in the silence.

Grayfia bowed, "Welcome Home, Lady Rias."

Shortly, everyone in the room started coming to talk to Rias. Some even came towards Decimo.

Decimo put on his fake smile, politely talking to them. He could see other members of the peerage standing in a corner.

Decimo slowly slipped by the people talking to him, walking deeper inside the mansion.

He opened the closest room, entering. The room was large; a bed in the center, a study table, and a few ornaments seemed general in the devil world.

Decimo went and sat down at the study table; a magic seal appeared in his hand. A book flew out of the magic seal that he held.

In the nothingness, Decimo turned the pages of the novel, reading in silence with a gentle smile on his face.

His peace and silence were disturbed when the gate opened, and a person walked in.

It wasn't until the person was standing a step away from him that Decimo spoke, "What is it?"

A familiar woman's voice came from behind him, "Is there something that isn't to your liking?"

Decimo glanced back, "Tell me; you are Sirzechs's wife. Why do you act like a maid?"

Grayfia stood there without answering, "If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable, please tell me."

Decimo turned his chair, watching Grayfia, "I take things quite literally."

Grayfia bowed, "I meant it literally; I am here for you, anything you need."

Decimo's eyes roamed through her body, "When you say it like that, you already know what I need, don't you?"

Grayfia looked up, unsurprised, "Yes." 

She got on her knees, opened his black pants chain and button, and took out his dick.

She slowly licked it, rubbing it, making it hard, "Amazing girth you have, and the smell is intoxicating."

She opened her mouth, putting his cock in her mouth. She took the hardened cock deeply in her mouth, gagging a little.

She bobbed her head up and down. Her lips went along the shaft, devouring it, touched the base.

Decimo held the armchair tightly, groaning, "Oh, Damn it!"

Edges of Grayfia's mouth curled into a proud smile as pulled his cock out. She moved her hand up and down, her mouth licking it vigorously. She could feel the throbbing when she put it back in her mouth, letting him fill her with cum.


She put a hand in front of her mouth, licking the cum dripping on her lips.

"Anything else that you might need?"

Decimo glanced down, breathing; a devilish smile appeared, "Yeah, there is something that I want."

Sometime later,

"Ahhhhh...Ahhhhh...mmmm...ehhhh...uwahhhh....hnnn...." Grayfia had her hands on the table; her breasts were taken out of her clothes. Her skirt was raised, with two hands on her butts. Decimo was plowing her deeply; his dick was hitting the deepest part of her vagina.

Grayfia's hands trembled; her whole body trembled as Decimo pushed deep into her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Her moans turned into screams as she climaxed.

"No!! Stop!! Please...let me rest!! This is the sixth time!!"

Decimo held her tightly, "You are here to pleasure me, aren't you. Then you can't quit before I cum!"

Grayfia's hands lost the power in them; her face fell against the table, her eyes shivering, regretting suggesting that "Yes, Master..."

Another hour later, 

Grayfia’s face was cupped by Decimo, who held her in place, her hair wrapped around his palm. Her nails were digging in his thighs, her eyes watering, tears coming out of her eyes. 

There was so much pressure on her head, pulling her closer as he sank his cock an inch deeper with every thrust, having gone past her gag reflex long ago, hitting the back of her neck. It went deeper as his thrusts became rougher. 

Her breasts and stomach began to heave, her mouth started convulsing, and she wanted to pull away, but he wouldn’t let her, no matter what. She started drooling, her saliva dripping from her mouth while he enjoyed fucking her mouth more, “Ah, that’s good. That’s what you’d expect from the Strongest Queen. Even your mouth is so fuckable.” 

He gave one last thrust, driving down his large cock till the end until her lips touched his groin, and he poured all his cum down her throat.

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