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Old Drafts of ITDG - Chapter 78 to 91

Nov 18, 2022

Tatsuya nodded, "Since it's artificially drawing in energy that this time won't be longer than a few months. I will be shutting Mugen No Saikyo down for a few months until it reaches its peak. What's next?"

Yang Xin ruffled through the pile of papers, stopping at one. Yan Xin picked everything above that, "These...are all the changes to all the known medicinal plants, fruits, and their properties. Most of them had been enhanced, but many of them have shown short changes...like..."

"Like a branched gene has been activated, giving them an underlayer of extra properties," Tatsuya said with interest in his eyes, "Most likely elemental abilities?"

Yang Xin said, "I don't even know why you need the Alchemy Association."

Tatsuya thought, "Ok, So we have this and that; anything else?"

"Yes, you know the pills recipes that Nie Li gave us? We finally made the first upgrade to them, and they have crossed our highest threshold."

"Hmm," Tatsuya wasn't surprised. When they started with improvements, their product quality was too low.

Even then, they were able to reach very high numbers. But what Nie Li gave them started at a much higher level. It surpassed those numbers with just a single improvement, which was good.

"Tatsuya," Yang Xin was fidgeting when Tatsuya looked up, "What?"

"Why don't we take out secret pills?" Yang Xin knew there were ancient pills that Tatsuya was able to recreate. But the thing about these pills was that their effects were mind-blowing.

"You said before that there was Dark Guild, and there might be Demon Beasts that might be attracted because of these pills, and you were right. But the way things stand right now..."

"I understand," Tatsuya shook his head, "Just a little longer. Let me put a few more defenses."

Yang Xin breathed, "It's just that I don't like it...the kid comes and thinks he made more progress than us. If only..."

Tatsuya put his hand on hers, "Just a little more time."

Yang Xin held his hand, interlocking her fingers with his, "Mmm, it will be hard work for a few months, right?"


Yang Xin pressed her breasts against the table, showing off her cleavage, "Right, it seems Nie Li isn't being treated well in his own family. Do you want me to send someone to take care of that?"

Tatsuya narrowed his eyes, "No, I plan on sending Miyuki. There is something else that I want her to check on."

Yang Xin raised his palm, kissing his fingers, "Now that the reports are out of the way, should we spend some time together?"

Tatsuya brushed his finger against her cheek, "Miyuki should be out by tonight. Come over."

Yang Xin grinned, "I will."

Sometime later,

Tatsuya walked into the house, "I am home."

He walked into the living room, looking at Miyuki, drawing on the sofa. There were numerous designs on the table that Ning'er was going through, dividing into three piles, "You are back to working."

Miyuki looked up, lost in through when Tatsuya bent down, kissing her lips, "Hmm, I just thought that now I have the time...I should produce a new line."

Tatsuya kissed her forehead, "So you plan on staying home?"

Ning'er curiously looked up, "When you say it like that...it's almost like you don't want her staying at home?"

"Yes, and No," Tatsuya sat down, loosening his tie, "Yang Xin wants to do Nie Li a favor by lifting his position in the family. To get a few more pill recipes from him. Although there is an ancient artifact that appeared in that area, which I am interested in."

Miyuki stood up and sat down on his thighs, kissing his jaw, "You want me to go?"

Tatsuya kissed her cheek, "Mm, if you want to. Or I can send Yang Xin...but you are the one he wants to get."

Miyuki breathed in, closing her eyes, putting his hand on her body, "I'll go...I am going to enjoy this trip. But before that...I need a dose of Onii-sama."

Tatsuya spread her legs, putting his fingers in her pussy, "Don't worry. I plan on filling your womb, making you drink it down, fill your mouth, your ass, and cover your face and skin. By the time I am done with you....you will be drowning in my cum."

Miyuki moaned when a tongue started lapping against her clit, making her clutch Ning'er head, "Ahhhh, yeahh...Onii-sama...Mmhhmmm. I love you!"


Jun watched the roads from floor to ceiling through glass windows, the gloomy atmosphere outside. It was kept away by the numerous chandlers, which brightened the first and second floors of the restaurants.

The tiles were smooth, and the tables and chairs were aligned. At the same time, the center of the first floor had stairs that went up to the second floor, divided into two sides.

Jun walked up the stairs, went straight to the counter, and opened the door behind the counter.

He appeared in the hallway of the Inn, looking left and right, before turning left, walking down the stairs to the empty bar.

Well, primarily empty since Ye Ziyun and Shen Xiu were sitting with Xiao Yu repeating the practice order she took. But since she had lived her whole life wearing men's clothes, being dressed as a maid, and such scanty clothes caused her to stutter.

Since she was closer to him, Jun sat down beside Shen Xiu, looking at Xiao Yu, making her blush. "Is she prepared?"

Shen Xiu shrugged, "She's far too embarrassed to wear such short clothes. It keeps stuttering from embarrassment."

"You know that I will serve you to the table if you make a big mistake?"

"What? Me?!" Xiao Yu's face was covered in fright, making Ziyun chuckle.

"He won't cut you to pieces or anything," Xiao Yu relaxed after hearing that when Jun nodded, "I will give your body to the table. Customers can use it to vent their anger over your mistakes."

Xiao Yu became blushing red when Shen Xiu gazed at her with interest, "He's just kidding. Don't worry."

Jun leaned back, putting his head on Shen Xiu's shoulders, "I am thinking about returning home."

Ziyun blinked, "What? We just built the high-end restaurant?"

Jun glanced towards her with a tired look, "I am just tired. Moreover, the reason why we came here was to deal with the Dark Guild.  And see how much damage they could cause. It's apparent that Dark Guild is just a medium-grade force with a single Demi-God, and then there are top-grade forces with three to five Demi-Gods. And this is not even the Nether City."

"That's bad, right?" Ziyun's eyes were covered in worry, while Xiao Yu's blush disappeared as she silently heard them talking.

"Well, not really. It's more about what this amount of Demi-Gods tells us. There is a way to the outside world, but only people from this world can go out or come back. Otherwise, our world would be swarming with people from the outside world. Moreover, since the food is bad, the resources are even worse. Which only proves the gate opens once in a while. Or this place would be brimming with abstract things through trade."

Jun rubbed his face, sitting up, leaning back, "Moreover, there is the fact that I blocked the sight of Nether Realms Master, and there weren't any soldiers bursting in. That leads me to believe that he knows about Glory City and might be why Glory City has survived for so long. That also means Glory City is part of the Grand Plan, and there must be something in the Glory City that is important enough to hide and preserve. Which we technically knew. I could go on for the whole day, and it wouldn't be enough...the thing is...I know everything there is to know."

Xiao Yu raised her eyebrow, wanting to say he didn't know about her, when Jun shot a look at her, "Like this one...ever since we kept her. The Master of Nether Realm has tried to break through my defensive inscriptions. He even sent some of his men as construction workers to learn about her situation. She's most likely his daughter...adopted, of course."

Xiao Yu blushed, "You can read mind?"

"Eh, your thoughts are written all over your face," Shen Xiu rolled her eyes, "What about your powers? You haven't restored them."

"I learned to control them," Jun turned his eyes towards Shen Xiu, "It would take time, but I am just bored of this place...it's too...dull, backward, and...well crowded."

"It's not like that!" Xiao Yu protested when Jun smiled, "Maybe...but Glory City is much better. Would you like to come with us?"

Xiao Yu hesitated, shaking her head, "I can't."

"Because it's about to open again? The Path to the Outside World? I'll give it about six months?"

Xiao Yu blinked in surprise, "Mm, yeahh...how do you know that?"

Jun just kept looking at her, making Xiao Yu press her lips and wrinkle her nose, "All right. I missed my chance to leave last time; something absurd happened...and well, I missed the chance."

"Ah, that was my fault," Jun raised his hand in apology. About five years ago, he saw one of the important chess pieces in the Grand Design about to disappear. So Jun manipulated a few gears to stop this one from dying. He thought that this piece would die, it wasn't until sometime later that he realized they weren't dying, but more pieces were coming back.

About that time, he realized a massive limit to his ability. He couldn't see out of this world until it remained closed, but once it opened? There might be a chance to find something.

This girl...was the gear that he stopped from disappearing. And so she never went out of this world.

"What? How?" Xiao Yu was even more confused when Jun scratched his cheek, "I thought you were about to die so that I might have manipulated the fate a bit. To stop you from disappearing. I didn't realize that you were just going to leave to a world where my sight wouldn't reach."

"You are a Spiritual God!" Xiao Yu covered her mouth, looking at him with shock, but Jun shook his head, "Not really."

He turned his eyes towards Shen Xiu and Ziyun, "Let's get ready to leave."

"What about the retreat?"

"About that...Nii-san has an interesting idea," Jun lightly smiled, pointing towards Xiao Yu, "She’ll be useful."

Glory City, Heavenly Mark Family,

Miyuki stood in front of the door of the meeting hall of the Heavenly Mark Family. When her eyes shifted towards the little girl holding her hand. The little girl's eyes were blue, with beautiful red hair and a cheerful grin on her face.

Miyuki smiled at her, walking towards the closed door, and the guards hastily opened it, shouting, "Lady Yotsuba is visiting!!!"

Before she even entered the room. A silence entered her face, making her press her lips.

When she entered the hall, most people bowed, trying to sneak a peak.

"Welcome to our humble adobe!!" The Patriarch of Heavenly Mark Family shouted, and the others followed after him.

The Patriarch raised his body, surprised when he saw the little girl hopping beside Miyuki.

"Nie Yu!!!" "Nie Yu!!!"

The two people shouted out loud, making Nie Yu look over and wave her hand, "Uncle!! Father!!!"

Nie Yu's father rushed over, trying to pick her up, bowing towards Miyuki, "Sorry!! My daughter troubled you!"

Miyuki sweetly smiled, taking up Nie Yu in her arms, "No, she is one of the reasons why I came here. Can you leave her with me for a while?"

"Huh? Yes, Yes," Nie Yu's father rubbed Nie Yu's head, whispering in her ears, telling her to be good.

Nie Yu grinned, nodding innocently, making Miyuki smile as she walked towards the front and center of the meeting hall.

"Lady Miyuki, is there something that I can help you with?" Heavenly Mark Family's Patriarch asked with great reverence.

Miyuki glanced toward Nie Li, waving at him, "My big brother sent me because of Nie Li, but when I was going to see him...I came across this little girl."

"She?" Nie Hai suddenly felt his eyes shine when he looked toward Nie Yu.

"Yes, Nie Yu has a unique physique which attracted my attention," Miyuki caressed Nie Yu's head, making Nie Yu smile.

"Ohhhh!!!" Nie Hai stood up in happiness when he attracted the eyes of everyone in the room. He cleared his throat, sitting down, "Does that mean...you are taking her as your disciple?"

"I'll be providing her with resources, and she will be my student in the future," Miyuki soft smiled, walking over, sitting down on the chair that the other elders put.

Nie Yu sat down beside Miyuki, curiously looking at her family members, secretly waving at them.

The Great Elder was the only one slightly frowning, "Lady, if you don't mind me asking. You came for Nie Li?"

Miyuki lightly nodded, "Yes, Nie Li is one of the eight students that Big Brother Jun chose for special training. Nie Li is one of the eight students, showing great results. Not only that, he gained an internship with Big Brother Tatsuya since he has a talent for inscriptions. I came to deliver a Demon Spirit since he reached Silver Rank."

"You reached Silver Rank?!" This time both the Great Elder and Patriarch stood up in shock.

"Yes," Nie Li stepped forward, proudly saying.

Miyuki stroked Nie Yu's head, putting candy in front of her, which Nie Yu hastily took, eating.

Miyuki stood up, "I would leave after giving the Demon Spirit, but now I plan to stay for a while. I'll be living in the same place as Nie Yu."

"Really?!" When Miyuki stroked her head, Nie Yu was chewing on the candy, looking up, "Yes."

Heavenly Mark Family's Patriarch ordered, "Nie En! Nie Ming! Nie Kai! Arrange the best room for the Lady to live in!"

"Yes! Patriarch!!!"

At Night,

Miyuki was lying on the bed, messaging Tatsuya on her crystal phone, with a smile hanging on her lips.

She glanced towards the door, hearing the knock on her gate, making her sit up and walk towards the door.

Miyuki opened the latch, watching the young boy fidgeting outside her door, "Nie Li? Is there something you need?"


Miyuki chopped his head, making Nie Li change the way of addressing her, "Nijiaoshi, there is something that I wanted to talk to you about."

Miyuki nodded, smiling on her lips, "Come in."

Nie Li walked in when Miyuki closed the door, walking past him to sit down on the bed, patting on the space beside her, "What is it?"

Nie Li sat down, "Nijiaoshi about that Demon Spirit...I already merged with one."

Miyuki nodded, "I know. I could tell the moment I saw you...the one in the lamp, right?"

Nie Li was surprised but accepted, "Yes, the one in the lamp."

"That is not why I am here," A smile appeared on Miyuki's pink lips.

Nie Li's heartbeat started pacing faster when Miyuki stroked his cheek, whispering in his ear, "It's not what you are thinking either."

Nie Li took a deep breath, sharpening his eyes, "I thought you were here for more recipes."

Miyuki clicked her tongue, pulling back, shaking her finger, "Wrong again."

Nie Li frowned, shaking his head, "Then...what is it?"

"It's the Hong Yue Auction," Miyuki leaned on her bed's headboard, "Tatsuya Onii-sama says that there is an artifact that he is interested in. I was going to give you the Demon Spirit, go to Hong Yue Auction House and take the artifact...but seeing your sister. I decided to stay behind," Miyuki groaned, "If you ask me...Onii-sama's just looking for the next project."

Nie Li raised his eyebrows, "An artifact that Tatsuya is interested in?"

He shook his head, "Nijiaoshi...there is something that I need your help."

Miyuki tilted her head, watching him, when a smile appeared on her lips, "Oh, it's about your branch, right?"

Nie Li nodded, taking out a piece of paper, "It won't be for free. I have three recipes here."

Miyuki held the paper, looking at them with interest, "Hmm, does that mean you are giving your portion of the profit for the favor?"

"Huh?" Nie Li was confused for a moment, making Miyuki chuckle, "Then it's decided."

"No, wait," Nie Li got on his feet in shock, making Miyuki point towards the door, "Next time, don't try to act cool in front of your Nijiaoshi."

Nie Li let out a short laugh, "Hah, yeah. Umm..."

"Don't worry. You will get your share, but I will be taking ten percent of it to give your sister."

"Huh," Nie Li realized something, smiling, "Thank you, Nijiaoshi."

Miyuki waved her hand, with a seductive smile on her lips, "Bye, or do you need something?"

Nie Li leaned forward, holding her chin, saying confidently, "If I needed something...I'd take it."

Miyuki narrowed her eyes, "You don't have the courage."

Nie Li felt a chill go down his spine, straightening his spine, and smiled, "I'll see you tomorrow, Nijiaoshi."

Miyuki chuckled, watching his back, seeing him wipe sweat from his forehead.

She plopped back down on the bed, closing her eyes, "Hmm, just a few more days."


Xiao Yu lay on the bed, looking at the cute face in front of her, stroking his cheek. She kissed his forehead, nose, and lips when he opened his scarlet eyes.

Xiao Yu smiled, putting her head on his chest, freeing one of her pressed breasts.

Jun sat up, moving his eyes over Xiao Yu's naked body, looking towards her round, sexy ass, stroking her cheek, "You seem happy?"

Xiao Yu sat up, kissing his neck, "I have decided...I am going to come with you."

Jun leaned forward, kissing her lips, stroking her stomach, whispering, "Is that why you are happy?"

Xshonea shone in her eyes, "I always thought that Demon Beasts overran the above surface, and there was no settlement. Although I doubt it would be anywhere near close to Draconic Ruins Realm, I am interested in the place that you come from."

Jun's thumb stroked her jaw, kissing her lip, sucking on them, "Mmm, I want to know more about you too."

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes, "You know everything about me. You figured it out."

Jun shook his head with a soft smile on his lips, "Not everything. There is something...very fascinating about you. But I don't think I'd be able to find out about it now. Tell me more about this Draconic Ruin's Realm and the higher realms."

"It's only, what I read and heard, but sure."

The Next Day, Outside Underworld,

Ziyun stretched her body, feeling the sunshine, moaning, "Ahhh~ The sun feels so good."

Yu Yan sat down on the stone near the cave, "It feels much better now that I don't have to hide."

Xiao Yu was drinking the pure water, with stars in her eyes, when she jerked her head back, "You didn't have to hide! Father would have loved to see another Spiritual God."

"Maybe," Jun lightly said, "But then, your father is in a neutral position; meeting with a Human Spiritual God wouldn't look good for him."

Yu Yan nodded, looking around, "Where is the other one?"

"Shen Xiu? She's right behind," Jun sat down beside Yu Yan, "We made a deal with Jade Seal Family, and they are sending their young master and a few high-level guards."

"What deal?" Xiao Yu became interested, making Ziyun smile, "We invited them to live in the Glory City. It would be a great help if Jade Seal Family came to live over."

Xiao Yu blinked confusedly, “I thought you said you were strong?"

Jun shook his head, "We are not...all that strong. But we have the strongest man there is. So, we aren't all that worried about the Demon Beasts."

Yu Yan raised her head, thinking about Tatsuya, "Ah, that boy? If we had someone like him ten thousand years ago, the war might have ended in our favor."

Jun scratched his cheek with a prideful smile on his lips, "Eh, I doubt that it would be just in your favor."

Xiao Yu became curious, "You are proud of him."

Jun shook his head without saying anything when he turned back, watching a group of people walk out of the cave.

Yu Yan wore her hood, using the white cloak to hide her body from any sight, seeing Shen Xiu walk over with a young man with golden hair and the man with a goatee and a cap.

Shen Xiu pointed toward the two behind her, "This is Young Master Luo Jian and Luo Ming’s bodyguard."

Jun nodded towards them, "Since we are ready...then we should leave. The question is...where?"

Luo Jian confusedly looked at him, tilting his head, "Aren't we going to Glory City that you talked about?"

"Yes, but I felt something," Jun closed his eyes, and his sight massively expanded when he opened his eyes, looking over the mountain, towards the top, "Hmm, that way. There are two familiar presences."


Jun glanced towards Ziyun, who asked, "Your third brother."

"Oh, him," Ziyun wrinkled her nose, with worry flashing in her eyes, "Can we not?"

Jun lightly smiled, "Let's pick him up. Hopefully, we'd know where Grandpa is."

Shortly, On top of the mountain,

A group of people appeared, making Ye Han and Ye Ming were resting when they suddenly stood up. Seeing the six people wearing white cloaks appear.

"Who are you?!" Ye Ming stood in front of Ye Han, protecting him, ready to fight.

But the child removed the hood, revealing the face that made him put down all the defenses.

"Uncle, it's me."

"Who...that voice?" Ye Ming widened his eyes when Ye Han stepped forward from behind him, "Jun?"

Jun nodded, and the two men's faces became puffed, trying to hold back their laughter bursting out.

"Hahahahahaahahahah!!!! What happened to you!!!!" Ye Han laughed, with Ye Ming trying to hold back his laughter, looking away and acting dignified.

Confusing Xiao Yu, Luo Jian, and Ye Ming, the two laughed. When there was a shine in Jun's scarlet eyes, the air died, causing them to cough.

The two stopped laughing, gulping, feeling sweat on their cheeks, "Right, sorry."

Jun looked away, closing his eyes, "We are going home. There have been changes, so you should too. Where is Grandpa?"

Ye Ming's face became grave, "Changes?"

You Han nearly laughed again, "You mean like yours?"

Jun shook his head, "No, it was Nii-san's doing. You'll see...so where is Grandpa?"

Ye Ming shook his head, "I don’t know, but I could go and see where he is?"

Jun hesitated, "No, no need. I'll leave a message."

Luo Jian removed his hood, "Message? In the middle of nowhere?"

Jun raised his head, looking into the sky when his body became larger. Twelve pairs of wings appeared on his back, sharp scarlet scales appeared on his hands and legs, and seven tails appeared swayed in the air.

His silver hair became wilder, ten horns appeared on his head, and his hands turned to claws.

His body was restored to his original six feet. When he raised his clawed hand, using his forefinger to cut across the space in the sky, making an arrow.

'Grandpa, come back home.'

His transformation disappeared, tuning back into a prettiest little child who was 5'3, "That should be flashy enough."

Luo Jian's lips twitched as he whispered to his body, "Are you seeing what I am?"

"Yes, young master," His bodyguard nodded, trying his best to maintain the poker face, "That's just wrong...the difference."

Xiao Yu poked her elbow against Ziyun, "He's not the strongest?"

Ziyun chuckled, "No, not really."

Ye Ming took a deep breath, "Since Young Master has ordered. The old servant would follow."

Ye Han silently clicked his tongue, looking at the difference in how the older man treated him and Jun.

Glory City,

Tatsuya was sitting on the chair, smiling as he watched the sky picture torn apart to send a message, "That kid."

Ning'er hugged him from behind, wearing her lingerie, with a sleepy look in her eyes, "Mmm, you are awake...so early."

Tatsuya patted her cheek, making Ning'er closer eyes, when Tatsuya said, "Jun is coming back home."

"Oh," Ning'er opened her eyes, with a shine in them, "Did he restore his body?"

Tatsuya lightly chuckled, kissing Ning'er's cheek, "No. But if he's coming back, he might have found a way to restore his body."

Ning'er locked her lips with Tatsuya's, licking his tongue, "That's good."

Tatsuya brought her to the front as Ning'er sat down on his lap, holding her palms, looking into her light brown eyes, "It means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

Ning'er cupped Tatsuya's face, kissing her, sucking on his lips, "I don't know. It might be a bit selfish...but is it so awful to want your idol to be at their best?"

Tatsuya breathed in, tugging on her lip, "No...it doesn't. I also have a theory of my own...so either way...he should be back to his ordinary self. Or it might get worse."

Ning'er smacked her lips, "Tatsuya..."

Tatsuya smiled, "All right. I promise you that I'll find a way."

Ning'er kissed his cheek, "That's my husband."

The two of them kissed each other, with Ning'er grinding her body against his when she took a deep breath, "When is Miyuki coming back? Did you tell her the news?"

Tatsuya pecked on her lips, "She has been moving around, collecting Demon Spirits because of the new artifact. She'll be back in a few days."

Ning'er curled her lips, "Eh...She hasn't even got to smell you in a few days. I'll give her till tonight before she breaks."

Norther Glory City, Heavenly Marks Family, Mountains,

Miyuki contained the Yin-Yang energy blasts between her palms, throwing them upwards at the sky, followed by a soft flash.

"Congratulations, this should be about Silver Rank 5, maybe even Gold Rank 1," Miyuki smiled at Nie Li.

He had turned into Fanged Panda, with white and brown fur, with his hands on her knees, sweating tiredly.

He fell back down; his demon spirit disappeared as Miyuki walked over, looking down at him with a smile, nibbling on her lip, "Maybe...I should give you the Gold Ranked Reward?"

Nie Li rolled his eyes, "Nijiaoshi...don't tease me. I am too tired."

Miyuki sat down, feeling the fresh breeze, closing her eyes, "All of you are growing so fast."

Nie Li gave her a sidelong glance, "And you have stopped making progress? How strong are you?"

Miyuki lightly smiled without saying anything, "I am thinking...that since every one of you is growing so fast. Maybe I should call every one of you to stay in City Lord Mansion and train you there. I am starting to miss the boys. We do need to give them the Demon Spirits as well."

Nie Li breathed in, "What about my reward?"

Miyuki stroked his forehead, "I can't single you out, but when you are with others. I will surely give all you boys your reward."

Nie Li closed his eyes, "You never hesitated before."

Miyuki bent down, with her lips about to touch Nie Li's, feeling his heartbeat shoot up, "That was different. Then Jun Onii-sama was turning the woman you loved into his whore. That special treatment is over. But with your cultivation...you can only watch as the boys get to fuck me and Ziyun before you even get the chance."

Nie Li confidently smiled, "I have a way around that...I'll be the first one."

Miyuki chuckled, sitting up when her phone rang. She took up, reading the message, when the smile on her lips became even brighter.

Miyuki shot a look towards Nie Li, "Sweety. I am not a virgin...so you won't be the first, that's for sure."

She looked into his eyes with a seductive smile on her lips, "And you probably already know...to whom I belong."

Nie Li gulped, looking away. He had an idea because the inscriptions were written on Miyuki's body were familiar to him.

Miyuki straddled him, grinding her body against his hard cock, falling forward, with her hands on both sides of her face, whispering in his ear.

Her seductive voice pulled his heart, "Jun Onii-sama is coming back. I can't wait...after so long...both of them will drag me to bed, tear apart my clothes."

She ground her hips harder and harder, "They will touch my whole body, their hands will touch every nook and cranny, and then their beautiful cocks will break my holes until I lose my mind. By morning...I will be drowning in their cums, and Ziyun...Ning'er will be all over me, lapping their tongues on my cum filled body."

Miyuki held his jaw, opening his mouth, sucking on Nie Li's tongue, grinding her body against his when she felt he was about to explode.

She stopped, calming down, letting the tension go from her body, whispering in his ear, "Sorry...I can't wait...just thinking about how Jun Onii-sama and Tatsuya Onii-sama will use their little sister to pleasure themselves tonight...Ahhhh~~ I am too excited."

Nie Li turned her over, holding her hands, shaking his hips, rubbing his cock through his pants against her pussy, "Shut up!!!"

Miyuki tilted her head back, clutching his head, moaning, "Ahhhhh~~~ Yessss!!!"

Nie Li roughly humped against her, burying his face in her neck, holding her thigh, breathing erratically.

Miyuki wrapped her leg around him, pulling him closer, "Are you imagining? Me getting fucked by my Onii-samas? My naked body is always in their arms, fingers, and gosh...they make such a mess of my pussy with just their fingers. I scream in pleasure!! Ahhhhh~~ Yessss~~!! Jun Onii-sama is going to rape my mouth!!! I want that so much!!! He always makes me drink so much of his cumm!!! Lick it off the floor!!! He's going to make me his bitch tonight!!!"

Nie Li held her down, coming to a stop, pressuring his body against hers to stop himself from cumming. He breathed heavily, and his body fell on hers, making Miyuki hug him.

She stroked his head, whispering, "Sorry...I was just too excited after hearing Jun Onii-sama is coming back."


Jun was walking on the streets of Glory City, hearing the gasps and shouts of amazement behind him. It was night, so the streets were empty.

"What is this energy!! This is so different!"

"It's supposed to be Heavenly Energy. After hearing everything about it, Nii-san and I were able to recreate it," Jun light spoke.

"That's impossible...you can't recreate an energy," Xiao Yu muttered since she knew more than Luo Jian. She knew how impossible it was.

"Well, it's fake," Jun stopped, taking off his hood, looking at the crossroads before moving to the right.

"If I had to give you an analogy, think of it like building two wells...one is filled while the other is empty. It will be like building an empty well if you cultivate here."

"It's much easier to just fill a well than build it," Ye Ming said, narrowing his eyes and caressing his long beard.

Jun glanced back, smiling, "That's the idea. Rather than going to the outside world and creating a well from the start...creating on here in this safety and then filling it outside is more practical."

"It is practical," Luo Jian's eyes were shining.

But Xiao Yu shook her head, "There is a limit on this world. Even with Heavenly Energy, it's impossible to break that limit."

"From what I know, a person slowly starts transforming their soul energy into Heavenly Energy by sensing It. Looking at the way of spiritual gods, do the same thing. Even with the limits of this world, they can sense a law. And then drill their way to the upper realm. I already know a few ways to go around that limit. You are at your limit, aren't you?"

Xiao Yu pressed her lips, nodding, "I almost decided to because of a spiritual god, but father told me not to. According to him, I'll be pulled into the war."

Jun smiled, stopping in front of the city lord mansion and gesturing towards the guards. The guard rushed over, kneeling in front of him, "Sir! Welcome back!"

"Take these two to the courtyard," Jun pointed towards Lu Jian and Luo Ming, walking past him, waving his hand, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Ye Ziyun took Xian Yu's hand, "Come on; you live in my courtyard tonight."

She waved her hand towards Ye Han and Ye Ming, "Bye, brother! Uncle!"

Xiao Yu looked back, seeing the guard stand up, slightly bowing towards Ye Han and Ye Ming, "Welcome back."

She looked towards the front, seeing Ye Ziyun, "Aren't you two?"

She knew Ye Ziyun and Jun were married, but she didn't see them act like this in the last few days.

Ye Ziyun pressed her lips, "It's complicated. That is why Shen Xiu ran away before things got tough and awkward."

"Hmm," Xiao Yu hummed, looking at Jun, who was walking in front of them, "Why is there such a difference in treatment?"

Ye Ziyun stopped, "That's complicated, but you'll understand."

Jun stopped in front of them, "Ziyun, go back to your courtyard. Father might be coming to see you, and I will be busy to see him."

Ziyun pouted, "Tomorrow is my turn?"

"Yeah, sure." Jun walked towards his courtyard, but before entering, he transformed. But because it was just a partial transformation, there were some scarlet scales on the back of his neck. There were more on all of his joints to protect them, but clothes hid them.

Evens this was enough to restore his body to its adult self, making a smile cover his lips. He opened the sliding door, stepping inside when his eyes fell on Miyuki.

She was sitting on her knees, wearing a naked apron, bowing till her forehead touched the wooden flooring, "Welcome Home, Jun Onii-sama."

Jun knelt in front of her, raising her body and stroking her cheek, "I am home."

Miyuki's face was covered in light blush, happiness brimming in her eyes, "Miyuki missed Onii-sama so much...please don't leave Miyuki again?"

Jun stroked her waist, hugging her with his hand around her head, closing his eyes, "Miyuki...I missed you too."

Miyuki closed her eyes, resting her head on his chest, feeling Jun's hand tracing her body, whispering, "Miyuki...Miyuki loves Jun Onii-sama so much."

Jun put her down on the wooden floor, lovingly kissing her lips, making Miyuki passionately kiss back. But Jun ran his fingers through her hair, slowly kissing her, calming Miyuki.

Yet, her heartbeat shot forward, about to burst out from her chest, feeling his gentle caress.

She got everything from Jun, pleasure, care, love, but gentleness was one thing that she never got. The two of them had sex but never made love. The only man she made love to was Tatsuya, which was why this felt so different. The look in Jun's scarlet eyes made her melt.

She fondly wrapped her hands around his back, caressing his muscles, kissing him with care and love.

He slid down his hand to her thighs, raising his body, coming back down. This time inside her, thrusting in and out, watching the look on her face change.

His thumb's loving caress on her cheek made her hold her breath, their lips meeting with one another. Jun's tongue entangled with hers when Miyuki's eyes softened as she closed her eyes.

She grasped onto him, hugging him tightly, feeling his body rub against hers, rocking on top of her.

She was slowly getting lost when his whisper sent her to the other side of the edge, "Miyuki...I love you."

A tear slipped past Miyuki's closed eyelids as she had a soft orgasm, whispering, "I love you too...I love you soo much...I love you..."

Jun pecking on her lips, kissing her tear, "Why are you crying?"

Miyuki brushed her fingers past his hair, tilting her head, watching him with a lovely smile, "I just thought...the way you treated me...you hated me."

Jun kissed her forehead, "Don't be stupid. I never thought I could compete with Nii-san for your heart...so I went for the body. I could never hate you. To begin with...all this was my fault."

Miyuki covered his lips with her fingers, "Please...don't say that...just make love to me?"

Jun chuckled, removing her fingers, "Make love? Sweety, time for that is over. It's time for something much different."

Miyuki's breath stopped again, arching her back, "Onii-sama...you are perfect."


The sounds of birds chirping woke her up, making Miyuki open her eyes. Her pretty blue eyes fell on the young boy, with a face as cute as hers, making her smile and stroke his cheek.

Her touch on Jun's caused their eyelids to flutter, opening his scarlet eyes, "Hey."

Miyuki leaned forward, kissing his forehead, "Morning, Onii-sama."

Jun turned on his back, his body hidden under the blanket when his shoulder hit Ning'er's breasts. He closed his eyes, "Mhmm."

Miyuki held his hand between hers, kissing his fingers with a soft smile on her lips, "We are so glad that you are back."

She felt Tatsuya behind her stir. His arm was wrapped around her stomach and moved towards her breasts as he moved forward to hug her, kissing her head, "That we are."

Miyuki chuckled as Tatsuya kissed her cheek, "Did you find a way to restore?"

Jun sat, wearing a t-shirt since he couldn’t get undressed, sitting against the bed's head, "Yes...but it's troublesome, and you know how much I wouldn’t say I like trouble. This body represents lust and purity, which is why it is. Every time I accept a Demon Spirit...another body with sin and virtue would be created. Which means...I have no idea what kind of body would be created and which one."

Miyuki curiously looked up, "Then when will you return to your original self?

Jun took a deep breath, puffing it out, getting off the bed, "I don't know, but I am thinking about destroying this Demon Spirit. But I don't know if I can...or how it would affect others if I did...I need some time for the research part. But...I'll get back my original body soon. By evening hopefully."

Tatsuya raised his eyebrow, "You are leaving now?"

Jun waved his hand, "Yeah, I will use your lab. I am a bit tired of this cutesy body... it doesn't suit me."

"I think I liked it," Miyuki chuckled when Jun slammed the door behind him.

Tatsuya said, "Hah, I'd be happy with him getting back to normal."

Miyuki turned over, pecking on his neck, stroking his waist, "Of course, you will."

Inscription Main Lab,

Jun walked in, with the doors closing behind him. He put his hand on the wall, activating the arrays that blocked all Elemental Sight types. Although only he and Tatsuya could use the Elemental Sight, they never underestimated anyone, especially when people like Nie Li could come back from the future.

His eyes went towards the large tank, marinating Demon Spirits with just a fraction of his blood. A pot in front of the tank, which Miyuki bought from Auction House, was kept on the pedestals.

Tatsuya used the upper layer of the pots inscriptions and copied them to the tank.

Although it would be one-time use, if it worked, then more could be copied.

Jun walked over, putting his hand on the tank, closing his eyes, These Demon Spirits were ready, and the pot was there, but he needed something more.

The first problem that he had to tackle was that this Demon Spirit had merged with his soul realm, and there was only one way to get rid of it.

He slid down the tank, closing his eyes, when he appeared in the white realm, merged with the seven-headed dragon.

Jun stared at the seven-headed dragon smiling on his lips, "You know...I tried to settle. But I hate annoying things."

Suddenly, the world twisted, and a white avatar copying Jun's current body appeared, "You are here to kill me."

Jun slightly smiled, "I knew you were alive."

"I can tell who you are."

Jun raised his hand, rubbing his nail on the finger, "I know you probably do. My blood creates some tunnel that is connected to a different space. You three were probably inside me and drilled out when you got the chance. So you might also know about me...but did you know what else I learned?"

Jun created a cut on his finger, and the drop of blood fell on the soul realm, started to spread, "My blood...gives me the right to rule."

A shine appeared in his scarlet eyes, "And I chose...to rule me."

The blood started covering the avatar's legs, "You...will...never...know...what...you are."

At Night,

Jun opened his eyes, feeling the heaviness in his body, but it caused a smile to appear on his lips. He stood up, looking towards the tank, seeing his restored body.

His height was six feet two, his shoulders were broad, and his muscles were rippling, making him happy, "It's good to be back."

"But you lost all your powers."

Jun looked up, seeing Tatsuya sitting on the chair, looking at Jun with interest.

"Technically, I kept the part of it...I didn't go through that hell just for losing all of it. Lust is good enough for me."

"Should I push back the plan?"

"No, I might have lost the Demon Spirit and Soul Force, but I am far stronger as a fighter. All I need is a Demon Spirit, and I should be able to restore my powers as the Demon Spiritualist."

Tatsuya threw two red and white spirits at him, "Take these."

"Are you sure? The last one came to life," Jun looked at the two, turning his eyes towards the sixteen spirits in the tank.

Jun raised his hand, and the eight of the sixteen spirits got attracted toward him, coming out of the tank, and falling into his palm.

Tatsuya narrowed his eyes, crossing his leg, "Hmm, with lust comes the attraction... in this case, it seems quite literal. You got a good core ability."

Jun put the ten demon spirits in the pot, smiling on his lips, "Yes, it is."

He cut his finger, dropping the blood inside the pot, closing the pot, "All yours."

Tatsuya stood up and walked over to the pot, putting his hand on it, "Your blood?"

"Yes, I learned what it can do."

Tatsuya focused, activating the Nightmare Demon Pot when the spirits inside it collided, each devouring the other, fighting until there was a last one to survive.

He took out the demon spirit, looking at the dragon with golden and white scales. There were two pairs of golden-white wings, a small pair of the golden wing on its back and another white pair on its front waist. Another pair of golden wings on its head and a sapphire gem embedded in its chest, "It's a good one."

Jun caught the demon spirit that Tatsuya threw, "Let's just hope...this one is not that unruly."

"This demon spirit's atmosphere is different from the last one...almost opposite."

"I know...it might be interesting."

Sacred Family Territory,

Shen Xiu was sitting in the meeting hall of the Sacred Family, looking at the few elders with a bored look on her face.

The elders were tied up in chains, with their knees touching the ground, when Shen Xiu shifted her eyes towards Shen Ning, "You didn't get any answer from them?"

Shen Ning was kneeling in front of her, his head slumped down, "Please forgive me. They are too prideful to break, and they know once they say anything, they'd die."

Shen Xiu scoffed, "You just didn't have the guts to break them. Make them dog food, and they'd start flapping their mouths."

"Heh, your boy toys are also our dogs! Do you think they'd dare to raise their hand against us?! We fed them!"

Shen Xiu shot a look towards Shen Ming, turning her eyes to Shen Xiao and Shen Ning, "Heard? I want to know every deal they made with the Dark Guild. You do it...or I am done with you."

Shen Ning and Shen Xiao fell to their knees, "Yes, Ma'am!"

The two stood up, getting hold of their chains, dragging them outwards, when Shen Xiu remembered something, "Right, where is little Yue?"

Shen Xiao stopped, hurrying back, giving a crystal phone to Shen Xiu, "We have a few pictures...you should see."

Shen Xiu took the cell when Shen Xiao bowed, rushing off. At the same time, Shen Xiu opened the images.

"Hmm," She tilted her head, looking at the picture of Shen Yue trying to impress that girl from the Heavenly Fate Plateau.

A smile appeared on her lips, "The boy is in love."

"That smile," Jun's voice echoed in the room, "You have plans for him." Shen Xie got on her feet, noticing the presence that appeared, making her sit back down in his arms.

She breathed in, closing her eyes and feeling the coziest blanket's warmth wrapping itself around her, "You seem different."

"Different Demon Spirit, much tamer than the last one," Jun whispered, stroking her stomach and moving his hand to her breasts.

His finger brushed against her skin, making Shen Xiu lean back, moaning out in pleasure, "Ahhh that's new So new!"

Jun kissed her hair, stroking her neck, "Have you arranged the Jade Family?"

Shen Xiu put her palm on his, closing her eyes, "Have I ever not done something you didn't ask me? But are you sure? Feeding these new people in my territory? Others would think that you are playing favorites."

Jun chuckled with a soft smile, "And others would be right; I am playing favorites."

Shen Xiu adjusted, twisting her body towards the side, sitting on his lap, putting her head on his shoulder, "Really? Why?"

Jun stroked her head, kissing her forehead and eyes, "Because I love you...Shen Xiu."

Shen Xiu lovingly smiled, whispering, "Say that again?"

Jun pecked on her lips, "Shen Xiu...I love you, and I am playing favorite...mostly."

Shen Xiu caressed his hair, letting out a short laugh, kissing his jaw, "Yeah, that's more like the man I love."

Jun looked away, "I can't help it. It's just...Sacred Family lost a lot, every one of its high levels. Even there is you...Legend Rank Peak and those two kids became Black-Gold recently. You still need fresh blood."

"People from Heavenly Fate Plateau are alright; the Chief recently reached Black-Gold. Now I have three Black-Gold Demon Spiritualists, but the Jade Family? They have three Legend Rank."

Jun tucked her hair away from her cheeks, brushing her lip with his thumb, gazing into her eyes, "Mm, there is a difference between the families here. They don't live at the height of ruling and know when to bend, when not to. You need to show your powers."

Shen Xiu nibbled on his thumb, lying down on his body, guiding his hand to her groin, "Hmm, so you want me to slowly introduce them? And then...how am I supposed to make them follow."

"You don't need to; just need them to owe you a favor and gain an ally."

Shen Xiu narrowed her eyes, "You know what kind of talks are happening at the high levels, right?"

"What?" Jun curiously tilted his head. He hadn't heard since he was busy changing his Demon Spirit.

Shen Xiu groaned, "There is a power struggle. City Lord and the Divine Family, but the young master of Divine Family supports Miyuki and wants to marry her. You might have married Ye Ziyun, but because of me...well, let's just say that you are not the legitimate candidate anymore. Tatsuya is the only candidate left. The other forces won't be happy about your favoritism."

Jun took her palm into his, interlocking his finger with his, kissing the back of her hand, "Shen Xiu...leave that all to me."

When she opened them, Shen Xiu smiled, closing her eyes, "Ah, yeah. Little Yue seemed to have a crush on that girl from Heavenly Fate Plateau."

"That kid?" Jun was still dubious about him, but Shen Xiu noticed that, making her chuckle.

"He's different...ever since the purge. I'd say he has gained more perspective," Shen Xiu sat up, looking at Jun with a coy smile on her face, "And he's going to be hot when he grows up."

Jun stroked her ear, "I'll believe when I see it."

Shen Xiu rolled her eyes and sat up, closing her eyes. She enjoyed his warmth, "I like it...your new warmth...it's not twisted anymore...like before."

Jun closed his eyes, evenly breathing, whispering, "I like it too."

Shen Xiu sat there, closed her eyes, feeling her eyelids becoming heavy until she fell asleep.

It was peaceful, warm, making her body flutter under the sun, over the water, until she felt the ripples.

She opened her eyes, hearing the footsteps in the water and her mind came back to reality.

Shen Xiu gazed toward Jun, who opened his eyes simultaneously. And the two shifted their eyes towards the front. Their eyes fell on Xiao Ning standing with Luo Jian and Luo Ming.

Luo Jian awkwardly looked at them, "Did we come at the wrong time?"

Jun took a deep breath, letting out a long breath, "Fuuu...No. Did you need something?"

Luo Jian tilted his head, "Wait, that voice..."

He jumped up in shock, pointing at Jun, "It's you!!!!"

Shen Xiu sat up, putting her hands on Jun's, resting on the armchair, crossing her legs, "I guess we never properly welcomed you to the Glory City. Tell me, is there something that you want?"

Luo Jian exchanged a glace with Luo Ming, nodding, "Yes. I...we want to learn inscription patterns!"

Shen Xiu narrowed her eyes, "Then tell me first...what have you decided? What will the Jade Seal Family do?"

"That's...going to be a long talk," Luo Jian rubbed his hands.

"I am patient."


When Shen Xiu asked him a question, Jun was lost in thought, "So? You have a plan?"

Jun looked up, shaking his head, "Not yet, but he does make a valid point. If someone like the Jade Seal Family evacuates, people will notice. And Dark Guild would be the first of all."

Luo Jian hastily nodded, "You could come up with a way to create this Heavenly Energy...I was so sure that you'd have the way."

"Our money, business, contacts, branches, everything is set up in that place. It will take time to uproot the whole network and transfer it here," Luo Ming followed after his young master.

Jun narrowed his eyes, "Would that time shorten if you didn't have to uproot everything and just take what is necessary?"

Luo Ming hesitated, "Sir, you have to understand that the Head or others would never agree to something like that."

"I'll reimburse you for all the loses."

"Oh," Luo Jian's light lit up when Jun rubbed his thumb against the interspatial ring, bringing out the two demon spirits. He threw them towards Luo Jian and Luo Ming, making them catch, "The two have Dragon Bloodline and God-Level Growth Rate. I'll ask-"

"God-Level Growth Rate!!!" Luo Jian nearly jumped in the sky, juggling the Demon Spirit, holding it tightly to his chest, erratically breathing.

Jun narrowed his eyes, "As I was saying. I'll ask Xiao Yu if she knows about the cost of Dragon Bloodline God Level Demon Spirit, and I will make an exchange. Also, there would be land, properties, and even free education. In any way that I can...I will help you get back to your feet."

Luo Jian looked down, exchanging an excited glance with Luo Ming before calming down, "Fuuuu, we'd have to talk to my father."

Shen Xiu nodded, "You'd be staying a few days, right? I'll arrange a special class that will teach you novice-level inscriptions. Learn what you can so you'd have proof to show your father and family."

Luo Jian lightly bowed in gratitude, "Thank you."

Jun whispered in Shen Xiu's ear, "Doing my job now?"

Shen Xiu softly chuckled, "I can't?"

Jun nibbled on her ear, "No, it makes me so hot when you do that."

Shen Xiu turned to the side, grasping his hair, kissing his lips, and waving her hand towards Xiao Ning.

Xiao Ning nodded, guiding Luo Jian and Luo Ming, closing the door behind him.

Shen Xiu was about to put her hands inside his body, but Jun stopped her, whispering, "I have to go."

Shen Xiu stroked his fingers, "What? You will not leave me all hot and bothered, right?"

"Hm," Jun chuckled, "Exactly, that's what I will do. Just use your boy toys...I am sure they are dying to get their hands on their mistress."

Shen Xiu kissed his lips, gazing into his eyes, "It's not that kind of fire...it's the one that I want from you."

"Sorry...there are a few other things that I have to deal with," Jun raised her body, stood up, put her down on the seat, pecked her lips, and kissed her forehead, "Sorry, Shen Xiu."

Shen Xiu closed her eyes, opening them, only to find him gone, "Stupid Jun."

Ziyun's courtyard,

Jun walked in, hearing the shouting voice coming from the courtyard, "Get out of the way, Tatsuya!!! I must talk to Ziyun!! This couldn't have been what she wished for!!"

"Ye Han, it was decided by the family. None of us had the choice," Tatsuya's calm voice resounded in the courtyard.

The closer he got, the more he could hear the shouting and feel the uncontrollable aura of Ye Han.

His eyes landed on Ye Han, donning a golden armor which a massively thick tail, "Oh, you want to fight Nii-san?"

Ye Han jerked his head towards Jun, with bloodshot eyes, dashing towards Jun, "You!! How dare you steal Ziyun!!"

Jun shifted his body to the side. His palm smashed Ye Han's chest, causing the armor to break apart, making him cough blood out.

Jun squatted down beside him, stroking his head, "Come out, brother. I didn't steal Ziyun...she always belonged to me."

"You...!! Ugh!!" Ye Han glared when Jun smashed his head into the ground, "Don't ever come into my wife's courtyard behind my back."

Ye Han struggled to get up, but Jun's hand kept him down, making him fight before, but he couldn't even raise his head. The more he struggled, the firmer Jun grasped his head, making him give up.

Jun got up, walking past him, seeing Tatsuya stand in front of the door.

Tatsuya shot a look at Ye Han, opened the door, and walked inside with Jun.

Ziyun jumped on them as the two entered, hugging them tightly, "Thank you...for coming."

Tatsuya stroked her head, "Are you ok?"

Ziyun closed her eyes, taking deep breaths, "Yeah...Now I am."

Jun cupped her cheek, raising her head, bending down to kiss her lips, "Good job with the signal."

Ziyun hugged Jun, burying her face in his chest, making Jun stroke her head, looking towards the bed.

Tatsuya had already walked over, patting the bed, "Come on. Put her down...will all the traveling...and now this. Why did you even bring Ye Han back?"

Ziyun was reminded of that fact, shooting a glare at Jun, puffing her cheeks, walking over to the bed, and lying down on her back.

Jun walked over, lying down beside Ziyun, stroking her cheek as Tatsuya took off her clothes, "I saw Uncle Ye Ming's gear disappear in a few weeks. So I had to bring them back."

Ziyun's face softened, whispering, "I hate it when you have good reasons. I don't like him..."

Tatsuya smiled, starting to massage her fingers, pressing his thumb against her palm, creating oil from the emotions like calmness and relaxation, mixing it with a hint of pleasure. He rubbed it on her forearm, thinking about Ye Han.

If it were his last world, then a person like Ye Han would be a stalker. He lost everything when he was young and lived on the street. When Ye Zong picked him, he desired to get everything. But the person that filled his empty heart was Ziyun, which caused him to become obsessed with her.

Tatsuya sat down on her, without putting his weight on her, rubbing oil on her shoulders, "If it weren't for the obsession...then he'd probably..."

Ziyun looked away, "Don't say that...I don't even want to imagine it."

Jun kissed her lips, stroking her jaw, "Ok, ok...I will not let any man you don't like touch you."

Tatsuya massaged her breasts, rubbing her nibbles, "I am allowed to touch you, right?"

Ziyun blushed, moaning, putting her finger in her mouth, "Do I have to say it?"

Tatsuya rubbed her underboob, "Depends...on what you want next."

Ziyun moaned, spreading her legs, "I want...both of you."


Tatsuya gazed at Ziyun's body, looking at her oiled-up body shining in the light of her room. He turned his eyes towards her purple eyes, blushing in a daze, "She reminds me so much of our mother."

Jun was lying on the bed perpendicular to Ziyun; his lips brushed against Ziyun's, "Yeah."

Ziyun gulped, nibbling on her inner lip, whimpering, "Please...don't talk...about it...?"

Tatsuya's bent forward, kissing her neck, making her tilt her head back when Jun locked his lips with hers. Her eyes seemed to drown in pleasure, making her close them, feeling Tatsuya raise his body. His fingers traced her chest, moving from between the valleys of her breasts.

His fingers slid through her oiled moving, moving downwards, reaching closer. The closer it got, the harder it became for her to breathe. Ziyun knew she was so close.

Ziyun could imagine the slightest touch would make the orgasm she had been building through the massage go off.

The anticipation of his fingers reaching her groin, touching her clit, or even, "Ahhh~ Don't...tease me..."

Jun's thumb traced her lip, kissing her eyes, "Who is teasing you?"

Ziyun moaned when Tatsuya moved his hand across her butt. He raised her legs, putting them on his shoulder, "Could it be...having every inch of your body touched by your brother-in-law turned you on?"

Ziyun's held her breath, nibbling on her finger, gulping, "Please...don't...make me say it."

Jun whispered in her ear, "Ashamed now? You loved being groped by strange men and women in the restaurant bar."

Tatsuya stroked her thighs, gripping them, opening the button of his pants, "She did?"

"Yes, she was always so horny, acting like such a slut, and now she's trying to act all shy and innocent?" Jun grinned, making Ziyun blush even harder.

She felt her heart drop down to her stomach when Tatsuya opened the chain and pulled out his dick, resting it on her groin, "No, no...don't say that!"

Tatsuya rubbed his dick on her clit, looking into Ziyun's eyes, "Tell me, did you like it?"

Tears appeared in Ziyun's eyes as she sucked in her lower lip, "Yes...I loved it...I am sorry...I am such a slut."

Tatsuya held her waist, pulling her towards him, with his cock sliding inside her, making Ziyun arch her back, but she didn't orgasm, "Yes, but you are our slut."

Jun kissed her tears, stroking her cheek, "And I love it when you drown in pleasure."

Ziyun tried her best to hold back, but it only took a tug on her nipple to push her over the edge, making her roll her eyes and orgasm.

Jun held her down by her neck, covering her mouth with his, muffling the loud moan of her pleasure. But soon felt a thump and her groan echoing in his mouth.

Tatsuya grasped her thighs, shaking his hips, watching Ziyun moan in pleasure. The moan she moaned, the harder he shook his hips, turning her moans into screams, gasping for air.

Jun was holding her palm, watching her flap around, trying to get away since her pussy was sensitive.

Tatsuya turned her to the side when Jun held her down. His arm was buried in her breasts, his finger explored the insides of her mouth, nibbling on her ear.

Tatsuya plunged his cock inside her, his waist slapped against her butt, making Ziyun go crazy in pleasure, "Yessssss!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Moreeeeeeee!! Moreee!!!! MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ziyun orgasmed again; her body rocked in pleasure, and her nipples and clit were erect. Her brain had already overloaded when Tatsuya's cum filled her womb.

Ziyun closed her eyes, sliding her hand to her stomach, "Tatsuya-ge...will you make

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