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I'm Dave, the No Nonsense Trader. My website is here to build an algorithm trading system for everyone to use and make a profit. It is based on the VP method of trading Forex, Oils, Metals and Indices. I am creating youtube tutorials to help all traders at every stage and provide valuable information. I thank you very much for participating, it means a lot to me. - Dave
Albert Bennett
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Albert, you are the man. Thank you kind sir.

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Good resource. Keep up the good work

I'll keep making it better everyday.

Ivica Baksic
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Great job, I'm only starting with all this forex and trading in general... you are really a big support for all us rookies. Thanks!

I am happy to help. Shoot me an email if you have more questions, - Dave

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge and Algo. I started listening to VP a few years ago and started to try and build an Algo and after like 6 months I gave up.  It was very time consuming and under my circumstances where I have to work a full time job, take care of my elderly parents and my family I was nearly impossible to make the time and have any energy left to devote to this.  Now thanks to you, I now have a great starting point.  Keep up the good work!! You have re-energized me to start again.  I will continue to buy you coffee.

Thank you! Yea, I was super discouraged after my first algo failed and I took a little break and reflected on stuff. Came back stronger. Please let me know how you fair building your next algo, -Dave

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