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I'm has-been Youtube atheist cartoon creator NonStampCollector, creator of the Bible Contradictions Quiz Show, Noah's Ark, that yellow one about Context!!! and about 45 others.

If you've gained something from my videos over the years, and would like to throw the cost of a cup of coffee into the hat, I'll gratefully accept your kindness.

The support and kindness I have always received since my earliest days on Youtube has been remarkable. I'm so glad my videos have meant enough to people that they'd be as kind as they've been.

Thanks very much in advance. Cheers.

es bought NonStampCollector 3 coffees.

Your videos are a delight! Hope to see many more in the future. 

Nathaniel Arnold bought NonStampCollector 33 coffees.

Thankyou; for the entertainment, aiding my critical thought and your contribution to my (progressing) enlightenment. Best to you and your family.

Someone bought NonStampCollector 5 coffees.

Thanks, anonymous someone!

pdb bought NonStampCollector 5 coffees.

The world needs more of you, NonStamp!

Thanks pdb, you're very kind. I appreciate it.

Scott bought NonStampCollector a coffee.

Love the videos. Keep them going!!!!