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I'm has-been Youtube atheist cartoon creator NonStampCollector, creator of the Bible Contradictions Quiz Show, Noah's Ark, that yellow one about Context!!! and about 45 others.

If you've gained something from my videos over the years, and would like to throw the cost of a cup of coffee into the hat, I'll gratefully accept your kindness.

The support and kindness I have always received since my earliest days on Youtube has been remarkable. I'm so glad my videos have meant enough to people that they'd be as kind as they've been.

Thanks very much in advance. Cheers.

Michael F Rey
Michael F Rey bought 3 coffees.
Ben bought 5 coffees.

Nonstamp - your well thought out videos helped me ditch a terrible religion that i was indoctranated in as a child. Thanks to you ill be teaching my children to be kind and compassionate without the guilt and shame of an outdated and debunked religion

Thanks Ben, glad to know they hit the mark every now and then.

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thank you so much for you videos. Every argument is really well thought trough. I wish your channel will reach millions in the years to come.

Thanks, Someone! You're very kind.

Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans bought 3 coffees.

Hey NonStamp.  Hope you and the family are doing well.Your videos were the first I stumbled upon when I set out to challenge my faith 2 years ago.  They ended up being the strong kick I needed.  I watched them all, and they made me face some uncomfortable truths that started my journey.  Now I am living free, as an atheist.  Coming back to your videos is now a source of humor and comfort.  You may refer to yourself as a "has-been", but your videos are still actively making the world a better place.  Thank you.

Thanks so much Ryan. It's always good to hear that the videos are useful and effective. Couldn't be happier than to hear they make a difference every now and then! All the best.

King Dahfu
King Dahfu bought 10 coffees.

I'm a 60 year old lifelong atheist who just stumbled across your work and I absolutely love it. If you'll excuse the pun, your content has been a god-send. Your "Hitler Can't Save You" video was a knockout punch to all the apologetic batshitery we constantly hear. Please keep it up.

King, you're very kind!  Thanks so much for the caffeine. I really appreciate it. I hope to be able to do as you say, and 'keep it up' with some regularity again some day. Three kids and a COVID workload keep that from happening these days. Thanks again.