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Hey there NOP-eeps! We're guessing you are here because you've checked out our YouTube channel or our website and hopefully you've found some value in our content. Each week we pour many hours into planning, filming and editing content to help inspire other ordinary families like us take extraordinary paths.

Did you know that each minute of finished video takes about an hour of time just to edit? On average we put out two videos per week, each about 15 minutes long. That's 30 hours of editing per week and that doesn't even include the actual filming! When you buy us a coffee, you not only provide the necessary fuel for Kristin's late night editing sessions, you also help us pay for equipment and subscriptions needed to continue producing.

We sincerely thank you for all the love and support you have shown us over the last two years! Here's to taking that unordinary path and blazing new trails together.

Ray is now a member.

You guys have been a huge help and inspiration for my family of 4. We are embarking on our own no ordinary path next month and you have made the planning and purchasing alot easier. Thank you so much

We love this so much. What an exciting journey you are starting. Thanks for your support. Make sure to check your welcome email for the link to this evenings live update. ❤

Jen and Steve Woelke
Jen and Steve Woelke is now a member.

Hey friends! Miss you! Lots of hugs from NC 🤗

Hey friends! Thanks for joining us. ❤

Seth and Erin Linne
Seth and Erin Linne is now a member.

We have seen all of your videos and it keeps us motivated and making changes in our family so that we can get on the road sooner than later. Erin is a nurse and we want to travel full-time and we are hoping to get on the road within the next 2 years. You guys give awesome practical advice and inspiring adventures! We feel like we are friends with the Farnsworths already! ❤ Best wishes in Nashville 😁

Aw yay! Another travel nurse fam! Welcome. We are excited to get to know you. We'll be getting a letter out soon to you. Would you mind emailing your address to us? [email protected]. Thanks! 

Paul is now a member.

I really admire your attitudes and upbeat videos.

Thank you Paul! Welcome to the club. :) 

Kevin Wayne Peters
Kevin Wayne Peters is now a member.

I tripped over one of your YT videos and enjoyed the content and how human and real both of you are.  My wife and I are both career healthcare providers.  In SW Virginia.  We also enjoy our time in the camper.  We appreciate you sharing your experiences and your insights

Thanks, Kevin! We love hearing that people are enjoying our content and finding it helpful. Our family really appreciates the support.