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providing clean, simple & high speed hosting and other services to developers, creators, makers and trend setters.'s philosophy is to provide a clean, privacy focused, full speed service to all of our users. we serve over 2.8m files per month, amounting to over 3.3PB of data. we do not limit, we do not log, and we do not sell ads. is wholly funded by generous donations. our current costs are almost $1200 /month, your support allows us to operate, continue innovating, and helps to ensure we have enough bandwidth available to provide our high speed service to as many people as possible.

our current breakdown of costs are:

- 15x file servers: €432
- 15x cache servers: €594
- web server: €16
- object storage: €42 (grows by ~€3-5/month)

this totals 1084 EUR (~1195 USD) per month. nopy was started with a simple idea and a single server, now, thanks to our amazing supporters on both buymeacoffee and patreon, we have grown to over 30 servers.

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