Since September 2021, I got stumbled into a deeper journey to my self-recovery. It’s nothing fancy. Simple indeed.

To pick up on where I left, I turned to work more in my mother tongue. I mentored, coached, and connected with other mentors and coaches. It was quite astonishing the most common question I received “Am I capable of doing this? What is the niche I should follow?”

One thing is true, whatever you do, it all begins with your self-awareness. Once you are clear of who you are and what drives you; you will be comfortable expressing it out and building up your career, business. Ultimately your personal brand naturally follows. And I call it authenticity in branding.

Yesterday, a very confident and talented girl asked me “I don’t know what I should write about. I know I’m pretty good at analyzing, writing insightful content. They hit. But if I don’t have any requests, it’s just plain. I don’t even want to write for myself. Shall I continue what I’ve been doing?”

One-hour talk, discussion, and we finally opened door after door: What is it that she actually desired to talk, voluntarily. I remembered the silence she gave once I asked her a single question. Another question was raised, the silence prolonged. Unlike all of her prepared answers before this session, something unexpectedly came.

2 minutes in silence, she gave me different puzzles of her picture. And we slowly put them together - her real desire picture. Another moment of silence, she said “I didn’t expect it could be this clear. I couldn’t believe I can say that I believe in myself again. And I never felt comfortable sharing such things with anyone. No one. But now I know what I can do, or must do.”

It was indeed a meaningful start to the year for me. That I can reaffirm, you can build whatever you want. But as long as you are clear and comfortable with your own self, your empire - your brand will be sustainable. Because everything starts from you, the within.

It actually rings the bell for me to rush up what I’ve been planning.

And so Norah VO is back!

I am on my own journey to discover and share my voice. Through the voices of other women I consult, mentor, coach; I slowly define mine and theirs. If you'd like to join us, hop on and have a call with me.

What it might cost? A 1-hour and a cup of coffee. Sounds good, let's talk.