Hi! I'm Noran. I'm 21 years old and consider myself a multi-hyphenate artist. I host The Egyptian Streets Podcast where every other week I host an incredible Egyptian and chat with them about the work they're doing in furthering creative social change. Last week, I interviewed Actor Amir El-Masry. You can listen to that podcast here.

I'm also a reporter at Egyptian Streets where I try to shed light on community issues, and have a focus on arts & culture and the Egyptian diaspora. One of my favorite recent articles is Elmahaba Center: Uniting Coptic Egyptians in Nashville’s Little Minya.

Finally, and most importantly for this page, I'm an artist who loves drawing and painting cities, people, and more! (Fun fact: I draw a unique cover art for every guest of my podcast!). You can now commission me to paint your favorite city, to draw you, or you and a loved one. You can also commission me to draw whatever you choose. I'm taking 10 commissions this month, and I now have 9 available, so make sure to get yours today!

Thank you all so much for your support and for slowly making it possible for me to live off my journalism and art work.