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Herbalist and artist blending and brewing spiritually minded herbalism for all in Manchester, NH.

Hello friends!

Thank you for your support of Nor'Eastern Herb Company! Since we made it official in 2016 and started offering herbal products with the power and potency of plant spirit energy, you have been integral to our success. Every purchase helps us to keep expanding our offerings and exploring new ways to connect with and share plant spirit energy with you.

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Keeping our prices and costs as low as possible ensures wide access to all our offerings. Considering buying me a coffee so I can keep brewing, blending, and sharing the magick of plant spirit energy.

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With a full heart, Kristen

Kelsey Jean
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You're amazing. Thanks for doing NH proud. 603 forever!!

Barbara Lilly
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We must have our coffee! Enjoy!

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In case you need more than one cup ❤️