"There is always an inner light within us that is free from all sorrow and grief, no matter how much we may be suffering"

Yoga Sutra 1:36

Sanskrit: Vishoka va Jyotishmati

One translation might be:

Or (va),focusing on the inner light (Jyotishmati) exempts one from all grief (vishoka).

Another translation might be:

Or (va), we can visualise and connect with a radiant light (Jyotishmati) within us which is a place of serenity and knows no pain (visoka).

You might think of your inner light as hope, happiness, self belief, love.

Stress, traumatic experiences, rejection and loss can make us put up walls and barriers which cover and eventually extinguish our inner light. Our hearts become closed and resentful.

We feel pain in the form of sadness, anger, worry, anxiety and depression. Everything appears and feels dark, and we can't see the way ahead.

However if we can sit quietly with our pain and learn not to fear the dark we can find our inner light again.

Try either sitting quietly or holding a pose for 2 or 3 full breath cycles (inhale / exhale) and simply observe the sensations that you feel in your body, without judging, fidgeting or moving away.

In this way we can learn how to rise above challenges and dark times off the mat with grace and hope. We can absorb grief, acknowledge the pain but not let it damage us permanently.

Chest opening poses to stimulate Anahata (the heart chakra) can help you to find your inner light and let it shine brightly.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel if we carry the light within us.

Mantra of Purification (Asato Ma)

I experience what is unreal to understand what is real,

I experience what is darkness to understand what is light,

I experience what dies to understand what is eternal.

Inner Spark Sequence 1