Electric off at there trip switches NO LIVE cables above below where you are sleeping & a PIR rechargeable night light which will wake up when you need the toilet and an earthing pillow or sheet locally earthed outside preferably ( a grounding rod deep in the ground),

Groundology are th best Pillow case and plumbing earthing bond to the radiator

If you can’t Radiation mat from yshield Pronature24 under the bed if you house share etc and the bed away from the walls.

Your home and definitely your room should be radiation free thats wifi off hard-lined.

Sleeping in the Physics sum of conductive + electric field = antenna basically charges the mold Lyme bacteria bartonella Klebsiella Pnumonia and mold and imbalances form causing either sweating the toxins out or your body adapts causing Central sensation syndromes and simply exasperating the human condition as we are 51% bacteria and moulds and yeasts.

Your gut biome is affected a great deal by EMF as it now has commercial yeasts 2x faster than wild and that doesn't work. Causes Central sensation sydromes like IBS Anxiety and leaky gut. Mold increases 600 fold in the SUM. Dr Kingheardt has done some research and I have done experiments to concur it takes a few months.

The bacteria and mold are fighting for there lives and growth accelerates 600 fold producing more than 600 times Mycotoxins chemical weapons. This causes an imbalance like candida (85%of tampons and cotton pads earbuds contain the conductive cancer causing chemical roundup) what could go wrong….

Candida Mycotoxin just in the mouth exacerbated by alarm clocks with no earth caused by a large electric field at bed. Increasing Sticky mycotoxins that bond with sugars to cause more plaque and tooth decay.

SLEEP is the key got reducing the affects the most, next its the phone. This is the highest radiation source that causes the SUM especially using with full signal get 10x less radiation than 1 bar .

Mobile phone recommended daily usage ON for 15 mins yes ON. Mobile phones were intended for emergency use. Until you get a desktop and hardline.

Get a ethernet to phone connector it can be used on true flight mode ( please see online how to turn of all NFC etc) it is fully functional you may need to speak to a service provider that facilitates this full usage over the internet.

Once you have this hardlined you can concentrate on the gut biome. Which needs fermented wild yeasts (kombucha and blueberry & honey and blueberry ( this can be drunk 3 days after making continuing into a cider mead) Lactobacillus . I make an all round the house as a universal cleaner and remove all chemicals which priocuces K2

Natto and Miso contains a bacteria that destroys mold.

No more voltage gated calcium nitrates or commercial yeasts get this naturally chlorella eggshells and apple cider vinegar etc.

No magnesium for at least 1 month recommend 3 (this binds the shit calcium to your bones and nerves causing more central sensation syndromes like Fibro and arthritis calcified joints. Vitamin K and K2 fermented Sourcrout Swiss chard thIs important form calcium uptake.

Black strap organic Molasses 1 table spoon a day and a tiny bit of Shillajit will give the minerals needed for the bacteria to function properly

Serrapeptase will break down any scar tissue you have and get rid of it.

Dexoiodine 1 drop mouth with Lugols on the wrist daily,

Selenium in Brazil nuts and garlic mustard this helps with radiation poisoning so do phytoremediation plants which take radiation from a living organism the soil and so are we made of 51% bacteria .

Imagine before your bacteria was having a conductive vibration poo in the SUM. Now unconsapated it has used your respiratory system your skin to remove those chemicals that are overloaded in your body .

We need to remove them efficiently . With an infra red sauna which penetrates below the surface of the skin and sweat will remove them toxins why a run in the morning on an empty stomach works

This done every morning will rapidly speed up recovery and reduce symptoms IR sauna (Ceramic and nothing above head hight with no wireless communication on as SUM would be counterproductive).

A hot bath would be the next best thing if non sauna

Oxygenation is key to it all as all viruses cannot live in it as all this promotes this and we can go further with a faraday bet canopy net over 41db minimum and earth locally . These can be purchased from Pronature of cheaper Yshield

Kangen water filter !!! This is an ORP machine oxygenating reduction potential . The water is that good you can literally put sea fish in this fresh microbubled water and it thrives check out 100 ways to use kangen.

Not only that it kills mold dead 11.5ph and emulsifies oil so it can take all the poisonous organophosphates of your veg with a 10 min soak.

This can be achieved with Bicarbonate of soda in the sink (soak for 10 mins)

What’s on Vegtables but nerve agents and conductive chemicals we should not consume. If its not organic its not the real taste or smell we evolved with therefore our bacteria dont understand it so dont eat chemical food.