Welcome to Not Financial Advice. My name is Tobias, I´m an attorney and international finance expert, and I'm here to talk about money from my very own perspective, but I think you

Well… Let's say although there are some really quality channels, there is an incredible amount of financial content that is just wrong, and can potentially get you in trouble.

And hey, I´m not saying that I have all the definitive answers, and economics are not exact sciences by any means, in fact there is a saying that goes something like “economics is the only field where two people can win the nobel prize for saying exactly the opposite”.

But the fact that I am a lawyer, and I´ve studied international finance and investing for years, give me a rather unique perspective on some issues. Also, I´d like to approach personal finance from a universal perspective, and not by telling you concepts or strategies that only work in a given country, or territory. In addition to that I will answer some of the most common questions I get from my clients.