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I was brought up loving and respecting the BBC.

As a young kid, I dreamt of being a wildlife cameraman but under school pressure ended up studying the sciences to become a surgeon.

Then one day hitching a lift, a truck driver changed my life. He persuaded me to follow my real passion, leave medicine and make films.

Driven by the passion he had spotted, I was lucky enough to get into a top film school.  This was unique, as I had no formal art training - just a background in the sciences and a homemade portfolio of black and white handprinted photographs.

At film school, best job within the TV side, was always considered to be with the Beeb - the British nickname for the BBC.

In early 2020, I was writing fiction as the pandemic started.

When I saw the BBC producing fiction under the guise of factual programming, with a science background and media training, I knew I had to do something.

Things built steadily and by August 8th I ditched all my paid work and decided to counter the state propaganda, devoting every waking hour to the cause of trying to provide critical missing information to the public.

The major turning point came when the BBC, most probably under a government D-notice, ignored the first major London protest on August 29th 2020.

They mentioned the simultaneous Berlin protest that day, yet they had not one word for the 30,000 people filling Trafalgar square who broke all lockdown rules by being maskless and hugging each other without fear of contagion. 

My footage from that day reached another 30,000 in the UK by the evening and the feed taken live by Del Bigtree's HighWire gained another 1,300,000 views.

This was the christening for 'Not On The Beeb'. 

I live streamed every major protest until many others joined in the filming enabling me to move deeper into investigating the ingredients and consequences of the C19 v-campaigns.

Not one penny has been taken from the government in terms of personal state handouts, grants or furlough payments.

I chose to buy discounted food at the supermarket and run up debts. The situation was too crucial for any distractions.

In March 2021 I designed some protest T-shirts that paid the food bills and by Sept 2021 was selling some of the life-saving supplements that I had discovered on the journey. 

Not On The Beeb now encompasses not on the website, the making of multiple films and podcasts but the running of over a dozen social media channels.

However, the costs of running NOTB are still not being met, and we need your support to maintain what has been built and grow!