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I was brought up loving and respecting the BBC.

As a young kid, I dreamt of being a wildlife cameraman.

I then studied the sciences wanting to become a surgeon, but when hitching a lift, a truck driver persuaded me to follow my real passion and make films.

His advice stayed with me, and was soon lucky enough to get into a top film school uniquely as a film student with a science background, and no art training.

Some of the other students at my time are quite famous now. John Thompson (Cold feet) on TV and Steve Coogan making Hollywood.

During these studies, the best job was always considered to be with the Beeb - the British nickname for the BBC.

In early 2020, I was writing fiction with ambitions of getting a feature film made.

Then, the pandemic started.

When  I saw the BBC producing factual programming completely outdoing my fiction, I knew I had to do something. 

I set up 'Not On The Beeb' to fill in the gaps.

Not On The Beeb - stuff the BBC forgot.


General news and features.

This is the flagship website

- Live streaming from protests ignored by BBC

- Reports on magnetism, water, v-ingredients and regular adverse event data, facts of which cover-up.

- Template action letters

- Films

- Working with V-injury victims and lawyers providing evidence for prosecutions.

- Find a tried and tested protocol for those with covid symptoms and injured.


Dedicated Sudden death and Collapses within Sports.

We list the injuries and have a news page.

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Monthly donations are incredibly appreciated and highly valued for the stability they provide.

This means can spend more time continuing the fight than dealing with multiple financial issues.