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Funding needed: Microscope for analysis of water samples



I was brought up loving and respecting the BBC.

However, in the lack of professional 360' coverage concerning the pandemic, I set up 'Not On The Beeb' to step in to fill the gaps.

It all started on the 29th of August 2020 when the BBC tried to pretend the first major London protest of 30,000 had not happened. The footage I shot that day reached 1.4 million views, helped via live-streams direct to Del Bigtree's The Highwire.

Our films of the protests and interviews with doctors have been heavily censored.

Despite this, our films have reached an estimated 5-6 million views.

One film alone with Dr T exposing vaccine-induced magnetism reached a million.

The website and social media channels have break 3 million views monthly.

Of course, all of this has only been possible with the help of brave doctors, scientists and a stunning and wide-ranging collective of members that feed Not On the Beeb vital information.

Although a multi-award winning screenwriter, author and film director, I've turned down paid work (sabotaging a conventional career) to concentrate on what I believe to be the most important work of our times - exposing the truth of the current humanacide.

Any donation, however small or large, supports the work.

If you are able to set up a monthly donation, this would pure gold dust as such backing provides stable foundations.

I'm giving away with each membership what I can via the rewards.

My thriller-esque travel memoir '3 Seconds in Bogotá' might seem a strange gift, off-topic, yet the true story encapsulates my core belief that even when facing a mighty foe - the seemingly impossible is indeed possible.

We will win this.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


Mark Playne - Not On The Beeb