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Saturday 23rd 3pm May GMT Raw Vegan Cheesecake Cook with Me Class.

Ingredients for the cheesecake:


medjool dates 

Vanilla powder or essence 

Himalayan or sea salt 

Cacao powder



coconut milk 

Maple syrup 

Coconut oil

1 class recommended 3 x coffee's £15 BUT PLEASE PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD x

Please comment with the class you would like to join and I will email you with the zoom link plus the list of ingredients you need.


My name is Naomi Buff I am a Holistic Integrative Health MindBodyNutirtion Coach helping women to lead loving healthier happier lives.

As well as coaching women 1-2-1 and in small groups I also teach nutritional healthy cookery.

I am offering online cookery classes where you can COOK WITH ME! 

Sign up for my classes here and I will send you the ingredients list plus the zoom link so you can join me live and cook along with me.

All my recipes are healthy avoiding gluten, dairy and refined sugar. All my recipes are super simple to make and taste amazing.  My goal is to teach you to make delicious healthy meals, snacks and treats with wholefood healthy natural ingredients.

I can't wait to cook with you and to share my love and passion for good healthy eating with you.....

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After the success of the chocolates I can’t wait for the cheesecake! 

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Cheesecake class please

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Looking forward to making and eating Chocolate!! X

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