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Novela Vaga (Vague Novel) - 28 min. / Portuguese / English subtitles
"After falling in love with a mysterious Hungarian tourist in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian girl crosses the ocean and embraces a crazy search throughout the streets of Budapest with the help of a random passerby, to finally realise that love is the art of mismatch."
Once you buy the ticket or tickets, you will receive a message with a private Vimeo link and the password to access the short film and enjoy it whenever you want. You can watch it together with your friends and family or you can forward this page to them, so more people will help us. :)

Why should I help?
After a long and dedicated production process that started still in a pre-pandemic world, our short film is now ready to fly and hopefully land on some film festivals around the world.
Like most Indie productions, this movie is the result of the hard work of a group of people who are passionate about expressing their creativity and talent while exploring experimental and alternative projects. Because of those people, we were able to finalise the film with no money. But now, we are turning to the audience and asking you to help us finance the film festivals' submission fees.

Novela Vaga (Vague Novel) was written, produced, and directed by a group of Brazilian friends, self-proclaimed La Resistencia, who lives in Budapest and joined forces to create this postmodern love story. With a basic fictional story as the background, they recorded their own adventures in the city with the intention to experiment improvisation to the maximum. This way “Novela Vaga” was born.
The original title in Portuguese is a false translation of the term "nouvelle vague" and it’s a clear reference to the improvised way how the films of the Nouvelle Vague were made back then.

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