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Hey everyone👋 This is Now&Me – a place of comfort where the chronically online can vent anonymously, find their community, strike genuine connections, and explore a variety of self-care tools.

Amidst countless therapy apps, self-help platforms, and chatbots, we identified a desperate need for a community-driven space that could become the keystone in establishing a strong self-help ecosystem.

And so, Now&Me was born – a companion to your tricky 20s in the 2020s! One real conversation can change your life, and a billion heart-to-heart exchanges can change the world.

Led by a small yet terrific team of young innovators, Now&Me has evolved into a life-affirming judgement-free support network where people can embrace their true selves. We are building a future where self-care is a priority and not a privilege.

Support us in our mission to combat global loneliness – one meaningful conversation at a time by buying us a coffee (or more) 🧡 

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