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Nucleus UI for Adobe XD – Lite version


NUCLEUS forADOBE XD is here! We decided to roll out a quick version (Lite version) of Adobe XD. We will continue to learn about Adobe XD and make it more efficient and effective in the next roll.


Hey, 👋 My name is Thomas, along with 2 friends, designers that I've been mentoring for the last few years, decided to do a side-project together.

Nucleus is a free UI component library that provides you the building blocks you need to design your next mobile app.

We hope that this project can help many people in many ways.

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Next update:
1. Sketch LITE
2. More components

Figma v1.1.2
1.1.2 – June 19, 2021 Changelog
Figma: We improved the contrast that complies with accessibility guidelines from WCAG.

Adobe XD v.1.0 – Lite Version


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Thomas Budiman
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