Hi everyone!

Currently, we are working on an update regarding Accessibility compliance.

We believe that a great product is accessible/usable for everyone. However, accessibility shouldn't break the aesthetic or bend the general mood/feeling we want to convey through our product. It's not an easy job, But I guess that's why you, me, we, are here as a designer. To struggle, to think solutions within constraints.

One of the struggling parts we are currently working on is the chip.
Chip is a small element. Most chips use font size around 12-14pt; the ratio should be 4.5:1 to pass the AA compliant, which means we should give more contrast between background and foreground. – And it's not easy to decide because it might bend the overall feeling of the product.

We aim to roll these updates (+ guideline/case study around how we do it) in the next couple of weeks. 🤞
We hope this could inspire designers to struggle and think about accessibility when designing.

If you have any tips around accessibility, share your tips/feedback below!