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Hello you lovely people! 

                   ***** UPDATED 04/01/2022 & 01/08/2022 *****

Hello All you Lovely People 

The previous target of £1500 was smashed and reached £1660!!! This is amazing and this will be shared between small charities.

1)FeedBrum £400 + £100 gift aid sent to purchase items for homeless individuals in Birmingham

2) £250 was spent on items for a local dog shelter. The dog shelter was contacted in advance and items were requested by them. 

3) £400 spent on food items for food bank. the food bank was contacted in advance and items selected from the list the sent. 

4) £600 spent on dishwasher plus other items for local charity helping vulnerable individuals. over £100 was also donated by the company who fitted the dishwasher. 

So far total raised here and other platforms:

£3000 - gofund me dontated to Together - Crowd Justice. 

£1761 - go fund me - not yet spent. to be used on similar projects as above. 

£1660 - buy me a coffee. £1650 spent as mentioned above. remaining amount £10. 

There will be vidoes to show each of these projects which you have helped make possible. The video will be made and wishes of confidentiality etc will be respected. 


The new goal has been set to help me with a tour for 2022. More details to follow on social media.

I have not accepted donations previously as this would go against my code of conduct as I was representing nurses. 

These funds are to go towards the costs and not to pay for first class travel or champagne ----- although there will always be that one twitter post that will tell you that is what it is for. BLAH it makes sense why so many people don't even try where there are temptations everywhere to simply give up because it is easier. I will not be representing registered nurses or myself as a (currently) registered nurse. 

Buy me a coffee will now be used to create content which I want to be educational, entertaining and to support individuals to grow in confidence and improve communication during difficult conversations.  I believe it is possible to have different opinions but shared values and to not try to cancel each other - let's see if I am right :-) 

I have some big plans and want to speak to as many people as possible - I am really excited to be keeping you updated with my progress. 

Registered nurse / nurse / qualified nurse. To be a qualified nurse you do not need to be registered (with The NMC). Like many over the last 2 years I am unsure if I wish to remain on the register. 

After hand delivering a letter to The NMC outlining the breaches of The Code of Conduct I have only ever received an acknowledgement. To say this is disappointing is an understatement. 

                    ***** PREVIOUS MESSAGE *****

Many of you will know me from my instagram page and my walks around the Cities (and a few towns) wearing a sandwich board. 

My content will now change and be focused on helping individuals who have been negatively impacted by lockdowns and supporting people to make connections. 

I have set this page up as so many people have kindly offered to support me during my walks. I did refuse for several reasons, it was my decision to do this so my responsibility to pay, people were so angry towards my gofund me pages (one to help people due to loneliness and one towards nurses legal fees not a penny went to me) as well as it stating in my code of conduct that donations should not be taken from patients. Although the people were not patients I was still representing nursing and this felt important to me to uphold. 

After 5th September, my final walk in Stoke on Trent, I will no longer be wearing my uniform and I will be 'jen' not 'nurse jen'.

I did consider if this was appropriate for me to do and if I would be able to tolerate the agression that will likely be directed to be for this.

Before I completely trashed this idea I remembered -

+ No one doing more or better than me will be critical

+ No one who knows me and the hours I put into this will be critical

+ People are making upto millions out of lockdown policies (not me) and there is public support with little outrage

+ I am confident in my stance to raise funds to help others

+ Finally what a shame not to try and help others because I don't want to receive nasty messages

I  searched 'nurse raises funds' and there were many nurses raising funds to support those impacted negatively by covid both in and out of their uniform. 

There are many nurses raising funds for one part of the covid/lockdown story so I will raise funds for the side we don't see on the news. 

I will be using the funds to help support creating content and on expenses for individuals - one idea I considered was going to a food bank to take a person shopping and using the money for that. The project will grow or cease depending on demand and I will go with the flow. 

All expenses will be documented and videos will be uploaded to show people what the fund are being used for. 

Thank you all for your overwhelming support - you have got me this far! 

Jenna x

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