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If you enjoy recreating recipes from over the world, learning the history behind them and discovering how beautifully human lives are shaped by food traditions, then, give a tought to inviting me to a coffee. 

Your coffee will allow me to create, investigate and give many more chances to food to make all of us happy.

To show my gratitude I would love to send you my St. Jordi Recipe book with traditional catalan cuisine. Let me know your e-mail or write me to [email protected]

Thank you, daniawad, multumesc, shukran, shnorakaletun, toda and always gràcies!

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Aquí toma forma una de tus muchas ideas y me hace muy feliz que lo puedas compartir. Me encanta la edición y la imagen. ¡Que éste sea solo el primero de todos los proyectos que te dé la gana hacer! 

MARINA bought 5 coffees.