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Writing Blockchain ICO Whitepapers. Developing coin mining pools strategy.

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like my content, please consider supporting what I do. I provide consultation on the proper application of Blockchain technology. ICO Whitepaper and subsequent mining structure involving Proof of Work to Proof of Stake systems. What I enjoy doing (aside from travel) is collaborating and submitting Op-Ed articles under a variety of pseudonymous online personas. Maybe you have read, commented and shared some. I enjoy pointing out social manipulation in action.  Yes, through use of data stacks and analytics your thoughts and actions can be artificially manipulated. If you read that last sentence and understand it, you should be both frightened and intrigued. Awareness and critical thinking are some of the ways to protect yourself. But the later is more difficult to encourage. It is easier for me to impart an idea or POV that sparks emotional response by writing

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