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Hi! Warmly welcome to my virtual Coffee Shop.

I'm Nyan Kyal Say, an animator, director, producer, create animations, comics, stories, illustrations and some digital arts. Currently working as a director at Pencell Studio, which I co-founded.

And NK Artbox is the box where I keep some of my artworks collectively. I just created it in mid-2021. Usually, my artworks were not collected in one place, spreading from my own IPs to company commissions, scratches to illustrations, scripts to animated films. So, I'm gonna try to collect my further works in this box.

I also just made this virtual Coffee Shop. I'll try to share deeper here in the future.
I love sharing my artwork and moments with you.

Please visit my website to know more about me ^^

Thank you so much for visiting here and supporting me. It means a lot, a lot to me. Thank you ^^